“This Hindu woman child knows no fear and controls wild beasts.”

Moss-Haired Girl — A “made” human oddity from the 19th century, also known as a “Circassian girl” (the Circassians are a Caucasian people living in the Caucasus but not speaking an Indo-European language). A white woman would stiffen and bush her hair, much in the style of the ‘Afro’ hairdo. The pitch which usually accompanied the act involved kidnapping by 'Arabs’ and being forced into harem life, followed by a harrowing escape culminating in refuge there in the show.


Exciting india ep 2

smile~ :)

sunggyu and minho smile

Cry~ :_(

Look at suho’s face hahaha!

Angry face D:<

Sunggyu and minho’s face

Laugh! :D

Laughing al together haha

Surprised face :O (wide opened mouth xD)

Their surprised face :O

Fear face? :OO

Feared face! hahaha xD

Ohh wait why they’re are laughing so suddenly?

Look at that old man face hahahahah!!

sunggyu trying hard for the shy face hahahahaha xDD

I really enjoyed this episode that’s why I shared with you guys my favorite part of the whole video! No hate just love <3

The end of an Era: David Letterman

The end of an era: Foo Fighters were David Letterman’s last ever musical guests and they played Everlong while images of the host’s 33 year run were projected. The Foos celebrate Everlong’s album, The Colour and the Shape’s 18th birthday on the very same day. Fitting of them to play Letterman’s favorite song.

Emotional. Check it out.

Letterman’s last Top 10 was also a touching moment featuring celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and more. See for yourself:

Stephen Colbert takes over the Late Show September 8th of this year.

It’s always especially entertaining when individuals decide to try to call me out for a bunch of things I’ve supposedly said, or not said, and when I respond and ask them to provide evidence to support these accusations - like, literally, one screenshot even - they suddenly go very quiet, or just purposefully avoid referring to my request when they respond. If you’re going to accuse me of having done or said something, then at least try and make it slightly believable; you’re only embarrassing yourselves when you appear out of nowhere throwing false accusations and blatant lies, and then disappear just as quickly when you are shown to be bullshitting. It’s very obvious you haven’t read even a tiny amount of the content on this blog, because the vast majority of ridiculous claims that people dream up can easily be proved inaccurate, simply by reading through even a couple of posts.

Outcome is always the winners circle!! ✈️

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Apartment Manager Tales: Filling in at my old property...

Apartment Manager Tales: Filling in at my old property…

So I’m sitting here at the desk of one of the properties that I used to manage, helping fill in while the current manager is off helping another property with some sort of tax somethingorother. This is the same property where one of my residents who hadn’t paid her rent and was in the process of getting evicted decided it’d be a great idea to just sort of climb through the window and charge at my…

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Zosia Mamet Makes A SERIOUSLY Unexpected Move

Zosia Mamet Makes A SERIOUSLY Unexpected Move

We can see the Girls storyline now: Shoshanna Shapiro, Upper West Side housewife.

In an unexpected move, actress Zosia Mamet has reportedly traded in her hip Bushwick townhouse (which she purchased in 2014 with her boyfriend, actor Evan Jonigkeit) for a two-bedroom co-op on West End Avenue and 85th Street.

Sure, the apartment has some serious prewar charm (the building was erected in 1923), but…

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