There is a dangerous situation going down where I live. Please help spread awareness.

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I need your help. I am trying to spread awareness on the situation that is going down in Camp Minden, Louisiana. Camp Minden is the location of the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant that has been causing the citizens of Minden and the surrounding areas a lot of problems over the last few years.

"When the plant ceased production, as The Times-Picayune of New Orleans pointed out, “the Army awarded now-bankrupt Explo Systems a contract in 2010 to ‘demilitarize’ the propellant charges for artillery rounds” on the site. The company conducted “operations” there “until a 2012 explosion sent a mushroom cloud 7,000 feet high and broke windows a mile away in Doyline,” another small community in the area." (source)

After this event, the authorities found that Explo had been storing these explosives improperly. There are more than 15 million pounds of M-6 propellent on the site and EPA has come up with a “safe solution” of an open burn of 80,000 pounds a day for up to a year.

This is bullshit. Not only is this not safe for the surrounding areas because it could cause multiple explosions, the toxins that will be released into the air, soil, and water will cause health problems for citizens like cancer and birth defects in a 50 mile radius.

We are a poor community. We have managed to get ourselves 90 days to come up with a better way of disposing the propellant, but unless we come up with something, we’re doomed.

Please spread this. I want people to stand up for our community like you have for others. If you have any questions, please message me.

Daí eu disse pra ela: “Você é um avião!”, ela riu, disse que foi uma das piores cantadas que já ouviu na vida, perguntou se eu tinha aprendido essa com meu avô e fez um sinal de negação com a cabeça. Eu ri e perguntei “Por que com meu avô?”, aí ela disse “Avião? Avião? Aff! Que pior! Por que eu seria um avião?” Eu parei, pensei, então eu disse: “É, avião! Você vive alta porque sonha demais e sempre que toca no solo é somente para pegar combustível para continuar voando. Seus pés foram feitos para dançar com o vento e sua cabeça, convenhamos, vive nas nuvens. Seu coração é quase um diário de bordo: registra e guarda todas as suas horas de voo, os acidentes de percurso e as milhas de relacionamento.. Mas a sua mente, essa sim é sua caixa preta! Nela estão registradas as coisas mais importantes da sua vida: seus sorrisos, suas lágrimas, suas paixões, sua vaidade e seus segredos, afinal, toda mulher é feita de mistérios e pensando bem, eu acho que o meu céu tem o cheiro do seu cabelo molhado. Enfim, numa relação entre eventos bons e ruins nasceu sua personalidade. Você é encantadora sabia? Mesmo com essa cara fechada! O desenho dos seus olhos me lembram o nascer de um novo dia; me mostram oportunidades em amanhecer azul claro, perdidas no céu da sua boca. Eu gosto de como ver como o dia nasce… Às vezes imagino que Deus é um pintor pela forma de como as cores vão ganhando um espaço no céu no decorrer de como a manhã se abre. Por falar em abrir, o nascer do dia parece a abertura de um sorriso do horizonte. Eu adoro a forma como você sorri… Certezas? Eu não tenho nenhuma, mas acho que nosso romance teria as cores de um fim de tarde e, por você ser um avião, acredito que iria ver o dia nascer nos seus lábios e se pôr no seu calcanhar. É, você é um avião! Acho que todo garoto já quis ter um ou pelo menos estar em um e qualquer um ao seu lado se sentiria flutuando… Se sentir livre ao lado de alguém é quase que sentir a liberdade dentro de um objeto feito de metal, que voa. Apesar de toda a física, aviões são feitos de ferro, lata, fios e sei lá o quê, igual colheres, que são feitas de metal. Elas não voam, mas aviões sim. Ao seu lado sinto um frio na barriga. Me avisa se você for decolar, prefiro fechar os olhos ao ver o horizonte sumir na minha frente e sem garantia nenhuma de que vou por os pés no chão de novo. Mas, pensando bem… Essa sensação não é incrível? No meu caso, sempre que vejo um avião, imagino: de onde será que ele vem? pra onde será que ele vai? quantas pessoas já passaram pela sua história? o que já viveu? aonde será que gosta de ir? quantos beijos já trocou com as nuvens? quantas turbulências enfrentou para chegar ao seu destino? quantas histórias compõem sua história? Enfim, imaginei tudo isso quando meus olhos cruzaram os seus. É, na minha definição você é um avião. Ei bonita, posso voar contigo?
—  Avião - Marcello Gugu

“true solitude is a din of birdsong, seething leaves, whirling colors, or a clamor of tracks in the snow” ― edward hoagland

switzerland weather snow

a woman crosses a snow-covered street with tramway tracks and traffic traces in zurich, switzerland, on 29 november 2010 morning. © steffen schmidt/ european pressphoto angency (EPA).

