Shirin Aliabadi | Iran

Girls in Cars 1,3 & 4 | 2005 | Color photographic prints

Girls In Cars, a series of enlarged snapshots of Tehran girls stuck in traffic, clearly made-up to go to parties. Shirin explores the cracks that are created within monolithic socially oppressive systems by the emergence of small subcultures, specifically within Tehran.”

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In collaboration with the Association for Public Art.

The Thinker,” modeled 1880–81, enlarged 1902–04, cast 1919, by Auguste Rodin

Mercury in the ninth house - The In Mind Flight Individuals with natal Mercury in the ninth house look for a meaning of life in the mind. All aboard the brain they travel the heights of the pyramids and the halls of Eastern temples in aggressive curiosity. They apply an intellectual framework to the mysteries of the universe and enjoy theological, esoteric and psychological research. The mind here is ultra focused, penetrating and ravenous in the quest for answers. The individual typically enjoys conversing with foreigners and discussing politics, travel destinations, religion, cultures, philosophy and global subjects. Images of pilgrimages, Zen retreats, and Buddha festivals fill their dreams with universal laws and symbolism in the conscious undercurrent. Most of all, the individual is interested in enlarging his mental spectrum, accumulating knowledge and applying it to the mystical world around him. He may prolong his higher education studies for as long as possible, or a teach one of his beloved philosophical arts. Even if he evades institutional education, Ninth house Mercury people remain permanent students of life and committed to their one on one lessons with the earth teacher.

The ninth house is a search for meaning, and with mental Mercury flittering here, the individual may be drawn to psychiatric or psychological studies as a way to understand the people and the world around. He is likely to approach ‘God’ through a logical, mental framework and require an element of personal experience. Maybe he simply enjoys the study of divine sciences rather than adopting any belief for himself. Or he is enriched by the human element behind mythology, astrology and numerology because it provides an example of the beauty and meaning the mind can find amongst its surrounding chaos. He can easily comprehend abstract ideas and becomes restlessly inquisitive with the spiritual gurus sent along as unbeknown personal gurus. The individual may find himself unable to escape meeting celestially rich mentors, teachers, astrology symbolism, synchronicity or other occult figures acting as guides in their lifelong search. The divine speaks (Mercury) through the conversations these individuals have with others.

Mercury is in detriment in the expansive ninth house. With little pixie wings  here, the individual’s inner circle may provide the spiritual nourishment that we would normally associate with ninth house long distance travel and ritualistic assimilation. The library, lecture halls and Google books provide great sources of mental adventure, and his ultra receptive brain instantly turns this into otherworldly nectar. The individual may receive an abundance of celestial insight through meditation, esoteric research and thinking about the wonderful world in his vision. He typically delights sharing his insights on global issues and stimulates others with his broad ranging knowledge and imagination. With the messenger’s flight path directed right towards the mind, the synapses hold the heavenly mantlepiece and the inner light waits behind the eye.

There was a print on display at the grocery store - a prize for a charity raffle. It was the kind of thing that would look great over your imitation fireplace.

Something was… strange. I stopped and looked at it. The image was familiar - it was by a famous Canadian landscape artist. Why did it catch my eye?

I realized that I was looking at a photo of the painting that had been scanned from a book, enlarged, and then printed on canvas-textured paper.  The image had been filtered through at least five distinct duplication processes before it reached me.  They all added or subtracted something from the original.  It was thought provoking.

When Bombardier was developing the CRJ700, they were going to enlarge the CRJ200 wing with a six foot root insert and extend the leading edge forward 9% of the chord, this way much of the CRJ200’s wing structure could be used. But computational fluid dynamic analysis verified by wind tunnel testing showed the CRJ200 derived wing wasn’t going to work. A new clean sheet wing was created- this allowed the use of a supercritical airfoil, but its straight leading edge (compared with the compound sweep on the CRJ200) allowed for a three-position leading edge slat system for improved field performance to offset the increased weight. #Avgeek #aviation #aircraft #planeporn #dulles #KIAD #IAD #airport #planespotting #airlines #megaplane #instaplane #Bombardier #CRJ700 #UnitedExpress #instagramaviation #avgeekschoolofknowledge #N519LR #igaviationcontest #avgeekery

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You upload your qrs in a really tiny image size. It is /really/ frustrating trying to get my 3DS to read them. I open them up in a new tab and enlarge them and everything. Are tiny so that no one will steal credit for them....?

Actually they’re quite large files. If you actually save the picture to your computer you can then zoom right in to the QRs. It’s Tumblr that doesn’t let the pictures be shown full sized. Alternatively, if you have a smart phone or tablet you can zoom in on the pictures without saving them.
Now I understand you’re frustrated but it’s extremely rude to go round accusing people of things in a derogatory way. So to answer the accusation, no I don’t make the files tiny because I’m scared someone will “steal” them. They’re tiny because tumblr can’t show them their accurate size.
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