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Tell us about your first kiss.

I’ll tell you about the first time I ever tongue-kissed and the first time I kissed a boy.  Fun fact, they both happened at the same time and I was 20.

SO.  I was at a Smallville convention—

No, go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait.

So I was at an unofficial Smallville convention in Boston in 2002 (hi andieblogs!).  Everybody else was there for Smallville, I was there to meet these cool people I’d been talking to at these online posting boards (the now-defunct Television Without Pity, then Mighty Big TV).  I mean, and I guess Smallville a little bit too, but mostly the people.

For the most part, I’d conversed with everyone at the convention at length online, but there was one person I hadn’t really spoken to much before.  He had randomly IMed me one day and I’d freaked out on how he’d gotten my AIM handle (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER that’s how long ago this was), because I’d forgotten that MBTV let you put your AIM handle in your profile.  So we had spoken, like, twice and minimally.

And then I showed up to Boston and holy FUCK HE WAS SO GODDAMN HOT.  I’m gonna call him the Ginger Biscuit because he was a ginger and also British.  AND DID I MENTION HOT.

Now at this point in my life, I did not find myself attractive, nor did I think that anyone would ever find me attractive.  I was overweight (in my eyes…I weighed, like, 230 at 6′2″ as opposed to now, when I weigh 180 at 6′2″) and just didn’t think I was very cute.  So when the Ginger Biscuit started to flirt with me, I didn’t know he was actually flirting with me because 1) see above, re: I thought I was unattractive and 2) I’d never actually flirted with someone before.  But I did back what I thought was flirting and we continued this weird badinage throughout the first day of the convention.

That evening, a whole bunch of us were sitting out in the hallway of the hotel where most of us were staying.  I think we were all just talking or whatever.  I Was sitting next to the Ginger Biscuit, naturally.  He pulled out a tin of Altoids (wintergreen) and held it out to each person so they could take one if they wanted.

He held the tin out to me last.

Playfully, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue (so much swag!)

He asked, with that gorgeous British accent, “Do you want me to put it on your tongue with my fingers, or with my tongue?”

And then I lost all my swag when I said, without putting my tongue back in my mouth, “Thu theckun wah.”

In retrospect, the look of confusion that crossed his face was hilarious, but at the time I was mortified.  “What?” he asked?

I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and offered what I hoped was a coy smile as I said, “The second one?”  Yes, complete with question mark because at this point, any chill I had had pulled a Chief Bromden and jumped out the nearest window.

The Ginger Biscuit hesitated ever so briefly, then nimbly plucked an Altoid from the tin, placed it on his tongue, leaned over, and then gave me the most heavenly, perfect-tasting mint I’d ever had and ever will have in the history of my life.  It was quick, it lasted all of a second, but at 20 years old (two months from my 21st), it was the greatest victory of my life thus far.

We ended up making out all night on a bed while everyone else watched Misery which I still can’t watch to this day without wanting to make out with someone.

Now all I need is for taylorswift to write a song about that.

First kisses are always something completely magical. Whether it be ones first kiss ever, or a first kiss with someone with shared feelings, or just a drunken kiss at a party, all have the same in common. Magic. Having the kind of unspoken language to communicate with one either, without even having to worry about all the right words to say, is something in which only two people share, because in a sense, every first kiss says something different
—  18 yr old whose finally had the kiss that had been coming for two years

who’s willing to bet that dean and cas would somehow mess up their first kiss though

they could be arguing and cas would grab onto dean and just lay one on him, except dean is in the middle of a sentence so their teeth clash painfully and cas ends up with a cut on his lip

or dean might initiate it, and cas doesn’t realize what’s happening so turns his head just at the wrong moment, causing dean to kiss his cheek instead. and then dean is left flustered and blushing, trying to explain to cas what he was doing

or they might both be fully aware of what’s happening, only they’re so eager and excited that their noses keep bumping together and when they finally do manage to kiss there’s too much spit and then dean tries to be smooth and press cas against the wall, only he underestimates just how far it is so they stumble and fall on their asses and it’s just a mess. but then again they wouldn’t really care, they’d just laugh at themselves and dive in for another kiss, all clumsy and eager and loving it


Sousuke: You just won’t stop crying at that time, so I just- Yeah. And it was like a scene from a shoujo manga or whatever, tears down your face during our first kiss. *snickers*

Rin: *incoherent angry noises* shutupyoubuffoon—

Sousuke: *laughs*


Sorry I took so long to update yeah- Will close the ask box when it reaches a certain number, thanks for the support heh-  o7o~ This was after the regional relay obviously, they brought Sousuke to a hospital and all i guess? Never did any research on this aspect so i just assumed that he got admitted for one night or something. And yeah, Rin got a wee bit confused with that kiss, it took him a while to realise what’s going on lmao.