Something Perfect- A Steroline Drabble

Prompt: Hola! Here’s a Steroline prompt: Stefan finally realizes that Damon is a d-bag and stands up for Caroline. Thanks!!
A/N: I wasn’t sure if you meant for this prompt to be just in general or geared towards the comments Damon made about Caroline in 6x19, so I just did a little of both!  Enjoy :)

After being bled out for a few days straight, Stefan and Caroline were getting restless.  Losing strength with each passing second, Stefan began losing hope in his plan to bring back Caroline.  He became doubtful in his ability to resist her.  With each of the many advances she had made at him he tried to tell himself not to give in.  That she wasn’t really her, and it didn’t mean anything.  But he couldn’t resist it.  He couldn’t help but feel like this was who he was meant to be with all this time, and it just took him this much time to realize it.  His cells may have been shrinking, but his feelings for Caroline were growing with each look.

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It has come to my attention that many of you poor souls have not yet read Growing Up Cullen. This is one of the pinnacles of Twilight fanfiction–a rock on which Cullen history was forevermore built.

It’s not actually a story. It’s a conversation between two women on what the Cullens do in their free time, particularly Edward.

Part 1: I like how we turned Edward into a 40 year old mother on a bad day.



Part 4: I feel totally validated that Growing Up Cullen is canon thanks to the Midnight Sun leak.

Part 5: Growing Up Cullen: Christmas with the Cullens

Tips for writing shit ***EDITED***

Aiight so here are some tips that I’ve learned over time and I’d like to share:

1. Avoid using adverbs as much as possible. (Adverbs are words such as softly, loudly, angrily, etc.) They weaken your sentences a lot. Try to use synonyms for the adverbs.
Ex. “He spoke quietly.” = “He spoke in a hushed tone.” Or, “He spoke, the tone of his voice quiet.”
Ex. “She ran quickly.” = “She ran with a quick pace.”
But don’t worry about using a couple adverbs, there’s really no way to avoid using adverbs all the time. But if you can, try to use synonyms for the adverbs, they make your story sound really good.
2. Try to avoid calling people by their nationality/age. Yes I know, it can be pretty difficult to do that. I myself find that I use “the elder [x gender]” a lot. But if you can, try try try to avoid calling people by their age/nationality.

3. Affect =/= Effect. This is a very simple concept that some people just don’t seem to grasp. And that’s perfectly ok! We all make mistake people, even the greatest of writers do! Affect = Have an effect, make a difference. Effect = a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. OR, the lighting, sound, or scenery used in a play, movie, or broadcast. Please please please, make sure to use these words in their proper context!

4. Listen to music when you write! I find that I get inspired to write by the tone of the music I listen to. Try and find songs that match the tone of your story maybe?
5. Don’t delete things you think “aren’t good enough” or “suck”. Seriously man, if you wanna get anywhere, you’ve gotta learn to just try and improve. Look at the things you hate about your story and re-imagine them. Remake them so that they fit your standards. DON’T, delete an entire story just cause of one part you don’t like.
6. BE. PREPARED. FOR. CRITICISM. If you write (and one day hope to get published), you can’t avoid criticism. When you go to an editor, they will not sugarcoat ANYTHING. They are going to tell you straight up everything you need to change and revise. Plus when you send in your manuscript, holy fucking shit it will get RIPPED (not literally of course). They are going to point out all the things that need to be revised. Don’t expect an editor to just love your story right away (I don’t even think that’s possible), they WILL criticize you and you WILL have to accept it.

7. Their/There/They’re and Your/You’re. Ah yes, this grammar issue as old as time itself. Their = Possession, There = A place, They’re = Contraction of they are. Your = Possession, You’re = Contraction of you are.

”That is their dog.”
”That is there dog.” OR, “That is they’re dog.”
”The dog is going over there.”
”The dog is going over their.” OR, “The dog is going over they’re.”
”They’re really cool people!”
”Their really cool people!” OR, “There really cool people!”
”I like your shirt.”
”I like you’re shirt.”
”I think you’re awesome.”
”I think your awesome.”

I think that’s all I wanna say right now. If I think of anything else I’ll update this, but for now enjoy.


Prend ton temps et profite de la vie ! 

Take your time and enjoy the life !

Just a little animation to calm your mind.

Breathe, close your eyes, empty your mind just for one minute and enjoy your life :)

Swings really help to empty minds too, I still continue to use them when I got the time, even if I’m a 23 years old boy xD 

Take care, your life is important.