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Dark & Wild Series 3rd Feature Reveal (Official Trailer) 

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Love Is A Ghost (2/?)

Summary: Killian Jones was brought over from the Enchanted Forest along with the rest of its inhabitants by the Dark Curse. He took up residence as a florist, tending to flowers being the only thing that helps calm his haunted memories. That is, until he meets Emma Swan.
Rating: F FOR FEELINGSSSSSSSSSS *gross sobbing*
Words: 2,082
A/N: Thank you to gravityshipsus for the unintentional idea for this chapter. And to that-first-glance-feeling, imhookedonaswan, evil—isnt—born and swansweetheart for being unintentional accomplices to this. <333 Sorry not sorry for the pain.
EDIT: Chapter 1 here. Ao3 here.

Past cure I am, now reason is past care,

And frantic-mad with evermore unrest;

My thoughts and my discourse as madmen’s are,

At random from the truth vainly express’d;

For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright,

Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.

~ William Shakespeare, Sonnet 147


She could feel the blade through her shoulder, then it wasn’t.

Numbing pain drifting through her chest.

The world was spinning, and she was falling. She hadn’t realized she hit the ground until she could feel it under her. See the stars dimming above her. Thats odd, she could’ve sworn it was daytime.

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Captain Cobra (because they're giving me feels right now) + 98 (because that would be beyond cute)

A/N: Hi hi! Sorry this took forever I’m a horrible person. And this is more like Captain Cobra Swan? But I TRIED BRO. I really tried. Thank you for this! Enjoy! <333


They came home one day, mirrored smiles plastered on their stupid faces and she just knew. She knew they had bought something. What she didn’t know, or expect, was it to be a giant puzzle.

With their excitement levels she had figured it would have been an animal or something, but no.

It was a puzzle.

A puzzle of a ship on the sea.

Henry moved the furniture out of the way, creating enough space for the puzzle to be completed on the floor and he and Killian had sat down right away.

She seated herself on the couch, watching the two of them interact. Her son and her pirate.

An unlikely duo.

“Where do you suppose this goes, lad?” Killian asked and Henry thought for a second, frowning as he glanced at the box.

“Hmm….well, its an edge piece. I’ve heard you’re supposed to start with that. Makes it easier you know?” Killian nodded, smiling at him.

“Right you are, sir.” So, they set to work.

Two days later Emma walked in the door and into the living room where they had been practically living for the past 4 days, only to see them putting the last puzzle piece in.

Killian handed it to Henry who then quickly placed it in and they cheered.

The look of surprise that crossed Killian’s face as Henry threw his arms around him, was something Emma would never forget.

“We did it!” Henry grinned and then he pulled away.

“Man, that took forever…lets get another one.” Killian glanced at Emma, flashing her a dazzling smile before turning back to Henry and nodding.

“I think thats a brilliant idea, but lets say we let your mother in on this one too.” Henry grinned before nodding.

“Yes! The three of us can do it much faster! Lets go!” He ran to the door and Emma rolled her eyes, laughing slightly.

“You sure you’re up for this, Pirate?” Killian nodded, giving her a tiny kiss before heading towards the door.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Swan.”

Who do you like?


Characters: A lot of people.

Spoilers: Nahh.

It was another day’s work done, everyone huddled around the fire except you, today was your day on cleaning duty. The boys of The Glade all looked at each other, trying to figure something out. Who did you like? Since you were the only girl, everyone seem to have fallen for you. Not just because you were a girl, because you were helpful, kind, funny and you were beautiful, no one could resist you. At some point everyone kept their crush to themselves until one day everyone came out, and it caused a commotion.

"Where’s Newt?" Questioned Thomas, he scanned the circle to see no sign of Newt.

"He went early, probably not feeling well." Gally responded, taking a slip out of his secret recipe.

Thomas nodded, and let his mind float away. All he could think of you, when you first opened the Box and saw him, he felt a unbelievable connection, as if he knew you before. His lips curled upwards into a goofy smile. Just the thought of you made him perk up. Gally watched Thomas, already knowing what he was thinking. He carelessly rolled his eyes, and sighed.

"I think [Y/N] likes me. She always stutters around me, it’s cute." Gally says, crossing his arms arrogantly.

"She stuttered because you scare the kluck out of her!" Minho retorted, glaring at him. Alby separated the two before they could get a hold of each other and start arguing. Zart from across the circled laughed, as if they were idiots.

"She helped me with a work, even though it wasn’t her job." Zart laugh’s, making Thomas roll his eyes

"[Y/N]’s kind, of course she would." Thomas chirped up. Zart shot a death glare, and all Thomas did was smirk. All of a sudden, a loud rumbled occurred, all the boys were shouting, arguing and even fighting with each other about you. Alby and Frypan tried to stop it, but ended up fighting as well. They all shouted over each other, and tried to prove who you liked more.

From a distant, you could hear the commotion. You began to grow curious, what was going out there? You swiftly finished your job, and started making your way to the others. As you made your way you were able to hear your name repeated several times, and hear clashing and things breaking. You sighed, it was another fight. Walking towards to them, you bump into Newt.

"Hey, [Y/N]." He greeted, with a smile.

"Hey, what’s going out there?" You asked, looking up at Newt. He simply shrugged.

"I’ll meet you there in a second, I need to do something okay?" He smiled and you nodded and watched as he walked off in the opposite direction.You made your way to the noise.

It was exactly what you thought it would be, a another fight. No one seemed to notice you at first, they all fought and swang punches at each other.

"Guys.." You called out, but no one paid attention, "Guys!" You shouted, causing the attention of everyone to turn towards you. They all froze, and blushed out of embarrassment. Silent filled the air, as they all stared blankly at you.

"[Y/N]..Who do you like?" Thomas spoke up, out of the blue.


"Me." Newt said defensively, wrapping his arm around your waist. He shot a protective glare at all the boys, and they all stood there in surprise. They all thought Newt wouldn’t be anywhere near who you liked, he showed no emotion when someone spoke your name or mentioned you in a conversation. Or you two would be barely seen together. Which was because you both hung out in private, away from the others. You both tried to hide the relationship because you were afraid of it becoming banished.

"Aha..Sorry guys." You giggled nervously, as you walked off with Newt. They all watched at you laced yours and Newt’s fingers together, and frowned.

A/N: wishing that was me tbh


Arrow - Call For Heroes

I originally bought the song I used for this video with plans to make a Supernatural trailer with it, but it worked so well for Arrow I just had to use it. I actually extended the first part of the song because it just wasn’t long enough to include all of the island stuff, and even now it’s just scratching the surface, but I think it’s a pretty well-rounded trailer. Even if you don’t watch Arrow, might I recommend you watch it. It may convince you give it a try :)