Legend of Korra Book 3 Episodes 12: Enter the Void

So here we are at the finale. I have to say I am happy with Book 3. I think the creators have done a good job. The writing, the animation, the characters were all amazing and restored my faith in this series from the aftermath of book 2 (which I did not care for)

So here we go!!!! Part one of the finale!!!

Bolin’s plan


korra deciding to give herself up


Makorra hug!


Korra and Tonraq’s moment


Tenzin is alive!! He is chained up and unconscious but alive!!!!


Korra handing herself over


Ming-hua posing as the airbenders and attacking Asami, Mako, & Bolin


Korra andd Tonraq vs. Zaheer


Suyin and Lin vs. P’li


Gahzan filling the most of the temple with lava


"Say Hello to the Earth Queen for me"


Lin trying to draw P’Li’s fire and telling Suyin she loves her


Zaheer “becoming the wind”


Bolin lavabending!!!!!!


Kai saving Tenzin, Mako, Asami, and Bolin


No one listening to Kai


"Bring out the poison"


So I am currently screaming in horror and terror right now.

Look for part 2! 

History Channel: Please Stop Melting Our Brains With This Mindless Mush.

Dear History Channel,

As a long time viewer I feel I can say this with some authority. Please return to your roots, your turing our brains to mush with these new shows. Loosely relating history to some random junk people bring in a pawn shop or the “traditions” of hunting alligator, or even worse a blatant disregard for your channels name and purpose with your most recent American chopper rip-off and shows about chilly truckers, loggers, and gold miners. We already have channels for badly scripted arguments and pointless repetitive deadline drama, A&E, True TV, and sadly even Discovery have long since cooped that mind numming market share. 

Where are the endless Nazi documentaries, the intelligent investigations into the ancient societies of the Aztecs, Myans, Assyrians, and Mongolians, where are the shows continually educating us about our own country and it’s founding, hell, I’d even take Modern Marvels and Wild West Tech. Where are all these shows, the actual interesting, informative, and educational shows the history was founded on? On H2 of course. And while I am eternally grateful for this last vestige history like TV, it is not nearly as accessible as the reality show crap on the flagship channel. You realize that in most areas it’s included in a package which cost and extra $15 a month? 

There was a time when I could honestly say I learned more on the History channel some days than I did in school, and I am sure I’m not the only one. What about the kids whose parents can’t afford expensive cable add ons? It is probably even more likely that with the failings in our educational system, especially in low income neighborhoods that they needed and appreciated the old History as much or more so than I did. While it may be unfair to hang the mantle of our nations social studies education and awareness on a cable TV network, and I realize that as a business ratings are you biggest concern, please, our minds are starving or interesting and engaging investigations into our ancestors, that don’t include people buying or restoring old Coke signs. 

Please History, the children of America are being dumbed down enough, they need an educational TV outlet that gives their minds room to grow and learn, as well as the means to do so. 

Still a fan, Sincerely, 


P.S. That new Houdini show looks pretty good and also Vikings was fantastic so it’s not all bad. Also if you have just one reality show, feel free to bring back Top Shot, that was my jam.


The team behind ‘Thug Notes’ has more OG education up its sleeve

A parody of CliffsNotes, Thug Notes is as educational as it is comedic, cutting to the heart of such classic texts as Crime and Punishment and The Great Gatsby and encouraging readers to develop their own understanding of the book. Reading along with the hilarious Sparky, played by L.A.-based comedian Greg Edwards, viewers can’t help but come back every week for a new video and, whether they realize it or not, they’re taking their own steps to learn outside of the classroom.

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Watch on julienedwards.tumblr.com

Jasmine V feat. Kendrick Lamar - That’s Me Right There


Your guide to BBC America’s ‘Intruders’

The Internet sure loves a good mystery.

With the popularity of True DetectiveOrphan Black, and even Game of Thrones—along with the Purple Wedding, remember trying to figure out who killed Jon Arryn back in season 1?—over the past few years, we love to dig deeper than what we see on the screen and try to get to the bottom of whodunit. And it’s not just the question that drives people: It’s the motive, the endgame, and just what makes a character tick, the pieces that can’t be satisfied with your typical broadcast procedural drama.

We just don’t like being spoon-fed the answers anymore.

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You’re broke cause you don’t apply yourself. You keep acting like your too cool to burn cds/make merch/pay for promotion/THE ENTIRE IDEA OF INVESTING IN YOURSELF. You waste time. I’ve heard zero new music from you in over a year. You the type to wait for people to do shit for you. You never break out of your comfort zone. No risk, no reward. You claim you live for this life but the majority of your money goes into completely meaningless shit when it comes to your art. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HIRED SOMEONE FOR YOUR “BUSINESS?” Why are you buying tickets for concerts when your’re a god damn entertainer and you practically get in every show for free? ALSO, if you’re not getting into the majority of shows for free it’s cause nobody fucking knows you. You aren’t as “famous” as you claim. Hey! Here’s an idea: Let’s actually work hard and put the majority of our time into this. It’s crazy; I know, but while you were drinking PBRs with people who don’t even talk to anymore; a kid by the name of Justin Bieber was on a street and in his bedroom uploading youtube vids with a acoustic guitar grinding. You’re the guy to hate on someone else’s passion because they out worked your lazy ass. So now your girlfriend just sits around (miserable) wondering when you’re gonna blow up while looking at another man date prettier girls than her. Welcome to the table. Pull up a seat and stay awhile. Perhaps put something on it. Get the fuck off that bullshit and come gamble with real money or perish.

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Door Into The Dark - An Immersive Interactive & Vivid Documentary

Feeling their way along a taut length of rope, participants are taken alone into a three-dimensional aural world of real people who have been profoundly lost and, through experiencing the unknown, have been changed in unexpected ways.

The journey is contained within a carefully designed physical space, the architecture of which relies on atmosphere, texture, smell and scale. You begin on the rope… but then it splits, the room spins and the space opens out in front of you. 

A project by ANAGRAM directed by Amy Rose & May Abdalla

Watch on justinharenchar.tumblr.com

Animals | Maroon 5

Yeah, you can start over.
You can run free.
You can find other fish in the sea.
You can pretend it’s meant to be,
but you can’t stay away from me.

I can still hear you making that sound.
Taking me down, rolling on the ground.
You can pretend it was me, but no.

Baby, I’m preying on you tonight.
Hunt you down, eat you alive
just like animals, animals.
Like animals.
Maybe you think you that can hide.
I can smell your scent for miles
just like animals, animals.
Like animals.

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