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It had been quite a while since Noatak had been discovered and fled Republic City (somehow still clinging to his bending and alias). Although he’d, by some chance, escaped the explosion Tarrlok had caused, Noatak had been cast into another part of the world entierly: what he assumed to be the Earth Kingdom’s deserts. However, that was were things fell flat for him.

Waterbending was of no use in a desert. And that was just the place in which he had ended up. No one and nothing stood for miles around, it seemed. He hadn’t seen anyone or anything for a long while, the man just barely surviving ever finding some sort of shelter for a night’s rest. Noatak had begun to wonder if he was going to die out here, in the desert with no one around. the only thing that may be more fitting would be having his bending wiped…or to have someone stronger bloodbend him. He had never really been one to have hope, but, when he did latch on to it, he wasn’t someone who lost it easily either.

Blue eyes glinted, catching something in the heat of the sun, something large a distance away — a town!

Purposefully he began for the town he’d discovered, praying for it not to be a mirage as he drew ever nearer; something he hadn’t really felt in years overtaking him when he finally reached it’s edge: happiness.

Brown hair and sand filled his mouth as the warm breeze pushed his hair around into his face slightly. The grit in his eyes, all over his skin and in his mouth was pushed aside though, the waterbender moving farther in to scout out somewhere he could get something to drink.

I went and saw The Water Diviner the other day. I was blown away, I thought it was excellent. I went into it not knowing anything about it, and I don’t think I have cried more during a movie. 

I found the pacing really great, it felt like it was a three hour movie (it was only two), but in a good way. It packed a lot in, without it feeling rushed or too drawn-out. 

I thought that the acting was great (I have always quite liked Russ, but apparently this view isn’t shared by everyone). 

I also liked that it gave a bit of perspective from the Turkish side (not necessarily tons of it, or necessarily accurately, but it rounded out the film well, and didn’t make it a shitty ‘straya patriotism fest).

I don’t know if I would recommend this movie though, I think everyone should go and see it, but I don’t know if I want to inflict that kind of emotional trauma on anyone. So yeah, go and see it, but definitely take tissues.

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i would love it if you could send some to him honestly thank u so much 

Found a joke on #maleficent, and made me lol’d, so I comic’d it.  OK, I looked up and down the wilderness of tumblr to find this joke, but to no avail.  If anyone knows where the joke came from, let me knows please; I like to credit the person.

Awh, sweet-faced Diaval…

Also finished the reference commission recently.
Still not entierly in the mood of talking about why I deleted the other account but hey, I love you all so much for being so understanding and for the so sweet birthday wishes<3

Myself was never enough for me

Gotta be so strong

One of my old Fusion Fall Ocs redone for the Tron: Universe! A concept I never really got to play around with entierly


Paintshop 1: basecoat stage

I am currently painting several models:

5 x Scourges 

5 x Kabalite Trueborn

2 x Medusae

Archon Blastarius Manlove

Lelith Hesperax

In the upcoming week I will repaint all the Metalic Green (the local shop with paint and models is closing up, so I am no longer gonna use Humbol paints and will shift entierly to Citadel. Also, Kabalite Green is super pimp.) elements of the rest of my army with Kabalite Green. :D 

Okey, back on track - the basic coating is done with Citadel Black Spray Primer, the flesh is colored with Humbol Skin (Cadian Flesh is similar in color), the green elements are coated with Kabalite Green and pink are made by Emperor’s Children Pink.

Tommorow I will do details basecoat with grey, light blue and red Humbols that are left in my collection.