Telegraph Jobs made an impressive database of women in space. It features both astronauts, engineers and scientist. And all entries have a bit of information about the person.

If you are not on there, fear not, they encourage women active in space science or engineering to contact them to make their list more impressive.

As they say it themselves:

We would love to hear from all you women out there and would like to encourage more females to make an impact around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), to take the opportunity to study in these fascinating fields and to venture off into deep space.

The world, planets and space awaits you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Go check it out!


The Architecture Of The Future Is Far More Spectacular Than You Could Imagine

The list below shows examples of contemporary architectures and designs that shed light on the future designs of buildings, bridges and cities. 

  1. Hypnotic Bridge: Dragon King Harbour River in China
  2. Rotating Skyscrapers: 80-story skyscraper, imagined by Dynamic Architecture’s David Fisher back in 2008 
  3. Indoor Parks:  Diller Scofidio + Renfro (in collaboration with Hargreaves Associates and Citymakers)  proposed a design based on a theory of “Wild Urbanism,” or “hybrid landscape where the natural and the built cohabit to create a new public space." 
  4. Invisible Architecture: South Korea’s in-the-works, LED-clad Infinity Tower 
  5. Natural Disaster-Proof Forts: "Dauphin Island,” artist Dionisio González designed dreamlike, futuristic forts made from iron and concrete, fusing the role of artist with that of architect, engineer and urban planner.
  6. Sweaters for Skyscrapers: think tank’s bizarre proposal to cover the towering skyscraper in a giant fabric casing made of reflective material.
  7. Green Power Plants: “an attempt to resolve the conflict between the natural ecology and the manmade environment.”
  8. Compostable Towers: The Living’s “circular tower of organic and reflective bricks” – called “Hy-Fi” – as the winner of the Young Architects Program’s (YAP) 15th edition. 
  9. 3D-Printed Interiors: The future of indoor design will be run by 3D printers. Architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger. 
  10. Floating Pools: a giant filtration system to the murky waters between Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  11. Inflatable Concert Halls: “Ark Nova.” Iconic British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki teamed up. 
  12. Wooden Skyscrapers:  34 wooden stories on on top of the other
  13. Sponge Parks: A project called “Sponge Park” is hoping to transform the Brooklyn locale into a cleaner, properly filtered sanctuary
  14. Sci-Fi skylines: In 2014, Chinese architecture firm MAD unveiled renderings of Chaoyang Park Plaza, a center of skyscrapers, office blocks and public spaces meant to mimic the appearance of mountains, hills and lakes depicted in Chinese landscape paintings. 

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