Why You Should Love Fossil Fuels

Piss off an environmentalist by sharing this important educational video.

Having met U.S. President Barack Obama’s Envoy for Climate Change, I am certain that Washington is taking the Paris negotiations very seriously. Canada, meanwhile, looks like it will show up to the Paris conference with almost nothing to offer but talking points, despite the fact that Canadians consume more energy per capita than Indians, Chinese or Americans. This is both a shame and a sham.

Once again, the story might end with the government’s inaction, but it does not. Instead, obfuscation and censorship are added for good measure. Ninety per cent of government scientists feel that they are not allowed to speak to the media about their research; almost as many fear retaliation if they do. If you are wondering why climate change reporting in Canada has been so vacuous over the last few years, it is because new rules put in place by Stephen Harper in 2007 limit what Environment Canada scientists can say. The position of National Science Advisor was eliminated in 2008. It should come as no surprise then that media coverage of climate change has been reduced by 80 per cent. If the brilliant government scientists working on this issue are muzzled, the public has little access to the very people it should be hearing from.

Congratulations to David Kertzer and Elizabeth Kolbert, winners of the Pulitzer Prize in biography and nonfiction.

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PS. Sarah Koenig and the Serial team just won a Peabody, so here’s that interview too. 


Humans generated an astounding 41.8 million metric tons (Mt) of electronic waste in 2014. And we recycled less than 14 percent of it. A new report from the United Nations University puts new, shocking numbers on our growing production of “e-waste,” which is defined as all electrical and electronic equipment, from cell phones to appliances, that’s tossed away as trash. Figuring out what to do with these products, it stresses, is a massive problem for both developing and developed countries. And it’s projected to get worse.


So today the NDP put forward a motion to restore the Kits Coast Guard Station in Vancouver (which could have responded to that oil spill recently).

Clearly the majority of the opposition approved of the bill, but it didn’t pass because Conservatives refused to support it.

There’s only 20 Conservative MP’s in BC. Its a shame that even on such an important local issue they voted with the government.

Most people don’t think about the intricate marketing that goes into bottled water, but as Stephen Colbert demonstrated, there’s a lot of advertising at play to keep you from drinking from the tap.

For instance, Colbert highlighted “Resource Water,” a new brand from Nestlé aimed at “stylish and higher income women,” which he calls an elaborate packaging of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen.

But arguably more troubling than the cagey marketing of bottled water in First World countries are the attempts to privatize it.


This Prophetic Stephen Colbert Video Predicted California’s Water Crisis

In light of the San Bernardino Desert Sun report that found that Nestlé is taking water out of California natural streams based on permits that expired 27 years ago, this Stephen Colbert segment from last fall was particularly prophetic. In it, Colbert mentions that Nestlé’s Chairman suggested it would be a good idea to “privatize” water.