It was as if everything—the backyard scrapes, Spillane and Rand, Daredevil and Batman, the heartbreak of writing for Hollywood—was distilled. In Miller’s world, unlikely protagonists rise up against sinister forces and stare evil in the face. Loyalty is a virtue, but lovers rarely make for permanent allies, and old faces can signal danger. The hero, alone, is defined by excruciating physical tests, and his code allows for vengeance. Sometimes he survives.

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Austin, Texas-based digital production studio Rooster Teeth will soon have at least one of its popular series exported overseas.

The production company just scored a deal with Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Japan to bring their hit anime program RWBY to Japan, where the show, starting with RWBY: Volume 1, will be redubbed in Japanese for release on Blu-Ray and DVD in 2015.


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Trey Songz - What’s Best For You

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Here’s your 11-second ticket to the Freak Show.

Fable: The Anteater and the Electronic Ants Device.
One day, the anteater bought itself an electronic device so it could entertain itself for hours watching the electronic ants move around on the screen. These simulated ants had thoughts, feelings, and even opinions about current events. The opinions were actually clever advertisements purchased by various companies, hoping to plant suggestions into the mind of the anteater on the subconscious level. Moral: Online entertainment is not always sustenance.

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Video footage taken on an iPhone by an onlooker surfaced, sharing with viewers the graphic images of the death of a 25 year old African American boy, Kajieme Powell, by St. Louis police officers.

There is no denying this one. The evidence is right here.

Powell was shot and killed just a few miles from the location where Michael Brown was shot and killed earlier this month.  When will this stop???

The video footage is extremely graphic…you see him being shot and killed so please be aware of this:

Hit the link and see if the official trailer for Annabelle scares you! #annabelle #horror #movies #entertainment #news #theconjuring @warnerbrosentertainment #evil #dolls #supernatural #paranormal #haunted #ghosts #geeklife #alienbeearmy #instagrambham #birmingham #alabama

'World of Warcraft' Source Code May Reveal a Robin Williams Tribute

‘World of Warcraft’ Source Code May Reveal a Robin Williams Tribute

Fans may have discovered Blizzard’s plans to memorialize actor Robin Williams in World of Warcraft by examining an upcoming expansion to the game. Gaming site Wowhead discovered three character models named “Robin ” in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion for the massively multiplayer online game. One appeared to be a genie, a fitting tribute to Williams’ role in Aladdin. …

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Watch Kermit the Frog Sing 'Let it Go'

Watch Kermit the Frog Sing ‘Let it Go’

Frogs can sing — don’t let anyone ever tell you differently Kermit the Frog dropped by Mashable for our newest episode of Monumental to talk about his favorite songs from this summer Every week on Monumental, a rotating group of panelists will debate and decide the top four — or “Mount Rushmore — of a familiar topic in pop culture. Topics will range from hair metal bands to ’90s sitcoms to…

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