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how would an ancap society fix the problem of poverty?

This is another question I got that I never noticed.  I’ve been slacking lately. 

Sorry about that. 

How does a statist society solve poverty?  Not very well.  Statism uses the power of the state to enrich the already rich and powerful while keeping the poor in poverty. 

The only thing that solves poverty is technology. 

You should search the Malthusian trap.  It wasn’t until the industrial revolution and the advent of technology that people came out of poverty. 

The poor today live better than the kings and queens of the 17th and 18th century. 

Poverty was in a vast decline until the state started intervening more and more into the economy.  If the state never intervened into the economy and we had an actual free market I would be willing to bet poverty would be as rare as “some analogy that is extremely rare.”

Creating A Ferret Room

It can be really fun creating a playroom for your ferret, but you need to be sure they will be safe whilst they play.

  • Make sure the room is ferret proofed. Get down on your hands and knees and make sure there are no holes they can squeeze in to or things they could climb up and fall off hurting themselves.
  • Some ferrets are chewers, some are not. Be careful of any electrical leads in the room.
  • Litter trays! I usually try and put litter trays or puppy pads in most corners to avoid any accidents. They may still happen, but should be less frequent this way.

Once you have done all that you can start to add things to your room.

  • Cardboard boxes are always good for ferrets. You can add crumpled up paper, biodegreadable packing chips (As long as your ferret doesn’t eat them) or even ping pong balls for them to play in.
  • Dig boxes are another ferret favourite, but they can be messy. You can fill a box with dirt, dry beans or dry rice for them to have a dif about in. There are lots of tutorials online to show you how to do this the least messy way.
  • Tunnels, tunnels and more tunnels! Most ferrets love tunnels, so fill your room with them! There are ferret specific tunnels you can get online, but I use an assortment of small plastic tubes, tumble dryer tubes (I make sure to cover the sharp wire end with something so they don’t accidentally stab themselves) and aluminium duct tubing. There are loads of choices out there, your best bet is to visit your local DIY shop.
  • Hammocks and Nesting Boxes are a great way to provide somewhere for your fuzzies to relax when they aren’t running about. I hang hammocks underneath my coffee table using small hooks, but you could add them inside shelving or anywhere that has a covering really! Nesting boxes just need to be a dark enclosed box with something soft inside. At the moment my ferrets are using a cardboard box with the lid taped shut.
  • Toys! Ferret toys are more widely available, but it can be very hit or miss whether your fuzzies will actually play with them. My ferrets like to stash teddies, so I make sure there are no small parts and I check them every day to ensure they aren’t eating them. Dangly cat toys are another good one and baby toys can be great, just make sure they can’t chew them as they could cause blockages.

Here is my ferret room, but it changes every week to keep things fresh.



Keep reminding yourself that you’re not dieting, you’re living. Missing the gym to see your friends, eating that chocolate you’re craving - you’re not ruining your progress, you’re enriching your days with stories and experiences.
—  Sian

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How do you feel about outdoor dogs kept on leashes or in fences? Honestly I hate leashes but I figured a fence might be okay. By my neighbors let their two tiny dogs run all over the neighborhood, and they have a big dog that's always chained up outside and I NEVER see them go play with it. Ever.

Keeping dogs outdoor 24/7 is cruel, especially when they’re kept on a leash or chain. Rarely in these cases is proper shelter and enrichment provided, and these poor dogs often incite complaints from neighbors due to excessive howling and general loudness due to boredom.


Tax Avoidance.

Why suddenly such a big deal?  Halliburton relocated to Dubai in 2007.  ”Between 2000 and 2011, the U.S. experienced a net loss of 46 Fortune Global 500 company headquarters,”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/01/study-high-us-corporate-tax-rate-hinders-growth-drives-jobs-overseas/#ixzz3BXEmLtWs

Maybe we should just set up an “In Country” earnings tax as many other countries do.  In Ireland for example, countries cheat by not earning or keeping the money in country and as they have few to no employees, they don’t care if there are roads or other services.


