My friend gave me a TARDIS and I just had a lot of Doctor Who feelings yesterday and so these happened.

I’m also officially done with white and black nail polish. Never again will I buy it when I have perfectly fine acrylics that have more paint and cost less. And I won’t go through entire bottles in less than a month.

I drew this forever ago; I didn’t color it because I don’t like the way it turned out, but I thought I would post it anyway because I really enjoy the idea of them working through their height difference.

And legs.


Announcing the My Little Pony PONIES VS. VILLAINS Design Contests!

Get ready, every pony, and show us your creativity and your love of My Little Pony in our latest contest… make that TWO contests! We have two separate contests now open for the MLP heroic characters (Ponies), as well as those Villains we love to watch make mayhem! Enter your designs NOW through May 7th!

Enter the PONIES Design Contest: Special Guest judges Tara Strong and Nicole Oliver!!

Enter the VILLAINS Design Contest: Special Guest Judge Jim Miller & second judge TBA!!

Good luck, every pony! :D

when he comes to you, it leaves trails of blood
across the white snow,
across the frozen forest;
you always thought you’d be the last one fighting,
but it will be he who finds you,
he who runs from his foxhole without thinking,
hooks his arms under yours,
and does not know that his own blood
will create a trail to follow.

come on. come on.
dragging the blood across the clean white snow,
washed out with that other man’s blood, and his, and his.
the medics will wonder what is his
and what belongs to you,
but it ceases belonging to you
the moment he lifts you up.

there is no grave prepared for you,
not yet;
he doesn’t hear the explosions rocking the forest,
only your cries for help.
he came here with you and he’s going to leave with you,
even if all that’s left is packages sent home
to your mothers.

you remember him always near you:
arm hooked around yours as you stumbled up the mountain;
head on the bunk opposite yours as the atlantic
stretched itself between home and your waiting triumph,
when the only thing you left unsaid but understood
was that not even the world consumed by smoke and fire
could be enough to keep you from finding each other.

now, still clinging to his shoulders
as the shrapnel lands around you,
this is the closest you will ever be to any human,
the point at which the glory of brothers in arms
ceases as quickly as the exploding shells
and all you’re left with is the quiet, bloody heartache
of the open mouths that no crying can escape from.

he knew the pain before he ran to you
not what it was but that it was,
and it is with you like a third body
as he carries you through the white snow
and the red snow where the trail is still wet,
and he holds onto you when the trees
come crashing down,
and then he understands it.

—  lay us side by side, © caroline k (please don’t repost/use without permission)

look what i submitted to the homestuck welovefine design contest woop (the aranea one is an old drawing i drew back in september and the other three i drew specifically for this thing)

i dont expect to win of course, this is all for fun and its awesome just thinking that really great people will see this (kind of like sending fanart to [celebrity], and knowing for sure they’ll see it !!!)

also i’ll be posting quite a bit of this once rating is open so be warned! 

Heya! I entered this contest held by CW South Florida with my HTTYD2 Hiccup Cosplay and I’d really appreciate it if y'all voted for me! You can vote once a day (either by making an account or logging in via facebook) starting today and ending on the 29th, and it would mean a lot to me to get as many votes as possible! I’d appreciate it if anyone could help spread the word around and vote!

The picture and the link above both link to the voting page. C:


In honor of nearly reaching 700 followers, I’ve decided to hold my own tumblr awards! The categories are as follows…

Best Icon
Best URL
Best Description/Sidebar
Best Theme
Best Content
Most Likely To Reach 10k
Most Likely To Succeed In Tumblr
Best Tumblr Author
Best Tumblr Artist

Must be following me: awkward-fallen-demon-in-221b.

Inbox me with what category you’d like to enter. (Best art and writing entries must submit a sample of their work).

Happy Entering!

Yeeehaw, Amy M, your apple-pickin’-awesome photo is our first place winner in the January 2013 Fan Photo Contest! $50 & her photo featured on our home page for a month! The winners were just announced; head HERE to see who took the second and third place!

The February 2013 Fan Photo Contest is now closed for submissions but OPEN for ratings, tell us which are your favorites to WIN!  Also, if you want to enter YOUR photo, head HERE for the March 2013 Fan Photo Contest, now open!


600+ Follower Contest! Christmas brings some new arrivals!

Tis’ the season for baby ponies! And yes, they’ll be uber adorable! I won’t stick to a format, I’ll change the scene from pone to pone!

Also, there is a story post tonight as well, PLEASE LOOK AT IT TOO! DON’T LET THIS OVERSHADOW IT, PLEASE!