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the hidden wardrobe of kelis by giselle defares

Only recently I witnessed the magnetism of Kelis. Sure, I bopped along to “Milkshake” and ”Bossy,” but I never delved deeper into the artist. Procrastination - or should I say utter boredom – let me into the dark abyss of YouTube videos. I found the dance scenes from Honey – the only high point in Jessica Alba’s career – and that was the point of no return. From there, I started to look for the cheesy videos of Sean Paul. One thing led to another and I stumbled upon “Trick Me” of Kelis. Here was an artist with a strong self-image who didn’t put on airs to be anything other than she really is. Or does she?

When I think of Kelis, authenticity comes to mind. Yeah, the word is flung around when it comes to most artists. What does it really entail? It’s often linked to the persona they show the world. The etymological definition of authenticity, or authentikos in ancient Greek is ‘ to refer to a first cause or origin.’ In other words, the pure form is not influenced and therefore valuable. The weight that is put upon artists to be authentic is quite paradoxical when you look at our digitally networked society which is dominated by constants streams of information, mass production and consumerism. However, when you look at the illusion of authenticity – of artists- and the inevitable tendency of conformism perhaps there is no such thing possible. Is authenticity then still applicable when it comes to the artist Kelis?

There is a sharp dichotomy between artificiality and authenticity. Is the opposition between the two even real? How can you define music and the artist as authentic since its literal artificial. It’s essentially work – the music and the persona - created by the artist itself. Perhaps authenticity can be seen as an important yet dispensable theme. As an artist, Kelis seems authentic, because she transforms her style in a constant manner. Like Kelis, we can always define who we are and we can always reinvent ourselves. Kelis uses fashion as a form of expression, it’s her tool with which she is able to reveal her ambivalent feelings and tensions. In the end, does it really matter? The dichotomy between the artist and the persona can easily coexist.

Original, creative, curious: all words that describe Kelis’ body of work. She brings her fusion of music and style to a new generation with her latest album “Food”. The New York born R&B singer has been around for a while. Her beginnings in Harlem, NY perhaps explain her resistance to conformity. Kelis has a creative ethos with which she experiments, invents and transforms herself. That’s her core. In 1999, she broke out with her fabulous curly colorful mane in her first video “Caught Out There”. She has unleashed five albums, full of gems, where her sultry, raspy voice perfectly aligns with her dreamy r&b music. In her album “Food”, she combines her love of music with her love for cooking - she trained as a chef at Le Cordon Blue - and named her songs after her favorite dishes, such as the lead single “Jerk Ribs.” The multi talent even has her own show on the Cooking Channel Saucy and Sweet, that follows her life in and out of the kitchen.

In her web series Wardrobe Junkies Kelis gives us a peek - an episode is approximately two minutes- into her massive vintage (designer) closet. Her clothing choices over the years seemed chaotic and irrational but nevertheless fashionable and innovative. Fashion and style can contribute towards individual freedom and in principle do not have to be coherent in their ambiguity. The enjoyable web series shows the contradictions and tensions in the wardrobe of an eccentric artist.

Let’s all succumb to the vintage power of Kelis.

Watch her series Wardrobe Junkies here

This is how the realities of migrant labourers in the Gulf are concealed: 

South Asian men are typically labourers who build the large buildings, elaborate homes, and sprawling malls for the wealthy, while they themselves live in terrible conditions. They have come here, to this artificial paradise, to support their families back home but are withheld pay from their employers and suffer abuse at the hands of these very people who refuse to pay them. They are transported from camp site to construction site in big white buses, you can clearly see the blue of their uniforms. There is no light in their eyes despite the ferocious sun they work under every day. 

Maids come here and are often tricked into thinking they will work reception jobs, or cashier jobs, and even those who are aware that they will come here to become a maid, have not been informed of the reality that position entails. You live with the family. And then they own you for as long as your contract, which are of a minimum a year, is valid. Own is not a light word, nor is it an exaggeration. What else do you call a poor woman who lives with a family whose passport is taken away until contract is finished, who the family controls? They control when she sleeps. When she eats. What jobs to do. Whether or not you decide to pay her. There is no governmental regulations in place to protect these women, so you can only depend on the hearts of the family to not abuse her. Sexual abuse at the hands of employees, health complications resulting from being under constant duress, overwhelming racism, the psychological effects that result from being in a foreign land and not being able to speak language or know anyone or anywhere to seek justice, the unimaginable helplessness, etc., these are all faced by these women and men - what they have in common is class and nationality as justification for the crimes committed against them.

There is no one to go to with these complaints. You complain and you are promptly deported. All of this goes on in camps far away from where residents live, or in homes isolated from any possibility of intrusion from others. There is an essential level of alienation present in order to preserve the silence. Companies and families have created their own worlds where they can carry out any and every injustice and have it never make it to the press, because news is censored and the stifling of a population’s rage is the key to maintaining the peace. Rage always births political dissidence, and that is the enemy. 