The companies are only out to enrich themselves in a short term, they don’t care about 20 years down the road.  It is a modern “Rape and Pillage” system right out of the fall of Rome.


Following on from my previous ferret room post, here are some other ferret rooms*.

They will give you an idea of what you can do to enrich your ferrets day to day life. As mentioned earlier ferrets don’t like things to stay the same so it’s important to change things up. I have a box under the cage and every week I change what toys they have in their cage and in the ferret room.

*None of these images are mine, they were found using google images. If any of these are your images and you want me to remove them, just let me know.

The Coptic and Syriac Orthodox churches have a long common history. They are two of the oldest churches of Christianity, with large literatures in Greek, Syriac, Coptic, and later in Arabic. They shared the Roman hegemony.—not only the entanglements of Roman law, but also imperial persecutions. They benefited from the Greek paideia. They were intellectually enriched by having their patriarchal residences and presence in cities that were hubs of the cultural and commercial centers of the Roman Empire, i.e. the cities of Alexandria and Antioch.
—  Taken from “Coptic-Syriac relations beyond dogmatic rhetoric” by Lois Farag

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What is your opinion of feminists? Are you an MRA?

I am not a talented enough writer to adequately express the true depth of my respect for feminists*. Intersectional feminism is the most inspiring and powerful movement that I can think of, and I feel honoured to know as many feminists as I do, because they enrich my understanding of the world immeasurably.

MRAs, on the other hand, are heinous little whiny pissbabies who are selfish, hateful, and actively contributing to the violent subjugation of every marginalised group on the planet. I believe that for society to ever advance, MRAs must be totally scorned and dismissed as the hate group they are.

(* When I use the term ‘feminist,’ I do not refer to myself. The reason for this is that, given my privilege as a cisgender white male, I don’t believe it is appropriate or respectful to label myself as a feminist).

Playing Safe: A Season 6B (mis)Adventure, Part II

Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, CIA idiots.

Summary:  The CIA, who really ought to know better, have found the goodness in their heart of hearts to make the Doctor’s life a little easier.  Not only have they allowed him to bring Zoe on board, they have planned a series of utterly dull, character-enriching, harmless tasks for Gallifrey.

What can possibly go wrong?

Part II: The Plot Curdles, and so does the blood.

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Great enrichment afternoon…..We decided to hide bananas in the tree for the elephants to find….Thought it would be a 2 minute game, but they actually really had to think about it and spent a good 10 minutes each trying to find all of the bananas. Bandara gave up and thought it easier to just tear down the branch! Sneaky!

Nike flyknits 👍 I swear these make you run faster!😉 Running laps around the oval with my boy this afternoon!☀️Exercise is better with 2 👫💚

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I really hated seeing reviews about how Pacific Rim knew how dumb it was. I propose the opposite. The movie works because it doesn’t know how dumb it is. There are no winky asides pointing out how silly it is that they’re using giant robots to fight giant monsters. No one subverts the ridiculous names. No one groans when “Stacker Pentecost” tells people to go to the “Shatterdome” and go inside “Gipsy Danger”. It is nothing but a beacon of sincerity, and I have to respect that. I mean, yes, it’s a riff on a once allegorical sub-genre that kind of devolved into cheapness and fan wank, but Guillermo Del Toro, he’s no dummy. There’s a very pulpy, neon beauty to this movie. It’s a special effects triumph, sure, but it’s also kind of a story triumph. Swiftly drawn, unforgettable characters, grown out of archetype, but humanized beyond archetype. And it’s a more progressive movie than you’d expect of the Hollywood blockbuster. It’s not a unilateral force where there’s a problem and only ‘Murica can stop it. I liked that the story is truly a team effort, that everyone’s little contributions add up to save the day. It’s a smarter narrative than what I was expecting, and…screw it, I like seeing robots punch giant monsters.
—  Kyle Kallgren on Pacific Rim (x)