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Yes, “Finding Carter” is a teen drama on MTV loosely based on Caroline B. Cooney’s iconic “The Face On The Milk Carton,” a 1990 book that turned into a fixture of young-adult literature as well as a tie-in film. And yes, when I say “drama,” I mean “soap opera,” more or less. “Finding Carter” has a melodramatic plottiness to it, such that each episode has splashy, dramatic treasures baked in. (A line from last season, delivered through tears: “I’m a mess. Because my best friend got shot. Because my boyfriend was the one that shot him. Because my friend betrayed me, and now, because my sister hates me.”)

Unlike most soaps, though, “Finding Carter” retains an emotional honesty that doesn’t get lost in the plot twists

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April Fools Bratz Rumors

We shared this on our facebook tonight, but for those who haven’t heard, that other Bratz fansite is sharing quite a lot of totally false information about this year’s dolls, and even created fake listing screenshots and UPC numbers to fool everyone. We are all for joking around and light-hearted fun on April Fools Day, but he’s doing this with the intent to mislead a group of people who have been dying for updates all year, and that’s just mean!

After the cut, you can read his obscenely long list of lies just for fun - remember that not a word of it is true! Official updates on the new Bratz will be coming from MGA directly or through Bratz Boulevard, so as usual, Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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3.19: The Sound of Dischordia
  • 3.19: The Sound of Dischordia
  • 20-Somethings with Attitude
  • 2SwA: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (S03)

In this episode: Kat & Aisha are the only ones that follow the rules for a school contest, Billy is buying the team thesauruses for Christmas, and Andrew tells the story of the time his mom yelled at Seth for making a dumb joke

ALSO: Master Vile summons a monster by making a pact with Satan, Rita is jealous of the new monster (maybe?), and we come up with tons of better plots than the writers.

PLUS: Aisha and Kat tell all their neighbors they’re Power Rangers like they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses spreading the good word, the Rangers break rules left and right, and every day is a different multiverse.

OH AND THEN: The Rangers have a dance party, the Metallic Armor is the worst, and the Pink Ranger is bound by Morphin’ Law to be the Yellow Ranger’s best friend.

BUT DON’T FORGET THAT: Andrew steals Seth’s thunder, the Falconzord summons God’s heavenly light, and the Rangers escalate the monster into oblivion.

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