In public spheres migrant labourers are rendered invisible, no longer human. This is why Khaleeji women do not wear hijab in front of South Asian men, because ‘I will never marry him’. This is why maids sit away from the family in restaurants and food courts, in uniforms that clearly state their occupations. You create this world separate from the primary world of the populous, and all injustices they face become as fairy tale, as fantasy, as the rich cities that exploded from the desert and into the sky. 

I’ll be a little sad if battles aren’t a part of these new contests (fingers crossed!), but if they introduce genuine challenges with these new appeals and other stuff like designing outfits, etc, I think I would ultimately be okay with that (since we don’t know yet completely what these new contests entail). They did a lot with Dawn when it came to struggling with appeals, so seeing them focus on that with these new appeals to showcase them seems possible (using Dawn again with her struggles as a pokestylist, I can see that showing challenges as well). As long as Serena has a competable goal where she struggles to overcome continuous challenges, is winning something, bonds genuinely with her pokemon and has rivals who influence her, that’s what’s most important to me in the end.

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is there any daddy kink fics?

I’ve seen a couple of definitions floating around for what this means. Usually it isn’t really something I’m into and honestly I’m not entirely sure of what it actually entails.

But maybe try these Ao3 tags will get you what you want?

Also if the Dom/sub thing is what you’re looking for we have a BDSM tag and then separate tags for Dom!Charles and subErik (though weirdly, none the other way around as of yet though I’m sure I’ve read some)

The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography Seeks Fiction Stories for Annual Issue - Pays 6 cents/word


The editors of Unlikely Story (est. 2011) are seeking fiction stories with cryptography as the theme for a special annual cyberpunk-focused magazine called The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography.

Editors Bernie Mojzes and A.C. Wise are open to all fiction genres: speculative, modern, sensational, surrealistic, non-traditional, etc. All stories must focus centrally on Information Technology as the main theme

Read More

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I don't even watch teen wolf but I ship Stydia because of all your posts! Idk. From what I know of the show they seem kinda cute together ^.^

I feel so, so bad for all of the blogs that follow me and don’t watch Teen Wolf. I just recently started watching it (within the past six months?) and so many people didn’t sign up for this. But thank you for saying that! And thank you for sticking with me.

Stydia is fantastic because of the character development that it entails. Season one Lydia is unrecognizable to the Lydia that we see now— she is kinder, and gentler, and freer to be herself. Even the way that she presents herself is different; Lydia doesn’t wear too much makeup anymore and her outfits are, while still stylish, more relaxed. She is so much more comfortable in her skin. She didn’t love Stiles for many years, but they have recently become friends and it’s easy to see that she is falling for him. She was just beginning to reconcile herself to that (you can see it at the end of 3B) when Malia (Lavender) came into the situation to deter it. 

And then there’s Stiles, who has had a crush on Lydia from episode one. Back then, he fancied himself in love with her, but that was more puppy-love. The love that it has grown into, via friendship, is a truer, stronger sense of love. He isn’t just in love with her appearance or the idea finding out who she is outside of what she shows the world. He is in love with the reality of her. WHICH IS AWESOME AND ALSO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. It shows maturity. 

Also, they’re really the only ones in the group that have “passive powers” (so to speak) but they’re also almost the most powerful, in that. And they fuel off of each other. They figure stuff out by feeding off of each other’s intelligence. 

But right now, Lydia thinks that he doesn’t love her because he’s with Malia (like I said, Lavender Brown situation) and Stiles thinks that she doesn’t want him and is trying to move on from her because he has absolutely no idea that she cares about him so much. 

Maybe they’ll never be canon, but I think they’re perfect for each other and they’re giving me a lot of feels. 


At 13, Balkissa Chaibou walked to the center and asked to hide out until her father and uncle agreed not to marry her to a middle aged man in Nigeria. Balkissa, studious, poised and driven beyond her years, had little understanding of what marriage entailed beyond an end to her schooling and a new life far away from her mother.

As one of 18 siblings, her French-speaking classroom was the place where she stood out, felt seen and understood. When—at 12—her uncle first announced he’d found a husband for her, she reasoned that the only solution to the “problem” was to become the top student in her class—male or female. Then, she believed, the principal would tell her parents she had to finish.

Her mother Hausa, the third and youngest of three wives who had come from Mali illiterate and unable to speak the tribal language, was the first to be swayed by her daughter’s tireless campaign. She counseled Balkissa to be patient and said it was her mantra—having spent the past 16 years verbally and physically taunted for being light-skinned and “a witch.”

Balkissa, the spitting image of her mother, adhered to her wishes until her patience ran out. When her uncle and father persisted, she ran away to the SOS shelter where one of the counselors reached out to the principal of her school and together and the three drew up a document for her father and uncle to sign stating that they would not marry her.

