I drew a sketch of the guild crew of Aardvark ^-^ 

fearless Leader (Pandiya) the one on the far right :P, along with Officer (Enger) i drew some of the crew ive seen and hang out the most in mabi >.< seen them enough times to finally draw them ^-^ 

had no room to draw my self in the crew… T~T .ill draw it in color in soon :3 and such

Look for us in (Alexina) and join the crew and all that good stuff XD

Aadvark <=== go ahead look for us <3

 .Yeeep XD 

Forgot to post this! It’s my dramatic screenshot contest submission. I don’t know if it’s winning material, but I figured since I took it might as well give it a go. You might recognize it from the scath breach trip a while back. I had to go back there alone and take another screenie to edit out my name and health bar by cut/paste little tiny bits at a time into the rock above my head. I was too lazy to do this is photoshop apparently, so I ended up just doing it in paint. Still think it’s a cool pic though.

Oh also, mabi wont let me log the fuck in. For the third time this year, the Game Start screen vanishes once the game “updates” and I can’t get it to fix this time. Waiting for someone on the forums to figure out the fix.


Last night we went on a guild trip to the Belvast wilds. We’d been planning on making this trip for a while, but it was difficult to get the whole guild together on it. Heydrich even showed up just in time to go with us, so that was pretty neat. It’s been a while since we all did something as a guild and I think we all had a lot of fun. 

This is the first time featuring some people, if you didn’t notice. Firstly, Heydrich is a senior member to Aardvark. She’s been with us since the beginning and we love her to death. Lolavasava joined us as well for the first time in a while. And finally, Jamitsu got to show up here on the blog! Mitsu is one of our most active members. He’s almost always on and busy doing stuff, so its weird that he hasn’t been on the blog yet. 

Check the pics for captions! I figured it was better to highlight everything that way rather than mess with it more. =P

Oh, by the way, if you’re liking what you see with our guild and you think you might wanna join, we are currently accepting members. You can find our stone near the dragon statue. ( I can’t tell you more as we put it there for the soul reason of finding the right people for the guild.) Read what the stone has to say and make your request message interesting and noteworthy. We have no character specifications besides the need for you to be able to handle yourself when we do things as a guild, however we are strict on the personalty of the people we accept. =)

Thanks for checking out the very first offical Engerventure!!!

EDIT:;: It appears the guild stone has been stolen! OR rather Pandi hasn’t renewed it for whatever reason. We’ll get that sorted tonight I hope. Sorry!

The stone is back! =D