Allen Ginsberg writing truth about the U.S. government, including a line that’s eerily relevant to Tamir Rice’s murder. This was from a poem he wrote in 1981 called Industrial Waves.


"It’s a dangerous attack on the power of knowledge"

Two bills are up for a vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, both of which could significantly impact the way the Environmental Protection Agency is allowed to use science to come up with regulations. The Secret Science Reform Act and the Science Advisory Board Reform Act both require the EPA to consider only publicly available, easily reproducible data when making policy recommendations. Scientific organizations and environmental groups, as well as a number of Democrats, disapprove of the bills, arguing that they favor industry over real science.

Money talks, science is silenced. 

If there’s anything worth fighting for, it’s life. And the quality of it. 

It is rather evident that we’re mistreating our planet, carelessly abusing the very habitat that allows us to do everything that we know possible. And it’s not so much us personally- it’s people with a lot of money, big business and priorities of the materialistic who are putting our future, and the future of our children, in extreme jeopardy. 

There is so much you can do to help out. It cannot be stressed how powerful you are as a voice. 

Things you can do:

There are many other ways to do your part, from using public transport, to avoiding certain companies, to taking to the streets in absolute disgust of people who simply aren’t caring enough about our planet. It’s not ours to claim in such arrogance, it is ours to cherish. If you feel passionate about the world and want to do your part, don’t be put off by believing your voice won’t be heard, because trust us, it is needed. You can find out more on the big wide web, there’s plenty of amazing tips out there. 

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How Do Our Bodies Fight Off Dangerous Chemicals?

UC San Diego’s Amro Hamdoun explains how you can think of cells like night clubs. With every substance that a cell encounters it has to decide which to eliminate and which to let in. Since humans have generated over 80,000 synthetic compounds, it’s now ever more important to understand both what these substances are doing to our bodies, but to also create a rule book for making these chemicals safer.


More than 175 million people have already watched the film since it was released online this weekend

An environmental documentary that’s being called China’s “Inconvenient Truth,” or, according to China’s new minister of environmental protection, its “Silent Spring” has already racked up more than 175 million views since it was posted online Saturday — a viral phenomenon that’s reportedly catapulted the country’s air pollution woes to the center of conversation. The film, “Under the Dome,” is hosted by former state television reporter Chai Jing, who blends frightening statistics about the air, water and soil pollution that has accompanied China’s rapid industrial development with a personal narrative about the birth of her daughter — an event she credits with awakening her awareness of pollution’s dangerous toll.

While you were bingeing this weekend on “House of Cards,” an online release of a very different nature was taking China by storm.