Just got done signing and numbering these 60 super special prints!
Two of my pieces from my HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW series are printed on aged vintage onion skin #ephemera paper, hand embellished, and gilded gold. These are the best shape I’ve ever seen these pieces in. They even look better than the originals in my opinion. 30 of each are available at the moment. I haven’t put them up on my etsy yet, but you may preorder if you wish to via email: hello@casstronaut.com


Antique Keystone View Company Magic Lantern glass slide of the cemetery at Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. The slide is a black and white photo of the cemetery. It is double glass mounted with black tape around the edges. There is a frame of white paper that bears the company name (Keystone View Company Factories, Meadville, PA Copyrighted), the item code number, serial number and the slide title and location. This piece also comes with a double-sided small card that describes the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The card has an aged look to it and is a bit weathered. The glass is in good vintage condition with no chips or cracks.

Discover it at Suite 22 on etsy.


The Lost Beauty of Book Endpapers

1. Unicorn and bird antique book pattern (1890–1930) (all images courtesy Bergen Public Library)

2. Red and black pattern (1890–1930)

3. Greenish foliage pattern (1890–1930)

4. Geometric red pattern (1890–1930)

5. Branch pattern (1890–1930)

6. Damask pattern (1890–1930)

7. Et ars labor pattern (1890–1930)

8. Orange pattern (1890–1930)

9. Brown and red pattern (1890–1930)

10. Whorled pattern (1890–1930)

Body, gabion, lit
cage of copper skin and threaded blood:

you’ll know one more death, as you knew you would.

I’ll puncture through, the hook
in you, though barely.

This time, a hare will flood out from the fox
warren of me, though its knees knock
and the stars slouch like fat coins in the mud.

It will burn softly, proudly, for leaving

no signs of passage. This floods like a sail
-shaped ear. So I press it to the wall.
—  Lo Kwa Mei-en, last lines to “Ephemera,” Crazyhorse (Fall 2010)