scxroiism said: 

[text]: Did you not want me to… [text]: Just missed you… [text]: Pretty quiet right now…and empty mostly..

To: || My Dark-Knight ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱  ||

[Text]: No no! I do want you to! I’m just really bad with words.. >.<)

[Text]: I miss you too.. So much. 

[Text]: But like you said, this is for the best… right?

***[Text]: I still love you, don’t forget that..

[Text]: Well i’m sure it’s nicer there then here, way more quiet for you I hope!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: My Tenshi-sama Mihu-chan


From now on, I am Milla Maxwell, the Lord of the Spirits. I will be okay.

Two friends of mine had this amazing idea to help cook this up.  Nalu and Happy as Team Rocket. :33 Not gonna lie I thought at first it came out awful.. >.>;;

But when I stare at everyone they aren’t as sucky lol anyways more Pokemon cosplaying BECAUSE IM STILL IN A POKEMON MOOD AND WHY NOT. 

Also heres a treat I made uwu.

(Not much got changed but the ending might make you laugh )

Lucy: Prepare for trouble!
Natsu: Make it double!
Lucy: To protect the world with devastation!
Natsu: To unite all people within our nation!
Lucy: To denounce the evil of truth and love!
Natsu: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Lucy: Lucy!
Natsu: Natsu!
Lucy: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Natsu: Surrender now or prepare to get your asses kicked!
Happy: AYEEE SIR! That’s right!
Lucy: Natsu you idiot!! *facepalm* That wasn’t part of the line

// To Amelia– //

For what in words I lack to compose at the immediate moment,
I hope the sun rains down on you on brighter days, and may your talents flourish evermore onto the canvases your fingertips greet.
You are a gosh dang jaw-dropping artist, to say you are inspirational is quite the understatement.

For what ails you now–
I send you all my hugs and energy, but also to appreciate how far you’ve come through, I leave you with this.


Aghhhh sorry for long post ;w;
Major fanart post!
These are some doodles of some of the -ipliers that I think will never leave my head for a few reasons!
Credits and reasons why I love these -ipliers:

Main reason for the pictures: I just love them so much, they wanna make me hug them!
1st picture - characters belong to sconeipliers and hittower ; I will never forget these two because they remind me of my pets x3
2nd picture - characters belong to hittower ; they just have such nice designs that they’ll never leave my head ;w; (btw, sorry for not being able to make Grim’s details in white… I don’t have the skills for it yet; so instead I made them a darker tone of gray ;0)
3rd picture - character belongs to sconeipliers and me; the kitty now has a “frand”, as my char says x3
4th picture - character belongs to monodes ; Volt is so cute I just want to hug him omg
5th picture - character belongs to serenamidori ; I love MadGab ‘cuz she mad xD

Main reason for the pictures: dude, these characters give me the chills xD some of them, though…
6th picture - once again, character belongs to hittower ; I remember him mostly because of your use of him as your vent tool and his personality
7th picture - character belongs to bunny-virus ; Noc gives me the goose bumps, man xD (pls ignore what I wrote around him ;0)
8th picture - characters belong to irdeadite and reilpikram ,respectively; your characters are just so original and creative that they stuck to my head :0
9th picture - characters belong to, once again, monodes and sconeipliers / sconee ; your characters are just so memorable because they look so cool on your styles!
10th picture - characters belong to woosome and sleepyblue-star ; they’re just so memorable the way you draw them that I couldn’t help myself
Once again, I am SO DEEPLY SORRY for this being a long post… I feel bad now ;w;
But I hope you enjoy it :3 I really liked drawing them and I hope you like how they came out as much as me :3
See you on the next post!

all my new oc’s have just been cute demon boys with giant ribbons, i am so sorry .

he calls himself Prince Olivier although he’s nowhere close to being a prince? I don’t know much about him except he’s a sadist concubus with a blood fetish,,, he’s an extremely picky eater and only eats the souls of beautiful, young people, preferably if they’re untouched by other demons ! bc of this he’s usually always hungry bc he’ll sometimes go a long time between meals

he can and WILL suck your blood. he and Valentin had sex in front of bonnie once and made bonnie watch. they are all ASSHOLES. he might have a crush on bonnie and enjoys teasing Bonnie together w Valentin . worst trio of besties……. he makes a lot of unecessary sexual sounds and has constant bedroom eyes. he enjoys leaning into your ear to breathe heavily and moAN  HE’S SUCH AN ASS

his voice is slightly deep and extremely smooth and lulling

he’s like, 1.65 cm