fluid framework defining constraints of unintentionality.

help activate awareness of entanglement. the deep level interplay of realities and their patterns.

allowing higher operational functionality of our minds into hyperconsciousness.

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"It is unlikely to do anything interesting just now," Hackworth said. "It won’t really activate itself until it bonds."


"As we discussed, it sees and hears everything in its vicinity," Hackworth said. "At the moment, it’s looking for a small female. As soon as a little girl picks it up and opens the front cover for the first time, it will imprint that child’s face and voice into its memory-"

"Bonding with her. Yes, I see."

"And thenceforth it will see all events and persons in relation to that girl, using her as a datum from which to chart a psychological terrain, as it were. Maintenance of that terrain is one of the book’s primary processes. Whenever the child uses the book, then, it will perform a sort of dynamic
mapping from the database onto her particular terrain.”

"You mean the database of folklore."

Hackworth hesitated. “Pardon me, but not precisely, sir. Folklore consists of certain universal ideas that have been mapped onto local cultures. For example, many cultures have a Trickster figure, so the Trickster may be deemed a universal; but he appears in different guises, each appropriate to a
particular culture’s environment. The Indians of the American Southwest called him Coyote, those of the Pacific Coast called him Raven. Europeans called him Reynard the Fox. African-Americans called him Br’er Rabbit. In twentieth-century literature he appears first as Bugs Bunny and then as the Hacker.”

Finkle-McGraw chuckled. “When I was a lad, that word had a double meaning. It could mean a trickster who broke into things- but it could also mean an especially skilled coder.”

"The ambiguity is common in post-Neolithic cultures," Hackworth said. "As technology became more important, the Trickster underwent a shift in character and became the god of crafts- of technology, if you will- while retaining the underlying roguish qualities. So we have the Sumerian Enki, the Greek
Prometheus and Hermes, Norse Loki, and so on.

"In any case," Hackworth continued, "Trickster/Technologist is just one of the universals. The database is full of them. It’s a catalogue of the collective unconscious. In the old days, writers of children’s books had to map these universals onto concrete symbols familiar to their audience- like
Beatrix Potter mapping the Trickster onto Peter Rabbit. This is a reasonably effective way to do it, especially if the society is homogeneous and static, so that all children share similar experiences.

"What my team and I have done here is to abstract that process and develop systems for mapping the universals onto the unique psychological terrain of one child- even as that terrain changes over time. Hence it is important that you not allow this book to fall into the hands of any other little girl until Elizabeth has the opportunity to open it up."

—  Niel Stephenson from The Diamond Age, or a Young Girl’s Illustrated Primer

entanglement’s heart embrace and circulation of information

organs are being built - the embrace of information with flesh - wetware enabled

the living cells as metaconstructs - which allows the formation of culture / communication

the building block dynamics of life to evolve in the new worlds from the depths of the subconscious

being embraced in the entanglement heart

experiencing over and over again as it covers each time, as it breathes, it overlaps and hugs the information inside

being remembered forever, changing, evolving with each breath

process / mechanism





growing off one another the span of proximal vicinity and node to vector fluctuations begin collating storage of the process, unfolding.

as something unfolds it is being built. to be separate is its compounding nature being utilised. division is unity.

sense parameters seek the position of its ambience, which in turn triangulates the vectors original placement before the ‘variable non-localised fluctuation technique’
[ VNLFT ] shifts the response to new coordinates and trajectories yet to be observed - fractal overlays of chaos and order perspectives (with compounds of XYZ derivatives +).

to build from the flux, to stay still with life-form and its movement, there requires occurrence of constant awareness of flows from proxies of representation, folding into themselves. the mnemonic aspect of the holography in states of unrecognised value.

the value is brought about by increases in energy amplifications from the sense parameters growing themselves from all arrays.

observe the world, a world, nature, enhancement, entanglement. become an organism :: witness complexity, in the simplicity of the interplay unfold, to the point of knowing the subconscious is allowing the emergent action.

the environment in real presence is felt … the metaconstructs living cell will present itself. revealing a transition for life and evolution pathways :: states connected to the arrival ( as settle ) and departure ( as travel ), in resonance with instigated vector splays already in motion.

the wave function will display itself in nature.

objects, devices, mechanisms will point to the sky where centred and ready in fetal position the organism resides, to the left will be land, ground and mountains, while to the right, water, open ocean and expanse.

infront is seen the pivot of land ending and ocean commencing.

