Guide: Ordering and Payment Process

To those who are stumped on how to order and pay for their items, here is the whole process explained in detail. We hope that we get fewer questions on how to order. So, if you are an interested buyer or just browsing through our items, please take time to read this.

Step One: Have a list of your orders

To make things easier for you and us, we provided codes for every items that we sell. You can find these codes at the comment section of each picture. You can also see how much the items are in this section.

For a clearer understanding, here is a sample picture of one of our items, together with the codes:

As you can see, the code for this item is “SRTFANDOMMBLAQ”Right below that is the price of the item, which is 250 pesos. Now, compile your orders together and get the total price to get a summary of your orders INCLUDING shipment or meet up fees.



SRTCHIBIHYOYOUNG – Medium – 1 pc – 300

SRTSUJULMSWHI – Extra Large – 2 pcs – 540


LYDNEWFACE (REN) – 5 pcs – 450

Shipment fee: 100

Total: P1390

After doing this, you can proceed to the next step.

Step Two: Give us the list of your orders

Why is this important? In the past, we have received a lot of inconsistent orders. There aresome people who pay more and some who pay less for what they have ordered, which can be unfair to you and us. So, we decided that before you fill up any form, it is much better if you let us take a look on what you are ordering, so we can verify how much you are going to pay.

To do this, just copy and paste your order summary and send it to us. You can either send it to ecreativesales@gmail.com, or give us a message at our Facebook account (facebook.com/enzowatcreatives).

After you’re done with this, just wait for a reply. For your information, it may take 24 to 48 hours before we can reply to your messages.

Step Three: Make an Order Form

The link to the order form will be given to you when we reply to your messages. To those who want to skip the first two processes and order right away (which is NOT recommended),

the order form is at:


*For resellers, take note that you have a different order form. It is at:http://enzowatcreatives.weebly.com/resellers.html

Filling up the form can take less than fifteen minutes and is not complicated. We also recommend reading the first page of the form first. Most of your questions can be answered by the information provided there.

Step Four: Payment Form

After You’ve Submitted your Order Form, You can now Pay your Items.After Making Your payments, You can now send the PAYMENT FORM.Your orders will only be considered “PURCHASED” when you’ve Submitted the PAYMENT FORM.

PAYMENT FORM FOR THOSE WHO ORDERED AFTER JUNE 29, 2012LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEQyM2lRVTM0ZzB0UG5FVzZfakllQkE6MQ#gid=0



Payment Processing Options

We have different payment processing options that you can choose from:

• BPI Family Savings. This is our primary payment processing option. There are a lot of BPI Family Savings Bank Branches nationwide. You can go to any of these branches to pay your dues.

Here are the steps if you want to pay through this option.

  1. Go to a BPI Family Savings Bank (Not Bank of the Philippine Islands)
  2. Go to the “DEPOSIT MACHINE” haha
  3. Fill up the necessary information:

• On the account number section, enter this: 5 0 5 6  3 6 1 4  7 4

• On the account name, place this: Lawrence F. Vibar

• Fill up the other details, such as the cash amount.

• After thatyou’ll receive a ticket, then wait.

4.  Bring the ticket to the teller and pay the required amount. After that, you’re good to go.

If in any case you can’t go to a BPI Family Savings Bank, you can pay through other payment processors.

Here are the secondary payment processors you can use:


• Western Union

• Cebuana Lhuillier

• MLhuillier


In these payment options, they might require you to indicate our contact details:

Name: Lawrence Vibar

Mobile number: 09175989895

Address: 109 Camesino St., Barangay Maharlika Phase 8-D, BPS, Imus, Cavite

Things to Remember:

  1. Always bring at least 1 valid ID with you.
  2. After doing a transaction, you will receive a receipt. For future reference, it is important for you to keep the receipts you receive, especially if you paid through BPI Family Savings Bank.
  3. In the receipts, you will also find a reference number for your transactionYou will use this in filling up the order form, so make sure not to keep a copy of your reference number.

Here are some pictures of different tracking numbers for your guidance:

BPI Family Savings Bank

LBC Pera Padala

Western Union

Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala

Mlhuillier Kwarta Padala