Shameless US 4x11 livestream link

Usually, it works like this:

  • Before 8:30 pm ET/PT: sports
  • 8:30 pm ET/PT: House Of Lies
  • 9:00 pm ET/PT: Shameless US

Three weeks ago, American and Canadian clocks moved forward one hour. So, if you’re not from North America, in the past three weeks, Shameless aired one hour before the usual time. Last night, in Europe, clocks went forward one hour. So, in Europe, this week’s episode and next week’s episode will air at their usual time.

4x11: Crawl Space

Fun Factoid: In this episode, the crawl space was actually built onto their soundstage at the Q Studios with four walls and a removable ceiling. To get the final, shaky shot as the camera pans up, the crew needed equipment that was way more than their budget could afford. So they jerry-rigged the camera to electric winches and moved it up slowly by hand, hence, the inadvertent shaking. Composer Dave Porter’s music was meant to be visceral and invoke a feeling of Walt lying dead in a tomb in the bowels of his home. He achieved this sound by striking a piece of metal on metal and fed it into an analog delay, repeating to a tempo he had established, until the feedback gradually grows into deafening noise. This also happened to be the loudest the show has gotten, while still staying within the legal limits.

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