settle' is arrival down onto land ( emerged from water = information / creation ) that flows to ‘stasis / decay / pivot’. flow continues from the center’s edge to ‘travel' and departure up into air ( traversed to sky = salience / archetypes ). 

past flows and blends to future ( the cycle of division is unity )

which symbols will be opposite of each other to the sides and perspectives of choice?

witness and be the vector.


interface of restraint : realised as effort is already in the future being momentum : hi, how are you? good. continue as you were. you have already arrived and are changing the moment. creating a new future of experience from effort and momentum gained.

information transfers

least amount of information-adhesion to allow action instead of patience.

the best suited quantity of influence is in ratios of persona placement in time of connection and metaconstructs awareness, based through sight of next threads to go further.

messages of any quantity travel in clusters shapeshifting until arrival.
possibilities are prevailed by the precise frequencies of entrance into mindsets not aware.

deflection can be the easiest response, as consumption in flows bring rise to protect states. habits are to be broken and questioned by experiential responses felt. tangible outcomes blur as chemical fluxation makes realities true.

what is the minimum portion of transfer needed? the answer is the information which is already in question. to feel the answer is to produce the results. the preferences of movement, in all forms of frequencies enable patterns to form.


the interface of restraint

when conservation is seen through cleansed minds, ways are made. once this happens, the effort required is least conflicted. remnants only influence by affinities amplified for sight to go further.

witnessing truth brings conflict to happen. communication through illusion is how transfer begins and forms without unrested pressure.

taking what is here to go there, will need patience of persistence, which is action in motion. environment encompassing organism may offer restriction to enable progress to manifest.

flow comes through patterns forming by persistence and sight. deterrence shows itself through unintention of intention. participation of activities build forms in frequencies, which projects new scopes of worlds to emerge, as they’re emerging.

fusion comes as expansion between unity stretches, as it awakens and jumps the pull forward.


experimental evolution called art

all possible combinations go along in universal discoveries.
application is decided by persuasion of implementation methods.

communication is for choice to give preference on decisions.

influence is communication. action is movement, as beginnings for languages to occur. words are code which desire usage in chemical connections.

responses to illusions transfer stasis before informational arrival to new potential states, where visionary insights flow to artistic infusions.

momentum runs the flight further than imagination can conquer in the current pulse, so critic of destruction allows evolution to boost through restraints, awakening metadata forms to go into processes which relapse to scientific analysis of hindsight for projections to go higher again.

entanglement ( personas / metaconstructs )

life+ / work+ / play+ saturate in real and virtual. mind and body fuse with reality and dream. organism and environment continually connect. chemicals and frequency pulse rapidly so flow between is unity with such intense distance that requirement is recursively created to seamlessly evolve together to revive identities morphing.

Subject X was a poet—at least that’s what he wrote on his application form—and he claimed fluency in a number of languages.

Rajiv and I were delighted with this; we thought it would be fascinating to see the brain correlations of someone so intimate with language—with the immense complexity of word manipulation. There was no doubt that he would be our first subject. I wonder, now, if he might have known that; if he was making certain that we’d choose no one else but him.

You’ve probably heard me sharing my pet theory—a speculation really—that minds which operate a number of languages simultaneously (a rare phenomenon indeed) are a mutation of the lateral thinking paradigm. Somehow these minds sustain a continuous diversification of parallel dimensions because they must retain their focus on the word they are looking for. It is as if the word they are looking for keeps morphing one into the other, across languages, and so they never lack the appropriate term. Because of this simple fact, the coherence of their thought stream is an unremitting flux that never sleeps—it merely fluctuates in intensity and density—at least, that’s my conjecture…

What led us astray at the beginning was the fact that we took language to mean verbal languages only. But language is much more than that. So often, we forget that a visual representation of a chair is not the same as the word “chair” or the vocal verbalization of that same word. The language of chemicals and molecules, the language of magnetic fields, of shapes and coordinates of spaces and times and the language of energy, all these and many, many others—as we now are beginning to understand—exist continuously and in a superimposed manner, only part of which surfaces and parallels the others. What is normally perceived is only superficially and apparently translated into another language. The difference therefore was not only of kind, and thus of quantity, but also of quality.

Now do you see how we were caught off guard? When we did our first experiments we did not understand how we got those strange results: the de-coherence effect of immediate reality.

—  the world belongs to words part I, a sci-fi ultrashort by @wildcat2030