Amazon Listed 22” x 30”, 300gsm Fabriano Paper Packs of 50 for $5.68 & Artists Went Crazy.

Packs consisting of 50 sheets of Fabriano cold press paper usually run for nearly 500 dollars but, yesterday, Amazon - for some reason unknown to me - was selling them for $5.68 (The original listing has been deleted, but thankfully I took screenshots!).  Someone out there noticed this in the Internet art community and from there it exploded as artists across the United States rushed to buy what hopefully would be enough paper to last the rest of their careers for only six dollars.  (One artist friend mentioned to me that he bought $120 worth of the six dollar paper or 1000 sheets.)

Today the price has been fixed and the original listing removed but the paper is currently the #1 bestseller in Arts, Crafts and Sewing.  It’s yet to be determined if my order along with the thousands of other artist’s orders will be shipped as the orders are being fulfilled not by Amazon but Blick Art Materials.

UPDATE: Blick Art Materials has canceled all orders as of 3:00PM Central Standard Time, September 18th 2014.

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Tambourine guy steals the show in the latest Postmodern Jukebox video

While we can’t take our ears off Postmodern Jukebox's cover of Demi Lovato's “Really Don't Care,” we also can't take our eyes off of energetic tambourine guy Tim Kubart in the group’s newest YouTube video.

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Y’all don’t know I’ve been a Britney Spears stan literally since kindergarten and have never once fallen out of love with her. As simple as she is, and as arguably “calculated” as she has been since the beginning, the results of her dancing, Lolita-esque sexiness, music videos, growl-ish vocals, thick synthetic melodies, and highly publicized life throughout the past 16 years of her career have/will continue to leave an impact and influence pop culture.

4 ways to fix Doctor Who before it’s too late


Doctor Who, once arguably the best show on television, has been facing mounting criticism. Much of this has been directed at showrunner Steven Moffat, whose leadership has steered us into inconsistent plots and aggressively misogynistic dynamics. This was a huge disappointment considering the fabulous writing he had delivered during Russell T. Davies’ stewardship. Now fandom is increasingly asking to stop the showrunner, we want to switch off.

With a new season and Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor to play with, the question now is if there’s a chance for this sexist storytelling mess to be redeemed. Here are four ways to make it happen.

1) Going dark

All signs point to a darker, more intriguing direction this season. If this is a chance to explore character by moving beyond the lighthearted and looking to what lies beneath, that can only be a good thing. It will definitely be a good thing for the Doctor, especially with Peter Capaldi’s fine, weighty performance, as the writing for his character settles into a fuller flavor. The movement into darkness can be a great thing for Doctor Who as a whole should it come to suffuse other elements of the show.

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Kelly Clarkson


Everybody knows Kelly Clarkson as the first winner of American Idol back in 2002.  Now Mrs. Blackstock is in the midst of working on her 8th studio album (if you count her Greatest Hits album as one) and raising her first born child, River Rose (by the way… cute as a button!).  She has been known to be one of the most real and down to earth celebrities.  It’s great to see such an astounding, successful artist remain grounded and personable.

Her Albums:


This album is possibly one of the greatest “break out” albums that any artist has delivered.  It is has a constant smoothness to it and each song is delivered with a power that no one but Kelly can produce.  Unfortunately, this album is horribly edited and has many effects that only hinder Clarkson’s real, raw talent.

2 Favorite Songs: You Thought Wrong and Anytime. These two songs are very different from one another, but are incredible! “You Thought Wrong” is an incredibly powerful song that will get anyone who has been cheated on or treated disrespectfully singing along with it.  It is an empowering song that allows people to get back up and fight back!  “Anytime” is a classic.  This song is beautiful; the choir in the background adds a tasteful but necessary contribution to the song.  It is timeless!

Least Favorite Song: Some Kind of Miracle. This song could have been amazing, but it was edited into oblivion.  (Check out this great live performance that beautifully shows off her vocals and what the song could have been).  This song is musically and lyrically one of my favorites, but the production of it is so unnecessary.  Can we get a petition started to have her rerecord this song?


This album is a great sophomore album.  It got Clarkson 12 of 16 Billboard Music Awards she was nominated for in 2005. Clarkson also received 2 Grammy Awards for this album (one for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album).  She delivered an album that many people doubted she would be able to successfully make, and she made it go 6x Platinum.  This album had a different sound that made people fall in love with Clarkson all over again.

2 Favorite Songs: Gone and Addicted. “Gone” is a great pop song in the sense that it has a fun catchy beat with enjoyable and meaningful lyrics.  She is great at providing powerful music for her fans and this is a great example of what people were looking for.  Plus, the hi-octane harmonies and riffs in the last chorus to the end was a perfect way to showcase how talented Clarkson really is.  “Addicted” is intense!  This song is lyrically deep and dark.  It talks a lot about relationships and how people become “hooked” on one another.  The bridge in this song is haunting in the best way possible; it’s makes you think about the dangerous side of an addictive relationship and how people struggle with moving on.  

Least Favorite Song: I Hate Myself for Losing You.  It is a great song (showcased especially in the last 1:10 minutes of the song) but compared to the rest of this album, this song doesn’t do much for me.


This album and the way it was perceived by the media, executives on her label, and many music listeners altogether makes me very angry.  It was one of the most beautifully and artistically written albums to come from Miss Clarkson.  This was an exquisite album and deserved more praise than it received.

