morrisonmanning said:

Minfic Prompt: Clone club doing all things Halloween, trick or treating with Kira, eating candy, and watcing movies together.

might i suggest

Cosima’s on the floor next to Helena, trying to stop Kira from swindling Sarah’s sister out of all of the good candy (“Helena, you can’t trade a Tootsie Roll for a Snickers, that’s just a recipe for sadness”) and Sarah watches them, a fond smile tugging up the corner of her mouth. Behind her, at the front door, Alison and Tony are taking turns handing out candy; right now it’s Tony’s turn, and Sarah can hear him exclaiming over some kid’s costume, doing werewolf growls.

"Busy night!" chirps Alison, having moved away from the door (no awkward twin stories) to stand next to Sarah, but she’s glowing from some Halloween high, the joy of well-done decorations and escorting your shrieking children from door to door; she beams at Sarah and Sarah smiles back, thanking the powers that be again for her family.

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Romanian folk costume has remained relatively unchanged and continues to be worn for festival occasions. The basic model for women consists of an embroidered blouse and skirt, belt, head scarf, and often a vest or jacket. As in many cultures, embroidery is placed at “vulnerable” areas of the body: the neck, cuffs, and hem, but also at the shoulders and sleeves as a symbol of strength. This example of a full festival costume is striking in the variation of blue tones and abundant embroidery. The coordination of the various components is symbolic of the pride and care given to folk traditions in Romanian culture.