Oh you... || Lucina & Severa

Severa sighed to herself. Why did she have to be here of all places? Why did she have to let her guard down to be caught like this? Another sigh escaped her lips as she took her place. Of course she had to be here because she knew how to avoid the enemy’s attacks better than the other lap dogs here.

"Who’s coming here now…?" She placed a hand onto her sword, wondering if she could just go after Holland, tell him to leave, go after Nelson to get her ring back, then go off to find Lucina and the others. "Guess I should start now after getting rid of these people…"

I’m not yelling

I just yelled at a wall. I am pretty sure I either: a) offended it b) was heard from outside the safe, cozy, lonely cocoon of my house (so people now know I’m crazy)

There’s no turning back just ahead,
No reason at all you once said,
I need time and space to clear my head,
Can’t breathe life into what is dead.

The more you pull me in,
The more I pull away,
That’s the only time,
You hear what I say,
I’ve come to realise for me you made some disguise,
And you know that I’m not playing.

There’s no way you can hurt me,
There’s no way you can hold me,
You can’t control me just let me be me

I don’t need no pick-a-me-up,
No putting me down,
Treating me nice,
When you feel like being around
Making promises you’ll never keep
No restless sorrow,
No timeless sleep.

There’s no way you can hurt me,
There’s no way you can hold me,

There’s no way you can hurt me,
You can’t control me just let me be me.


i just realized theres another fucking half to disneyland?! adventure park?! omg how am i even going to handle that?! the regular park was enugh for me omg i need to plan everything

how do u plan thingssss


I colored my hair today and I’m so upset

it was supposed to be a darker brown but it’S BLACK


I’ve been crying all night, I bleached it twiced and messed it up big time before summer and my hair was so dried up and ruined and i cried for days and then it recovered but it was pretty orange so I dyed it brown and it wasn’t brown enugh and it washed out after a week so I used a darker brown this time and it’S FUCKING BLACK

I’m so stupid, I don’t know why I always mess things up

Looking back my hair wasn’t even that orange and I really liked that color and I’m stupid stupid stupid for even dying it

anonymous said:

That means is you! Should I make this official? Should I buy you a golden ring ot will it be enugh if I just confess my love to you?-kikwang

well like a great poet of our generation once said “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”  

I’m going to a university in tokyo
—  Makoto Tachibana As in i’m gonna leave a hug pile of broken hearts behind but don’t be sad because I am makoto tachibana and it is impossible for you to get mad at me so all you can do is cry about it becaUSE I AM MAKOTO FREAKING TACHIBANA