3 part Course: Painterly Environment

Artist: John Thacker

Check out our new 3 part series on creating a Painterly Environment by John Thacker. This is a great one for those wanting to see how to create a full atmosphere with color and light being a focus. Watch the series here: http://cgcookie.com/concept/cgc-courses/painterly-environment-course/


A 1-Minute Answer For When Somebody Tries To Tell You That Humans Do Not Cause Global Warming

Ballooning offers platform for space-like environment

Singapore (SPX) Jan 29, 2015

New discoveries are being made on an annual basis by researchers flying their instruments on a high-altitude balloon platform. Ease of access to ballooning, relatively low cost and the potential for quick turn-around response times create a large appeal for using this platform to perform novel science and to train new scientists. This appeal is reinforced by the availability of a range of
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‘Frackers’ trying to cut corners and dump radioactive waste in landfills


Energy East meeting angers citizens over unanswered questions

TransCanada does not “actively participate” in Ontario’s public consultations about its Energy East pipeline, a spokesperson said.

An Ottawa public meeting about the Energy East project got heated last week when 350 citizens showed up with pointed questions about how the giant oil-sands pipeline might impact their waterways. Many were flummoxed they were not getting straight answers.

That might be because TransCanada says it does not actively participate in these kinds of Ontario government public consultations about its $12-billion pipeline.

The company did not take to the mic, nor make any formal presentations. It’s not even clear if its employees attended the Jan.22 event.

That put the Ontario Energy Board, which put on the consultation, in the awkward spot of addressing the citizens’ questions on the company’s behalf.

“The pipeline runs through my farm,” Doug McKay said to the board’s official, into the mic.

“And you’re telling me that if there is a chance of a spill, TransCanada is telling you that they’re simply just going to stop the Rideau River?”

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The Senate just passed Keystone XL. Support President Obama's promise to veto!

For the first time ever, the Senate just voted to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and now the climate-killing bill is headed to the White House.

Tell President Obama: Keep your promise, and veto Keystone XL! Then take a stand and permanently deny the deadly pipeline’s permit!

Keystone XL is no ordinary pipeline, and it is not in anyone’s best interests — except Canadian oil companies and the billionaire Koch brothers. The pipeline would carry 380,000 barrels of Canadian tar-sands oil, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on earth, across America’s aquifers, farmlands and wildlife habitat. NASA’s top climate expert says it could mean “game over" for the climate, its mining process is devastating for First Nation tribes, and its pipelines are far more likely to spill and harm local communities. Then the oil will be exported to foreign countries.

Tell President Obama you’ll support his decision to veto Keystone XL, and ask him to deny the pipeline’s permits once and for all!


You’re stuck in mud, waist-deep, in tiger territory… “That’s about as real as it gets.”

Follow Dr. M. Sanjayan’s journey on the two-hour premiere of EARTH A New Wild, next Wednesday (2/4) at 9/8c on PBS.