BOTTLE FAME, BREW GLORY:  Favourite Book/Movie Appearance → Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone
↳“You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses… I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death — if you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.” 

The US government’s web of surveillance is vast and interconnected. Now we know just how opaque, inefficient and discriminatory it can be.

As we were reminded again just this week, you can be pulled into the National Security Agency’s database quietly and quickly, and the consequences can be long and enduring. Through ICREACH, a Google-style search engine created for the intelligence community, the NSA provides data on private communications to 23 government agencies. More than 1,000 analysts had access to that information.

This kind of data sharing, however, isn’t limited to the latest from Edward Snowden’s NSA files. It was confirmed earlier this month that the FBI shares its master watchlist, the Terrorist Screening Database, with at least 22 foreign governments, countless federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, plus private contractors.

The watchlist tracks “known” and “suspected” terrorists and includes both foreigners and Americans. It’s also based on loose standards and secret evidence, which ensnares innocent people. Indeed, the standards are so low that the US government’s guidelines specifically allow for a single, uncorroborated source of information – including a Facebook or Twitter post – to serve as the basis for placing you on its master watchlist.

Of the 680,000 individuals on that FBI master list, roughly 40% have “no recognized terrorist group affiliation”, according to the Intercept. These individuals don’t even have a connection – as the government loosely defines it – to a designated terrorist group, but they are still branded as suspected terrorists.


They struggle silently—a heel clicks, a gun cocks, a lip curls. 
"See you in Hell, babe."

And they say romance is dead.



  1. I Remember You (feat. Mickey Dripping), Mikhael Paskalev.
  2. Boom Boom, The Animals.
  3. Devil in Disguise, Elvis Presley.
  4. There is a Light that Never Goes Out, The Smiths.
  5. Neon Bible, The Arcade Fire.
  6. With Your Suit and Tie On, Marvin Gaye vs. Justin Timberlake.
  7. Partition, Beyoncé.
  8. One More Night, Maroon 5.
  9. Cornerstone (rare acoustic version), Arctic Monkeys.
  10. I’m on Fire, Bruce Springsteen.
  11. Rolled Together, The Antlers.
  12. Kinda Outta Luck, Lana del Rey.
  13. Love Lockdown, Kanye West.
  14. Hanna vs. Marissa, The Chemical Brothers.
  15. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Nina Simone.

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A Thousand Years| Loki & Brit

She didn’t expect this, that was for sure. All the girl wanted was to pass her exams and transfer over to Cambridge. Leave America and the stupidity of her old life behind. However it seemed that life always had something in her way.

Brittany walked down the cold beach in Manhattan and sighed to herself, her eyes looking around at the night sky. That was when she saw him, a tall stranger in the dark. It was out of her character to say hello, she was more of a keep to yourself girl. But here she was, walking towards him, drawn in a sense. “Beautiful night, isn’t?”

sparkling with life enough for double his centuries

"desire was an old acquaintance that he’d forgotten could exist in his lifetime, but Belle was fresh and green and sparkling with life enough for double his centuries." 
- ‘ensnared’

a rumbelle mix inspired by A Crown of Roses, by marchionessofblackadder on ao3.


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