It is what it says on the tin. Thank you very much to the brilliant billie piper for being the best ever edit person! Yes she made this beauty!

• rules

  • must be following charlie (i do check!)
  • reblog this post to be entered (likes → you will be exterminated)
  • there will be one winner and two runner ups (more may be added based on number of entries)
  • must reach 300 notes or sherlock series four is cancelled (joking….)
  • ends august 30th, results posted on august 31st
  • will last from september 1st through november 30th

• what im looking for 

  • an active blogger who is nice and friendly to their followers
  • a clean theme with a good color scheme
  • nice url and icon
  • a navigation page and tagging system is handy but not needed

• winner receives 

  • +a group promo announcing you’ve won
  • + follow (if not already)
  • +a link in my updates tab for the whole season
  • +unlimited promos for the entire season (upon request)
  • +random promos on blog rates, tumblr awards, etc
  • +fan fic head canons for any ship in any fandom we are in
  • +help with anything you need
  • +all my love and  maybe some pizza…maybe 

• runner ups receives •

  • +a group promo announcing you’ve won
  • +an symbol link in my updates tab for the whole season
  • +up to seven promos for the entire season (upon request)
  • +even more love…maybe some pizza

may the odds be ever in your favour!

Welcome to my first ever solo tumblr awards, in celebration to me hitting 8k followers holy cow!! Thank you guys so much! So, to celebrate, I want to see who is really the best of the best here! So enter, and have a perfect rest of your day chicken nuggets! -Banna


Must be following Banna (that’s me!)

Reblog this post! (Like do not count, but you can use for bookmarks!) Post has to reach at least 30 reblogs

Must be a fandom/multifandom blog, sorry.

One winner and one runner up for each category. (if this gets more than 100 notes, I’ll double the winners!)

Contest ends at 12am MT on August 31st, 2014, and winners will be announced soon after.


The Stilinski Award -Best URL

The Queen Lydia Award - Best Theme

The Scotty Mccall Award - Best Icon

The Mellissa Mccall Award - Best Edits / Creations

The Mockingjay Award - Best Hunger Games*

The Ferris Wheel Award - Best Divergent*

The Support Group Award - Best TFIOS/John Green*

The Seaweed Brain Award - Best PJO/HOO*

The Beacon County Award - Best Multifandom 

The True Alpha Award - Best Overall

The Derek Hale Award - Banna’s Favorite

The Greenberg Award - Random Winner

*must have a significant number of entries in order to be added

P R I Z E S (winners)

a follow from me (if I don’t already)

unlimited promos upon request through out the month.

link to your blog on a winner’s page

graphic/icon/ficlet on any character/ship/show/movie upon request

i’ll reblog all your selfies

friendship (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

P R I Z E S (runner up)

a follow from me (if I don’t already)

three promos upon request through out the month.

link to your blog on a winner’s page

icon on any character/ship upon request

i’ll reblog all your selfies too man

friendship (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

Hello and welcome to Emily and Becca’s Tumblr Awards! This is a real treat for you guys and therefore you should all enter


  • Most Fabulous URL
  • The Most Lovely Blogger We Have Ever Met
  • Most Spectacular Theme
  • Most Quality Sherlock
  • The Greatest Doctor Who
  • Most Impressive Multifandom
  • To Die For Posts
  • Emily’s Favourite
  • Becca’s Favourite
  • Blogger Supreme
  • Anything Else We Feel Like Adding


  • Must (must) reblog this post
  • You can like this to keep track of it, but only reblogs will count as an entry
  • Must reach hella notes
  • Must be following both of us
  • Must be able to juggle and sing your national anthem simultaneously while riding a unicycle
  • Must have a Tumblr blog
  • Must have an internet connection
  • No alternative prizes are available, and this is a non-refundable occurence.
  • Ends 20th July


  • Winners get +follows from both of us, and promos and graphics and anything you want really and you’ll have a space on our blogs
  • Runner-ups get +follows and a couple of promos on request

Ok that’s it GO GO GO!

What im looking for 
  • a lovely theme
  • great posts
  • nice blogger
  • preferably fandom blogs (doesn’t have to be Sherlock!)
Winners will receive:
  • A link in my updates tab for month
  • promos whenever you wish (but like be reasonable)
  • a follow back (if not already following)
  • my eternal love
  • mbf me (i will check)
  • this closes on 1st June
  • mayyyybe enter my tumblr awards 
  • Reblogs only, likes do not count
  • i will choose 4 winners for places on my updates tab
  • i might do runners up, we’ll see
  • Must reach a decent amount of notes (like 20 would be nice, or this never happened)