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is it possible you could like, attend lunch long enough to eat and then leave to somewhere else like a library or classroom in like the middle of it? least thats what we can do here

wow can i come to your school please thanks

but no um, we’re not allowed to leave unless we sneak out but even then there’s like nowhere to go because our school is just one floor (which is why I never understand why people skip like you’re a fucking idiot congratulations) but jfkla I forgot about the library omg let’s pray that they like me enough (my school is driven that way I might want to punch a child in the face) THANK YOU FRIEND

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believe in the power of lunchables

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Beware you won’t remember anything you watch. (If its anything like what I went through for my wisdom teeth extractions. I watched no. 6 with my friend and didn’t remember anything from the first 5 episodes.)

i’m back home and my mouth is really sore, and still numb

but i’m more coherent than i was an hour or two ago

i can’t start the steroid and antibiotic they gave me till tomorrow

right now i’m just keeping a cloth under me cause it’s disgusting to drool and just ugh, and the anesthesia gave me freakin hiccups that won’t go away

the molars they took out hurt way more than the wisdom teeth though 

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pulls u in for a hug :( feel better buddy i love u!!!!!!!

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I’m ok now I’m watching the first episode of zetsuen no tempest and their voices are truly pleasing

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hey hey hey

hey you

Opening Credits: Love Is Dead - Kerli well if that doesn’t set the mood
Waking Up: Let the Little Lady Talk - Capital Lights
First Day At School: Mushrooms & Roses - Janelle Monae
Falling In Love: Tightrope - Janelle Monae
Fight Song: Saturday - Fall Out Boy
Breaking Up: A Song About Acne - Charlie McDonell oh my god
Life’s OK: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Marina and the Diamonds
Getting Back Together: Where The Fence Is Low - LIGHTS
Wedding:  Echo - Jason Walker
Birth of Child: Set You Free - 3Oh!3
Final Battle: Northern Lights - 30 Seconds to Mars
Death Scene: Things We Lost in the Fire (Abbey Road Sessions) - Bastille
Funeral Song: Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
End Credits: Identify - The Maine