2 Favorite Songs: Sober and Can I Have a Kiss. “Sober” is an elegant song that has a terrific, uplifting message (this live version is astounding and she sounds amazing). The line, “picked all my weeds but kept the flowers,” is one of the most captivating lyrics from any song that I have heard.  Plus, Clarkson nails it on the vocals again.  “Can I Have a Kiss” is a great song in the sense that it is something that so many people can relate to; you’ve had a crush on someone that you know you would never have a chance with.  This song is about taking a chance on that person.  

Least Favorite Song: Yeah.  The key change at the end is a huge disappointment; she goes down a key instead of what is expected of this vocal goddess: UP.  You can do it Kelly, we know you can.  You should have taken that key change up!


This is a great pop album!  It serves as an electric and empowering piece of work that pierces everyone that listens to it with courage and confidence.  Plus, she looks like a superhero on the cover, so that helps.

2 Favorite Songs: Impossible and Ready.  “Impossible” is just what you would expect to hear after seeing the album cover.  I love the lyrics, “you draw the line and think that I won’t ask for more.” This is exactly what I want to hear from Miss Clarkson!  ”Ready” is a fun pop song that shows off her incredible belting vocals.

Least Favorite Song: Whyyawannabringmedown. This song is only alright in my opinion.  Her vocals are great, but the sound isn’t that good overall.  There are too many different elements that cover up her intense belting ability. 


This album has been one of the best pop/vocal albums I’ve heard in the past 5 years. Kelly received a Grammy Award out of her 3 nominations for this album; she won “Best Pop Vocal Album.” If you haven’t heard this album, I recommend getting it, or at least listening to it on Spotify for free.

2 Favorite Songs: Honestly and Don’t Be a Girl About It.  “Honestly” is another hauntingly beautiful song.  This song is pleading for truthfulness in an area that may be filled with lies.  The title is self explanatory but the lyrics provide much more meaning than expected.  “Don’t Be a Girl About It” is one of the most fun songs on the album.  This is a “go to” song to help get you in a good mood!

Least Favorite Song: Einstein. It is clear that this song was directed toward her younger fans.  Not really what I’m looking for, but I completely understand why that song was put on the album.  


Her Greatest Hits: Chapter 1 album is an album that everyone needs.  This album showcases why she won American Idol and why she is still successful in the industry.  I love “Catch My Breath,” “People Like Us,” and “Don’t Rush.”  ”Catch My Breath” is a perfect pop song for Clarkson in the sense that it is classy, empowering, and difficult to sing (even though she nails it).  ”People Like Us” is a great anthem that helps unite everyone.  Clarkson revives that great country sound in “Don’t Rush” that we’ve all been missing and makes us feel a sense of nostalgia.  Hearing her country music is going to be a real treat!  (By the way, love that she named it Greatest Hits: Chapter 1! Shows that there are many more to come!)


This is the perfect Christmas album that stands out from all the rest.  It went Platinum in both the U.S. and Canada.  Along with that, it was the Number 1 Holiday Album of 2013 according to Billboard.

2 Favorite Songs: Every Christmas and Run Run Rudolph.  ”Every Christmas” is a beautiful new Christmas song that everyone can enjoy.  Her vocals on the song are powerful yet tender and help show that she is a versatile vocalist.  In about 20 years, this is going to be a classic Christmas song that everyone will be playing during the holiday season. Definitely my new favorite.  ”Run Run Rudolph” is great!  This used to be one of my favorite songs growing up and I was happy to hear that it would be on her album; little did I know that this was going to be my favorite version of this song.  She rocks!  Her vocals on this album (and all of her previous albums) are stellar.

Least Favorite Song: My Favorite Things.  I’m totally cheating with this one!  I love this one! But some people don’t consider this a Christmas song, so I guess this would be one of the least favorite songs off the album. (It’s actually super great!)

Kelly Clarkson is a phenomenal vocalist and has her albums to prove it.  Not only is she a great vocalist, but she is also a great songwriter.  This girl is one in a million and the industry is lucky to have her.  It’s great to see one of the best leading ladies in the music industry that can still maintain a healthy, normal, humbled lifestyle.  Way to go Miss Clarkson, and keep keepin’ on.

The saga between YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan and Ultra Records continues with a new counterclaim filed by Phan that seeks damages for lost ad revenue because of Ultra’s original suit against her.

The record company filed suit against Phan in July over her alleged unlicensed use of their music, including a track by Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade. At the time, Phan told TMZ Ultra had given her permission to use their music, and that her videos “showcased [them] to an international audience.” Now she’s launching a counterclaim.

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Final Fantasy XV | Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

Square Enix have released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV which to be honest is quite overdue. The trailer gives us a brief look into the combat system as well as the storytelling in the game. Shame there’s still no release date though.

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When your girl says she’s pregnant


'Star Wars: Episode 7' Debuts First Footage of the Millennium Falcon — With a Surprise Ending!!!

Look at that hunka junk.

J.J. Abrams‘ Bad Robot production company released a new video showcasing the Millennium Falcon from ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ in all its glory. While the footage begins with that classic ‘Star Wars‘ music as the camera pans under Han Solo’s infamous space ship, it soon bursts into the theme to Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ movies before unveiling the camouflaged Tumbler hiding underneath. Remember how much Christian Bale’s Batman loved hiding from the cops and his enemies in the most unexpected spots?