June is such an odd month for Michael and not just because of his death.

  • He used “Swine Flu” as an excuse to avoid coming to England.
  • He was having treatment done on his chest as he was showing high signs of cancerous cells.
  • He was losing an abnormal amount of weight and his friends feared he was close to being anorexic. 
  • He was also starting to have nightmares of being murdered and followed.
  • He was scammed into 50 shows after signing for 10.
  • He was quoted saying 'I'm better off dead. I'm done' a week before his death.

His bodyguards said even for being Michael Jackson he was acting more “Weirdly” than normal.

To me it screams that this man needed help, that he was losing control and needed help. 

When he died everyone said they tried to help him, but really? I don’t think so. It seems like no one did nothing because they were still being paid. AEG didn’t care,Because if he died they would make more money off him than alive thanks to the insurance. 

I find it so hard that everyone just….sat back and watched. How could you have the heart or ignore the guilt that you just watched it happen and did nothing..?

English Woman Photographs a Ghost Peeking Out Her Window?

Last month, 30 year-old mother-of-one Michelle Midwinter claims she took this picture a week after moving to North Bradley, Wiltshire, England. The photo shows a male spirit peeking out the front window of her home. Michelle, who’s nicknamed the ghost ‘Old Man Kent’, believes it’s the spirit of Samuel Kent, a man who was suspected of murdering his 3 year-old son in the nearby village of Rode in 1860. However, Samuel’s daughter, Constance, later confessed to murdering her half-brother, although she never stated what her motive was. Despite her confession, some believed that Constance was innocent, and that Samuel was the real culprit.

Michelle says that when she posted the picture to Facebook, it garnered quite a lot of attention. She said that most people thought the ghost was a reflection of the flowers below the window, but she says the angles are all wrong. Michelle says she’s witnessed some strange activity inside her home. She says the day she took this picture, a clock randomly fell off of the wall. In another incident, a friend of her’s claims she saw a door handle move down and the door then opened.

I was just so surprised because I thought someone was in the house." Michelle said. "We also checked the attic to make sure no one was living up there. I can’t really say was I think the face in the window is, as I honestly don’t know. I would like to say an odd reflection but it doesn’t make sense, I’m a very logical person but I cannot come up with a logical explanation for this photo, it’s just spooky.

Local historian, 50 year-old Andrew Jones, thinks the photo of the ghostly face does bear a striking resemblance to Samuel Kent. “There are a number of reported ghost sightings in Trowbridge but I have not come across any in North Bradley. I know Samuel lived and worked as a factory inspector in the area, so there’s every chance it could be him.”

While the face does look ghostly, it’s hard to tell for sure what exactly it is. Even though Michelle says she didn’t doctor the image, there’s still something a bit off about the photo. Even though I’m still skeptical of the image’s authenticity, I do think there’s still a chance that this could be a real spirit. What do you think? Does this image show the spirit of a former murder suspect living inside this woman’s home? Is it just a reflection? Could this be a hoax? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this picture.


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