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DIY: Cupcake Bouquet

For the cupcakes, I used Cupcake Project’s ultimate vanilla cupcake and vanilla bean buttercream (I substituted vanilla extract for bean in the frosting so it wouldn’t have flecks in it), which were met with rave reviews:

Seriously, I can’t recommend these recipes enough: the cake is fluffy with a nice vanilla flavor and the buttercream frosting pipes perfectly and tastes like melted vanilla ice cream.



  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting 
  • Piping bag
  • Green tissue paper
  • Clear tape
  • Flower pot
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Toothpicks.

All of these things are available online or at craft stores such as Michael’s (that’s where I found the adorable polka dot flower pot).


Bake cupcakes and make buttercream frosting. To pipe a cupcake rose, fit a piping bag with a 1M tip and fill with room temperature frosting. To pipe a rose, hold the piping bag perpendicular to the surface and start in the center of the cupcake. Gently squeeze the bag and pipe frosting around in a spiral until you reach the outer edge, then let go. 

Place cupcakes in fridge while you prepare the styrofoam so the frosting becomes firm.

Place styrofoam ball into flower pot. Place two toothpicks in each area where you want a cupcake.Note: around the sides, insert toothpicks at 45° angle, otherwise cupcakes will fall off after a while.

Slide a cupcake onto each pair of toothpicks, adjusting toothpicks as needed to place cupcakes close together. Cover as much of the styrofoam as you can. (My styrofoam ball had a 5″ diameter and fit 10 cupcakes.)

Cut green tissue paper into small strips.

Fold strips into accordions.

Pinch the bottom of the accordion fold

Place a piece of clear tape at the pinched part of the tissue paper and stick it to the exposed styrofoam in between the cupcakes. Make more tissue paper “leaves” until you cover all the uncovered areas.

*** Special thank you to 52 Kitchen Adventures for sharing this fun tutorial and photos with us. 

Vegetable Spiral Mini Tarts

Inspired by this Food Republic post and this post from Baked to the Roots, I made these vegetable mini tarts with a miso-walnut filling:

I can easily eat about 5 or 6 of these things by myself because they’re pretty addictive: the savory creamy filling works really well with the tender textures and earthy flavors of the zucchini, carrot, and eggplant swirls.

As for the tart shells, I used refrigerated pie crusts for recipe writing simplicity. They’re really just vessels for carrying the tart innards anyways so the brand and pastry type is not that important. Feel free to use a substitute, like a vegan pie dough (if you want to veganize it), or something fancy like a homemade pâte brisée (if you want to show off). If you want to be an overachiever, make your own pâte feuilletée.

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Rose Petal Ice Cubes

Freeze rose petals into your ice cube tray and you will have the most stunning ice cubes ever.I went to the farmers market today and a woman was selling these amazing roses.  They are 100% untreated, so I will make some rose jam with them. But an instant gratification is to make rose petal ice cubes.

You will need:Ice Cube TrayWater Untreated Rose Petals

  1. Simply place one or two petals in each compartment and fill up with water.
  2. Freeze until frozen solid
  3. Add these ice cubes to your favorite drink or cocktail to make it even more special!

TIP: Use distilled water and your ice will turn out very clear! Also, you can use whatever you like in the ice — try cucumbers or herbs or fruit!

One week until the first day of Spring. We’re looking forward to drinks on the deck with family and friends, fresh flowers and sunshine. 

With the warm weather on it’s way, its the perfect time to show off our latest Fave Find: Spring Haven. We love the blue cushions, but they can easily be swapped with one of 14 other colors. And since it’s not sold as a box set, it’s easy to pick the pieces that work best with your space. Two chairs on a patio? No problem. A rocker for the front porch? You got it. A giant sectional for a big family? Absolutely. You can see why we’re crushing hard on Spring Haven.