“Josie said each helicopter has a large triangular logo with an orange “S” in the middle. She doesn’t know what that means, but she thinks the darkness enveloping her home is the Angels’ last act to try to protect her. Wherever they have gone, they have left behind a protective shade, keeping out the helicopters and all other dark forces…”

30 minute quick sketch.  I thought this part was particularly poignant. I imagined it like a great heavy rain curtain.

“But, according to witnesses, Vithia found herself caught up in what looked like a strong wind. She lifted slightly off the ground. Witnesses all agreed that she began to elongate. She began to glow a deep black — a dark, pulsing aura.

And amidst the sounds of bold trumpets, and melancholy cellos, and even the haunting call of a muted French horn, Vithia ascended to Heaven.”

Another 30 minute speedpaint inspired by “Yellow Helicopters”.  Gee this episode has some swell imagery.  Like the previous one, I intend to turn this into a full piece in time.