Meet the Women of Mars!

These are the women that work and have been working on the Mars rover Curiosity, also known as the Mars Science Laboratory. I wouldn’t be able to identify them all.I can recognise deputy project manager Jennifer Trosper (in black and white with sunglasses) and engineering operations team chief Jessica Samuels (brown haired pregnant women in grey).

Source & more: NASA / JPL-Caltech Mars Science Laboratory webpage

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Early in a girl’s life, the toys marketed to her are usually things that don’t encourage her to enter science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. GoldieBlox intends to change that by teaching them while they are young that these fields can be fun — and apparently epic, by the looks of this super-genius 2-minute video. 

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Happy Spring Equinox, Raza!

Speaking of serpents, check out this amazing video filmed at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza showing how every year on the spring equinox, a shadow forms the shape of a serpent on the star case of the city’s primary temple mount, the pyramid of Kukulkan.

Our ancestors were undoubtably incredible engineers, astronomers, architects and artists. And that’s something we should be very proud of. Happy spring equinox to all who follow Think Mexican!

Stephanie Wilson

Did you know that there have only been 321 people selected for NASA’s astronaut training? 16 of them are Black, including…

Stephanie D. Wilson was born in 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering science from Harvard University in 1988 and her master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas in 1992. 

Wilson worked as a Loads and Dynamics Engineer for the space program before attending graduate school and working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Wilson’s work focused on modeling and design. 

Wilson was selected for Astronaut Candidate Training in 1996. Part of her many responsibilities for NASA included serving as the CAPCOM in charge of communicating with crews in Mission Control. Her first flight was in 2006 on the Discovery, making her the second Black woman (after Mae Jemison) to go into space. WIlson’s first trip was also historic for being the first all-female crew. This flight tested equipment for the International Space Station, which Wilson operating the robotic arm. She completed three flights before the shuttle program ended in 2011 for a total of 42 days in space. 






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Mixing Engineer Makes Shitty Remix After Screamo Band Doesn’t Pay

Somebody’s gotta pay. And I guess it’s gonna be us.