My contribution to the school’s annual 48 Hour Film event. We draw a word from a hat for the theme which was “robot” this year and then we have 48 hours to make a film about it. This was more like 3 though

Run, robot. Run.

MABEL, one of the world’s speediest two-legged robots, can run up to 6.8 miles per hour.


Created by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MABEL runs a lot like a human.

MABEL was designed to mimic a human’s weight distribution, and has springs that act like tendons in the human body. The robot weighs about 143 lbs, and like a human, most of the weight is concentrated in the upper half of the body. That keeps the legs relatively light, so they can quickly move forward and backward for fast locomotion.

Building bipedal robots that run and walk smoothly is a challenge  because of the complexity of motion and balance, particularly over uneven terrain.

What top roboticists have to say about the future of robots and humans.

Credit: Koushil Sreenath, Hae-Won Park, Jessy Grizzle: University of Michigan - College of Engineering


This is a really short film that I made for this year’s Calarts 48 hours film. :) The theme of this year was ‘Robot’.


Well… here are the concept sketches for the next 3D model. I’m terrible at robots and mechanical things, which is all the more reason to tackle it.
Raflen is a character I came up with ages ago, but could never make look right. The 3D model may look different still.

Raflen was a robot engineered by Byrd, so when she split her conscious into counterparts- (Bryn/Beast), it could assist them. Bryn, the human counterpart, turned out to be a high functioning savant. Crunching 4th dimensional equations are easy for Bryn, but understanding reflections in voices, body language, intentions of human beings, many basic tasks and street smarts are difficult to impossible. Raflen is a bodygaurd, teacher, and an interpreter. Since Bryn was born into the world into an adult body fairly recently without a parent, Raflen is invaluable.

Byrd used her own personality as a blueprint for Raflen’s personality program, but added diversity with some of the organics of the mothership.

When Raflen is off duty, it has been known to enter itself into robot derbys.