An ephemeris (plural ephemerides) is a table of values or specialized calendar used in celestial navigation and astronomy and formerly in astrology to ascertain the position of celestial bodies at a given time.  An ephemeris can be used to show when occultations or eclipses would occur as well as moon phases and nodes.  Ephemerides can also be used to track planets or constellations or individual stars.  Modern ephemerides are calculated electronically using computers and any celestial object can be tracked-including satellites or the International Space Station.  The word ephemeris comes unchanged from the Latin word ephemeris meaning diary, which derived from the Ancient Greek word ἐφημερίς (ephemeris) meaning a diary or calendar.  

Image from the 1496 Almanach Perpetuum of Abraão ben Samuel Zacuto (one of the first books published with a printing press in Portugal).


The Dates for Gemini change every year, so check an ephemeris if you’re on the cusp. Sun into Gemini takes us into the social peak of Spring.

Gemini’s symbol is the Twins. After the fixedness and fruition of Taurus comes Gemini, a sign of scattering to the winds, short trips, and new fascinations. Gemini loves variety, change and has a curious, agile mind. It’s a busting apart sign, to see anew, and find what’s funny in any situation.

• Element is Air (bright mind).
• Quality is Mutable (dispersing, collecting).
• Gemini is Masculine (outgoing).
• Polarity is Sagittarius.
• Ruler is Mercury
• Natural House is Third.
• Phrase is “I think.”
• Body Association: nervous system, arms (clavicle, fingers, hands, shoulders), brain, respiratory system.
• Season is late Spring
• Colors are kaleidoscopic, sky blue, stripe or spotted swirls.
• Rules quicksilver (mercury).
• Birthstone is agate, as well as amethyst and the aventurine.
• Gemstones are chrysoprase, citrine, and moonstone, pearl and white sapphire.

Flowers: Flowers that attract winged ones, in orange, yellow or blue, or with many colors, like snapdragon, morning glory, wild indigo, day lily, iris, butterfly milkweed.

Animals are birds, especially talking parrots, swallows, magpies, mockingbirds, sparrows. Trickster creatures like monkeys, weasels or hyenas. Buzzing insects, grasshoppers, ladybugs, butterflies.

Gemini has many sides, making them great company, rarely boring. They’re social creatures, and stay current on the most interesting gossip, cultural events, new restaurants and shows. They’re deft communicators and social observers. Many end up in journalism, as bloggers, and in fields where schmoozing is in the job description, like sales, promotion, politics.

At the extreme edges, Gemini is duplicitous, unreliable and unable to commit to one thing and do it well.

Gemini thrives on collecting bits and pieces, and rearranging it all into new forms. They’re mischievous, and have a childlike side. Moods can be erratic, making it hard to find discipline or a singular focus. Gemini loves to have lots of friends, and likes the familiarity of the neighborhood (shops, cafes, passersby).


wednesday january 30th-

the first aspect of the day is the most dominant energy of the week: at 3:37am jupiter stations direct at 6’19 gemini, making the planet of abundance, optimism and expansion the most powerful planet in the sky! with jupiter stationary watch out for the tendency to excess, self-aggrandizement or being holier than thou. turn within to see what needs to shift/grow/move in your life and get ready to take it on. right now with jupiter stationary it is better to wait until he picks up speed before acting. don’t be impulsive or excessive- you will pay for it later! with jupiter in gemini the mental energy is high and lots of ideas can be flying around. the path of mastery involves grounding them down and practically applying them.

at 10:50am saturn in scorpio parallels juno in capricorn, aligning the planet of mastery and commitment with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this is a great time to get clear on relationships, commitments and arrangements in our lives and figure out what traditions, expectations and obligations work for us and which ones don’t. we can get more serious and committed right now, or we can get clear that it’s time to let something go. either way, addressing reality as it is is necessary!

then at 2:49pm the sun in aquarius squares saturn in scorpio, bringing tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the planet of limitations, reality and grounding. reality checks around our life path and where we are headed can occur right now. tension between our ideals and what is real is helping us to see how to bridge them. if you feel held in/held back in any way, look within to see the Source- not without. take time to honor your inward/downward impulses. this, too, shall pass.

the day ends with mercury in aquarius semisquare to uranus in aries at 9:59pm, bringing tension between the conscious mind and intellect and planet of rebellion, revolution and change! mercury triggers the uranus/pluto square starting today and lasting until saturday. pay attention to conversation, communication and thinking today- sudden insights, random but intriguing communication and/or totally out there ideas can arrive in the most unexpected ways!