It’s Friday, which has the added benefit of being trends day. What a day to be glued to the dashboard. Here’s what people were talking about the week of 9/15:

  • In entertainment: iamcaradelevingne​ signed onto John Green’s book-turned-movie, Paper Towns, and the trailer came out for Mockingjay
  • In fashion: Clothes were photographed at London Fashion Week
  • In politics: Scottish Independence. They stayed!
  • In music: Pink Floyd announced the October release of The Endless River, their first album in 20 years. 
  • In royal birthdays: Prince Harry turned 30, is expected to settle down and start a family. 
  • In gaming: FFXV (Final Fantasy 15). The game that nearly wasn’t now is. And you can drive a car.

A few blogs worth checking out:

  • costumefortheday: Adorable illustrations of the artist’s outfits. 
  • whoisu2 (and why is it on my phone?): A hilarious reminder of how old Apple CEO Tim Cook is. 
  • grampaandgrandmasterflash: Grandmas getting into trouble with Facebook auto-fill. 

I just want King MJ’s Bad album playing during my funeral. Throw in a Lana jam and maybe a Depeche Mode throwback, but Bad is the only thing I want to hear from the flip side tbh.