Observations: “Breaking Bad was historic and amazing for a couple of reasons. …for our purposes, it was historical because here was this major big ticket show that had a backdrop of Indian Country and Native characters in a lot of the episodes. Almost as amazing, nobody on the show really cared about them being Native or not. No, those poor Native saps on Breaking Bad were just another person on the show who died a horrible death (because everybody died a horrible death on the show), not because they were Native, but just because.

"Imagine that—Native people who were just ‘people.’ They didn’t have to wear tons of turquoise or earrings or ‘represent.’ They just lived. And died. And got murdered. And got arrested. Beautifully. Like everyone else in Breaking Bad.”

– from Native Influences on ‘Breaking Bad’: Murdered on the Best Show Ever by Gyasi Ross


Look at them.

In the first gif, when Terry raises his eyes to look at Mandy, we see how angry he looks at her. Like if he want to threaten her.

In the second gif, we see how worried she is when he looks at her, then she looks at Mickey for like 1 second (I don’t know if you can catch that, but I saw it making the gif), and then she looks down and the look on her face is really sad.

Remember that he’s the one who raped her and got her pregnant.

Can you even imagine how she feels living with that man?