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Conservatives who detest President Barack Obama and EPA clean air regulations are modifying their vehicles to purposefully spew black smoke into the atmosphere.

So-called “coal rollers” install smoke stacks and special equipment in their diesel trucks that makes the engine think that it needs more fuel, resulting in plumes of black smoke.

According to Slate’s Dave Weigel, the phenomenon is not new, but it is becoming more popular among conservatives who want to protest the president and his efforts to clean up the environment.

“I run into a lot of people that really don’t like Obama at all,” a smoke stack seller in Wisconsin told Weigel. “If he’s into the environment, if he’s into this or that, we’re not. I hear a lot of that.”

“To get a single stack on my truck—that’s my way of giving them the finger,” he added. “You want clean air and a tiny carbon footprint? Well, screw you.”

In June, Vocativ reported on the trend of “coal rollers” using their toxic exhaust as revenge against “nature nuffies” who drive environmentally friendly cars, like the Toyota Prius.

“The feeling around here is that everyone who drives a small car is a liberal,” a South Carolina truck owner named Ryan explained. “I rolled coal on a Prius once just because they were tailing me.”

“It’s bad for the environment. That’s definitely true,” he admitted. “And some of the kids that have diesel trucks can look like tools. And you can cause a wreck, but everything else about it is pretty good.”

The Clean Air Task Force estimates that pollutants from diesel vehicles “lead to 21,000 premature deaths each year and create a cancer risk that is seven times greater than the combined risk of all 181 other air toxics tracked by the EPA.”

This is more proof that the right wing losers will do anything under the sun to pollute the air with rolling coal in the name of irritating the hell out of Obama/liberals/progressives/EPA and hybrid car drivers.

h/t: David Edwards at The Raw Story

Obama’s “War on Coal” Is Worth Fighting

John Cassidy on Obama and the proposed new EPA regulations:

“He has taken the initiative and put the onus on other countries that have used the lack of U.S. action as an excuse for doing nothing, or very little, to reduce their carbon emissions. … If the new policy goes into effect, the United States, at long last, will be able to tell them ‘Do as I do’ rather than just ‘Do as I say.’”

Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty

Obama and the EPA take action against climate change

It was fun to pretend climate change wasn’t a problem, wasn’t it? Now it’s time to face the elephant in the room. 

President Barack Obama on Monday did just that. In a new, major policy decision, Obama will bypass Congress with a plan forcing power plants to cut their emissions by 30% (from 2005 levels) over 15 years. Coal produced an estimated 74% of total CO2 emissions in the U.S. in 2012, compared to other electricity generation like natural gas and petroleum. The plan represents one of the biggest actions taken by the U.S. government — and the biggest taken by any U.S. president — to slow climate change.  

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Green groups say EPA underestimates methane leaks from fracking

D.J. Parker has been selling methane-trapping systems to oil and gas producers for over 30 years, and as unconventional drilling technologies like hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, have skyrocketed across the U.S., particularly under Barack Obama’s administration, Parker’s business has grown.

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by Peter Moskowitz

(Photo: Melanie Stetson Freeman/Getty)

“That poop could be fertilizing a wetland!”

4 Hilarious Leaked Emails Corporations Don’t Want You to See

#3. The EPA Wants Someone to Stop Pooping in the Hallways

Apparently, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor specified in the internal email that there had been several inappropriate bathroom “incidents” in the EPA’s building: toilets stuffed with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the bathroom. The EPA also consulted a national expert in workplace violence for an opinion on the matter; he confirmed their suspicions that hallway shit is a health and safety issue, because that was something the EPA wasn’t 100 percent sure of in the first place.

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Breached pipeline spills up to 50,000 gallons of oil into Yellowstone River

A breached oil pipeline in Montana has spilled as many as 50,000 gallons of crude oil in and around the Yellowstone River, according to the state. Bridger Pipeline LLC has yet to determine the cause, but has claimed the public is in no immediate danger.

Cleanup crews were at work on Monday to address the mess, which emanated from a break in the Poplar Pipeline system about 9 miles upstream from Glendive in eastern Montana.

Bridger Pipeline said the rupture in the 12-inch steel pipe occurred early Saturday and lasted for one hour, dispensing no more than 1,200 barrels, or about 50,000 gallons, of crude oil.


How BP’s oil spill is still making people sick 

From the mouth of Shane Smith of VICE News, here’s how Louisiana residents are still suffering from the Deepwater Horizon spill – watch his debrief from Season 2 Episode 9 of VICE on HBO.