THOR WEEK: Day One - Why are you a Thor fan and what draws you to Thor?

When people in my real life ask me, “Why Thor?”, without fail I find myself smiling, and am suddenly brimming with cheerfulness, and I always flounder a bit because how do you describe that warm, happy feeling that’s like sunshine in your heart to the uninitiated?

I just— I love Thor.  

It’s funny because I got sucked into this fandom through Loki. I am very much a “Loki type” of personality and I really identified with him on an emotional level. Naturally, being a Loki-type, I couldn’t help, but gravitate towards Thor, like a moth to flame, and soon I saw how wonderful he was.  

I think what I like best about Thor is that everyday, he needs to be worthy of his weapon, of his power.  Everytime he picks up Mjolnir, he has to think about what he’s doing and how he’s going to wield this power, or he may lose his worthiness again.  He’s a character that started out with traits I despise, namely hubris and a sense of entitlement. He was insensitive and narrow-minded, but being stripped of his power and turned mortal gave him a new perspective that changed his life.  Now, I think that Thor is more open minded than ever, and strives everyday to be worthy of his station. He makes mistakes and has his flaws but he tries to do right by his convictions .  

I love that he is loyal and noble and kind, especially to mortals, who garner as much regard as insects do (to some in the MCU at least). I love that he sees the glass as half-full and enjoys himself and enjoys life, and I imagine that he gives the best hugs in all the nine realms.

And I love that Thor loves Loki.  It’s not even subtext at this point, yes he gets angry with Loki, but Thor’s love for him is unconditional.  As a Loki-type, I guess it’s comforting to think that there are Thor-types out there.

So that’s why I’m a Thor fan. :)

why are you a thor fan/what draws you to thor: he has enough power to destroy everything and yet he’s simultaneously thoughtful and passionate. the more i read about him the more complex i realize he is, but i still love imagining how things would go if thor just let go.

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Unpopular opinion

So I just saw Thor….

As a comic book movie, it was okay…but me being the student of mythology (and occasional Heathen) I am, there where many, many things about it that made me go into a pagan-nerd rage twitch, mostly involving Odin and Loki and Asguard as a whole.

Is it wrong for me to think that if you are going to do something based in a popular mythology (and still practiced religion) that you should do your fucking research?