Engine fire up and more of that distinctive Honda engine sound


New release of the Super8 engine by qbism

If you’ve never used this engine before it’s really interesting, it looks similar to dos quake but with high resolutions and support for things like coloured lighting, funky palettes, modern maps (now including BSP2 maps)

Been in a bit of a rut lately, and I apologise for whining so much. Just… a lot of things creeping up atm and things aren’t so great.

Anyhow, been following my friends around as they tumblr, and I came across this brilliant transformers artist’s tumblr, by the name of Herzspalter , and after browsing for a bit decided that drawing something slightly different might help me get back into the ‘art’ thing…

So here’s 1940s ‘Shockwave’. Not been into transformers long, but he’s one of my favourites.