Malcolm Reed reluctantly tearing his attention away from his PADD at lunchtime in order to appear personable and sociable

Malcolm Reed misunderstanding and/or completely missing social cues and then blushing beet red a minute later when he realizes he screwed up (again)

Malcolm Reed pausing for a couple of seconds before responding to a question bc it takes him just a little more time to put together the right words to say

Malcolm Reed being surprised when his friends show him affection bc he knows he doesn’t make friends easily

Malcolm Reed, at the end of the day, going to his quarters to (finally) be alone, losing himself in a book, finding the solitude precious and ultimately preferring it to the company of any other human being

neuroatypical Malcolm Reed


Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy M.D.  ~The Original~

The Metaphoric glue that keeps the trio together. This over reacting emotional, metaphor spouting, beautiful man is what helps balance the two very volatile and opposing forces that are Kirk and Spock. Without Bones it doesn’t work. His phobia’s and constant complaint’s amuse but at the end of the day his is an amazing doctor who will do anything for his friends.

DeForest Kelley was an amazing actor. For having a background in spaghetti westerns he played a feisty space doctor. He could have me in stitches or tears with just a glance. Thank you DeForest Kelley your brilliance will never fade.

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How many Star Trek specific ways are there that people have killed other people in the Trek universe?

My Dad and I are making Star Trek Cluedo (Clue for Americans) and are trying to figure out different weapons, so this isn’t a weird question I swear.

We already have: Phaser, Bat’leth, Hypospray (full of poison? idk), Transporter, Tribble Bomb, and are currently thinking Genetically Engineered Virus of some kind? 

I’m already gonna spend tomorrow looking through my Trek Encyclopaedia and Memory Alpha, but thought, y’know, I’d get the wider Tumblr Trekkie community involved :P

Yes, I will post pics once I’m done and let you know how I did it ;)

ENT 4X17 "Bound"


I need backup for this one . Like, remember "The Perfect Mate"? How it’s got serious issues, but at least Crusher is there to call out Jean-Luc and raise important questions about power, choice and consent?

"Bound" doesn’t have that! T’Pol is the closest thing we get to a voice of reason and ethics and it’s so muted that it barely counts.

I’m watching this episode and I’m like…


So I’m calling on my imaginary feminist sidekick, Doctor Crusher, to help me with the response to this episode.


All right, Bev. Here’s what’s going on. Enterprise runs into some Orions and Archer, Reed and two other guys go over to the ship for some reluctant diplomacy. Or so they think. 

After a meal, the Captain (Harrad) brings in three scantily-clad, green-skinned dancing slave girls, with the line, “If the food didn’t arouse your hunger, this should.”

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Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy ~Reboot Version~

Karl Urban is Bones. He has the eyebrows the metaphors, and yes the over reactions.  His portrayal doesn’t take anything away from the original, if anything it is reminiscent of DeForest Kelley without being a joke. And that I think sounds very difficult. I lived in fear of the reboot but for this character in particular, because Bones is way more complicated and important than people may think, metaphorical glue seems like it could be difficult. Karl Urban did an awesome job, he is not just a pretty face this guy has skills.

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