Read more from Pulitzer Center grantee Jennifer Koons’s project: Less Is More in Niger.

John Watson is not only easy to please, he is pleased to be easy.

The latest instance of ‘easy’ consisted of, at Sherlock’s request, sitting naked on the sofa reading a paper while wearing these boots.

What Sherlock got up to on the other side of that paper John was forbidden to see but it entailed a great many alluring noises, a long relieved sigh, and then John Watson being tugged to the floor and quite resoundingly—and easily—pleased.

Shoe: Carven Mahogany Two Tone Monk Strap Boot

considering calling all the people i’m in any sort of relationship with Comrades or some variation in order to distinguish them from typical friendships and Dating Relationships by blurring the lines entirely and having what a relationship with a person entails just vary from person to person in the name of relationship anarchy

beer was actually palatable with adrenaline in her system, helaine found out that night, sitting at a crowded table pressed between blackwall and dorian. she normally refused to drink what they offered in skyhold’s tavern, but this was something of a special occasion. dragon slaying was always a special occasion.

a laugh bubbled up from her gut at one of sera’s jokes, her cheeks alight and hands curled around the massive tankard the elf shoved at her just before. even worldly as she was, she didn’t understand bits and pieces of the story, though she did flush a darker shade of red at what it might entail. the details didn’t matter; the warm hum in her veins mattered. the ache in her muscles mattered. the weight of blackwall’s hand resting at the small of her back—

helaine hiccuped, mouth pressed against the rim of the tankard, and leaned closer to him. her eyes traveled the long way around the table- to sera, to harding, to cassandra- before finally meeting his. they were dark, but they glittered, and she didn’t think twice before resting her head on his shoulder.

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Your are right about the full time stuff. But when were Tina and Artie ever really a focus. You can't compare Tina, Artie with Kurt. And you can't compare Jenna, Kevin (as much as I love them) to Chris. However, I can see Kurt getting the season 4 treatment. As in he gets a storyline but its not extensive and he's there to support Rachel. I hope not b.c. that irked me back then but it can happen. Still I think Kurt will be given something significant to do.

I hope Kurt will be given something significant to do that entails individual and joint screen time with Blaine.

To do. To do something, to do good, to make water, to make time, action in all of its possibilities. But behind all action there was a protest, because all doing meant leaving from in order to arrive at, or moving something so that it would be here and not there, or going into a house instead of not going in or instead of going into the one next door; in other words, every act entailed the admission of a lack, of something not yet done and which could have been done, the tacit protest in the face of continuous evidence of a lack, of a reduction, of the inadequacy of the present moment. To believe that action could crown something, or that the sum total of actions could really be a life worthy of the name was the illusion of a moralist. It was better to withdraw, because withdrawal from action was the protest itself and not its mask.
—  Julio Cortázar — from Hopscotch trans. Gregory Rabassa
~*Can You Not*~

Ugh oh my goodness gracious. So how about we stop trying to make bi people side in as either gay or straight, because LET’S GET THIS CORRECT, and as their sexual identity entails, THEY.
Just because I reblog pictures of lesbian couples does not mean I’m lesbian. Conversely, just because I reblog a pic of a straight couple dOES NOT MERIT YOU TEXTING ME SAYING “OH WAIT SO YOU’RE STRAIGHT NOW???”. I know some people cannot wrap their tiny minds around the concept that you can like two different things in different ways, BUT PLEASE, SINCE YOU’RE SUCH THE EXPERT, EXPLAIN TO ME HOW IM DOING THIS WRONG. Oh wait, that’s right. You have absolutely no knowledge about bisexuals other than what you see in porn. Awesome. Cause that’s such an accurate way to base information.

So please feel free to shove that ignorant bullshit up you ass, and hopefully as you taste it for the second time around, you’ll realize how disgusting and bitter your words can be.


How to make clouds indoors: The art of Berndnaut Smilde

Of course, recreating a cloud and all the physical elements that go along with it is an act that requires meticulous planning entailing carefully controlling the temperature and humidity levels of the room, constantly moistening the air inside it and adjusting the lighting to create a dramatic and realistic effect. When the room conditions are ideal, a fog machine unleashes a dense mist that appears heavy and damp, just like a real life raincloud. Floating proudly in the middle of the oddest of spaces, they last for only a few brief moments before dissipating into thin air.

In fact, very few people have actually seen Berndnaut Smilde's work in person. As short-lived as a summer storm, his whimsical clouds live only to exist in photographic form. Somewhere in-between reality and representation, the beauty of a fleeting haze is captured on a print that becomes the only medium to prove that they ever in fact existed. Building on awe and disbelief, it is this highly ephemeral nature of theirs that makes them so special, as if they were another urban myth that one has yet to witness but still fervently believes.