anonymous said:

Okay so does anyone else do the thing where you realize you have a new stim but you dont know what it means and so you just. Spend hours doing it over and over trying to figure out if its connected to an emotion or enviromental stresser or what??

I can’t say that I have but I’m sure someone else has!

Anyone else do this? c:

- Cap

anonymous said:

what do you study and where?

I’m majoring in Enviromental studies/ science and minoring in Biology. 
Gonna start my senior year at St. John’s University tom :) 


Jody Xiong of DDB China in conjunction with the China Environmental Protection Foundation created this wonderful outdoor campaign to create a subtle visual reminder of the environmental benefits of walking versus driving. Enormous white canvases with a bare tree were placed across 132 crosswalks in 15 Chinese cities. As pedestrians crossed their shoe soles were imprinted with a small amount of green paint, leaving behind a trail of leaf-like footprints. BBD estimated that nearly 3,920,000 people passed through the installations, and the final posters were eventually hung has billboards in several urban locations. Awesome!