Two more peautiful parasite so-to-speak-comics. This time it’s for Leishmania major (Leishmaniosis) and Entamoeba histolytica (erm… amoebiasis/dysentery). I drew both for learning reasons, as well as this one about Trypanosoma brucei and cruzi: http://cirolana.tumblr.com/post/43476269827/trypanosoma-brucei-and-cruzi-those-parasites-with and this one about general molecular parasitology aspects: http://cirolana.tumblr.com/post/43343364097/last-winter-i-learned-a-lot-about-parasitology

Gut-Eating Amoeba Caught In Action

A gut-eating amoeba (green) nibbles on a live human cell (purple) under the microscope. The parasite chews on the cell before killing and discarding it.

This nasty gut-eating amoeba can wreak havoc in your intestinal tract and cause a dreadful case of food poisoning that may last months or years. Now scientists have figured out how this amoeba makes us sick. Its tactics are more nefarious than we thought.

The single-cell animal bites off tiny chunks of intestine, chews on them for a while and then spits them out. That’s right, folks, the little parasites — called Entamoeba histolytica — don’t even have the courtesy to kill your cells before they take a bite. They don’t even digest the parts they eat.

Credit: Michaeleen Doucleff/NPR

Greetings from Paris.
I met alot of doctors and professors which specialise in Entamoeba and parasitology today.
I feel like such a little fish in a huge amoeba soup.

Also I should be the first to sequence Entamoeba histolytica using SMRT sequencing and therefore should be able to finally achieve an unfragmented reference genome. And basically every Doctor, professor and post doc in the Entamoeba field us waiting for this. Not much pressure right? But I’m so excited to be part of something that’s never being done before and should help a lot of scientists in further research.

I’m so fortunate to have access to this breakthrough method of sequencing as there’s only a handful of SMRT sequencing machines in the world and only three in Britain. Like wow, just wow.

Need some help fellow studyblrs!

In my medical science class I am starting to study ecology, which requires me to know a lot of parasites. I’m fine with knowing what the parasites are, but I’m looking for tips on how to remember complex words.

Complex probably isn’t the right word, but I’m struggling to remember words like trichomonas, and entamoeba histolytica. I’ll have to learn a lot of names, so if anybody has any tips please shout out!