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If you're still doing prompts, What Burdens Ease: Some cuddles for a stressed-out Enjolras, please?

(Absolutely still doing prompts, anon! And since it’s nearly finals for some of us (including me), have some stressed-out grad student Enjolras.)

Enjolras has his face planted in his notes and he doesn’t even care. He has exams coming up, and he needs to meet with his thesis adviser again, and the last thing he wants to do is get up and give a lecture. He’s just so tired, and none of his research is turning up anything helpful, and his computer is a hair’s breath from giving out but the external hard drive he ordered is delayed, so he’s been reduced to frantically saving and emailing himself or saving to his flashdrive every five minutes.

He really wants a hug. And some sleep. And actual dinner that wasn’t grabbed between lectures. But he’s unlikely to get any of those until the winter break, so he’ll have to make do with another cup of coffee and a granola bar.

That just involves moving, and the thought almost makes him want to cry. Well, not really, but he doesn’t want to.

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omg can we talk about grantaire buying enjolras a cat for his birthday without knowing enjolras is hella allergic to cats??

yeah! i’ll assume they’re established (bc like who just buys their crush a cat??? i would. ignore that.)

but yeah, one time enjolras was, like, looking at a bunch of gifs of cats that courfeyrac had emailed him and kind of cooing over them, and grantaire was like, “oh… so you like kittens? cats? that sort of… thing?” and enjolras looked up sort of misty like “yeah…” and sighed

and that day grantaire decided that they were Getting A Cat, Goddamnit

so enj’s birthday rolls around and grantaire wakes him up by plopping this cat on enjolras’s chest (really cute little kitten too, about 6 months old and adopted from the local shelter, black and white with extra toes) and enjolras just opens his eyes, scrunches up his nose, and sneezes explosively

grantaire has gotten really good at apologising after that, because when enjolras ended up getting so puffy in the face that he couldn’t hardly open his eyes, and joly had to come administer an epi-pen and combeferre had taken grantaire aside, polished his glasses, and said gravely “so, ah. enjolras is - and of course it’s not you, r, but - he’s allergic. to cats. the dander, i believe. if you need to find someone to care for it in between homes, courfeyrac and i will gladly take it.” and grantaire had nodded soberly, shivered slightly (from the anxiety), and then gave the cat to courf who sprinted around the block to put the cat in his and ferre’s apartment

it was sad and stressful at the time but hilarious in retrospect. everyone agrees that marius must have left his body and possessed grantaire because it was a Very Marius Thing To Do.

Ok but imagine a thing happening in drink with me

Could it be your death means nothing at all?
Is your life just one more—

[ Look Down inturrupts, Enjolras steps up and rips the bottle from R’s hand in anger ]
Do not, you dare
Say a-no-ther word
You think so loud
Those lines are so ab-su-urd

Are you not the one who joined us here?
Quiet yourself down and don’t speak of fear!
No one wants to hear—

[ Grantaire, bitterly: ]
a drunkard man’s words?

[ Enjolras, Angrily with a sneer: ]

Show us some faith for the plans we’ve made,
I can promise you we’ll go down in books!
It will be clear soon—

[ Grantaire stands up and replies, bitter still: ]
A footnote on a book?

Don’t you understand the risks you take?
You will die—

[ Enjolras pushes him back with his hands: ]
I die a martyr!
People will rise and do the same as us—

[ R steps forwards and pushes back hard, Jean and Combeferre jumping slightly in surprise as he gets in E’s face with anger : ]
Throwing your life away for
No-thing but a fuss!
[ he swats at E and turns his back to him ]

[ Enjolras, fuming, takes step forwards, shouting: ]
You bastard, don’t turn your back!
I’m not finished speaking to you!
Grantaire, you look at this fool!

[ he gestures to himself and leans forwards, R whipping around on his heel, shouting back ]
I have nothing to say!

[ Enjolras smirks bitterly: ]
Is not that a first?
Then sit back down, Grantaire!
And don’t you dare,
Say a-no-ther word…

[ Enjolras turns to Combeferre, who shakes his head and mutters: ]
Grantaire, Grantaire,
He’ll always be that way
Grantaire, Grantaire,
Your world is oh so gray…

Do You Want a Cup of Coffee?


"Do you want a cup of coffee?"

Grantaire looked up with surprise at Enjolras standing beside him. They hadn’t talked much outside of meetings and Grantaire was surprised that Enjolras had even noticed he was there. “What?”

"Coffee." Enjolras practically commanded it, as though having coffee was an important step in his cause to ending world awfulness. "Do you want it? With me?"

"Sure." Grantaire put his sketch pad away, where he had been drawing their café from his vantage point as a depth perception exercise. The meeting had ended almost ten minutes ago and no one from their group was still there except for them. Grantaire felt awkward having Enjolras order him coffee so he followed him to the counter.

"I’d like a large mocha with extra cream and an extra pump of chocolate," said Enjolras. He turned to Grantaire. "You?"

"Uh, a large doubleshot caramel macchiato with extra cream and caramel, hold the foam."

Grantaire reached for his wallet but Enjolras’s hand stopped him. “No. It’s on me.” His confusion increased as he and Enjolras sat back down to wait on their drinks.

"Soooooo, what’s this about?"

Enjolras looked confused and asked, “Do you not want to talk to me?”

"No, I do, I just, you know. I didn’t think you liked me very much."

"What?" Enjolras looked astonished. "I quite enjoy your company."

"I’m glad to hear that," said Grantaire warmly, feeling much happier than he let on. "The yelling kind of made me think otherwise."

"Oh. I apologize if I hurt you. I can get quite passionate."

The barista called Enjolras over and he brought their drinks back. They sat and sipped their coffees in silence, Enjolras through a straw and Grantaire without.

"I don’t have a gag reflex."

Grantaire inhaled some of his coffee and sputtered into his cup, his face going slightly red. “Pardon?”

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e/R | space regency fic feat. royalty, pirates, cyborgs and AIs

Éponine and Grantaire both draw their guns and angle them discreetly at their hips. Éponine looks calm enough, but Grantaire’s heart pounds in his chest as he wonders if he just condemned them all by bringing someone onto the ship without checking who they were first.

"What, exactly, are you doing on our ship, Your Highness?" asks Feuilly, at ease even as he levels his gun at Their Imperial Highness, Heir to the Apollon Galaxy, Prince Enjolras.