“People see me how they see me and that’s all they see,” says Hector Tontz (Richard Cabral) in the eighth episode of “American Crime,” the ABC series that is quietly and brilliantly taking apart the prime-time crime drama. Too quietly, it seems; with the show’s ratings sinking every week, some voices in the entertainment press are already describing the cancellation of “American Crime” as inevitable. That would be a dismaying end for one of the few truly ambitious, innovative and grown-up dramas on network or cable TV.

The personal approach to the justice system trumps the procedural or supernatural, for once – and it works

Con: I wanna act. I’ve wanted to act since I was 11 but my low self esteem and shyness always got in the way. BUT I can no longer sit back and force myself to feel that I’m too ugly and too dark to ever be an actress. I had a little taste (I was a thespian in 12th grade, I got two excellence and a superior for regionals and I’ve taken theatre classes) and the feeling of acting is too much to hide. So Ima fight N one day prove to my 11 year old self that I was wrong and foolish. Wish me luck :)