Misafirleri karşıladım. Hepsi ne kadar muhteşem göründüğümden bahsetti. Hepsine teşekkür ederek odama çıktım, kapıyı kapattım. Şu an olmam gereken yer burası değildi. Bugün benim günümdü, herkes benim için gelmişti. Aynaya baktım. Gerçekten de söyledikleri gibi görünüyordum. Muhteşem. Üstümdeki askıları yana sarkıtılmış, satenimsi, rengi sütlü kahveye kaçan gelinliğime baktım. Tenim simli bir kremle kaplanmıştı. Saçlarım kraliçelerin baloya özel yaptırdıkları saçları gibi topuz yapılmış, birkaç tutam saç sarkıtılarak yanlardan ve üstten arkada toplanmıştı. Saçlarımın sarısı daha da bir öne çıkmıştı. Yüzümde eşsiz bir makyaj vardı. Ve diklemesine, parlayan bir çizgi. Ağlıyordum. Yatağa oturdum, komidine uzanıp çekmeceyi açtım. Resmimizi aldım elime. Ne de tatlı gülüyordu. Ben de ne kadar gençtim, zaman beni yıpratmıştı. Mutluydum fotoğrafta. Doğum gününden kalma bir fotoğraftı. Daha da fazla ağlamaya başladım. Hıçkırıklarımı tutamadım. 10-15 dk boyunca ağladım. O gün özlemekten bahsetmişti. Ne olursa olsun koşmalıdır demişti. Mesafeler sayıdır, gerçek aşk varsa engelin yoktur demişti. O gün ona çok hak vermiştim. Ve belki bu yüzden tekrar aşık olmuştum. Eğer şu an beni duyabilseydi, ona tek bir şey sormak isterdim. Ne de olsa zamanımızın aşk doktoruydu, herkesin derdine muhakkak çare bulurdu. Peki ya ben ne yapsaydım?? Şu an toprağın altında cansız bedeni yatıyor, koşsam bile yetişebilir miyim?
Meeting In Flames (Siren Charms signing - 13/09/2014)

This is just a quick, which turned into a novel-like my ”fan account”/experience of meeting In Flames at their autograph session today -  the 13th of September 2014

Even though I just got into In Flames recently, a few months to be precise„ I was still pretty pumped to actually see them in person and get some autographs - oh, and tell them that they’re great musicians as well!

Two of my friends and me arrived at the place where the signing was going to take place at around 11:15’ish a.m. and we were pretty surprised that absolutely nobody was there other than the soundmen and us… 

The signing was set to start at 1 o’clock so we just sat there and waited until it was about time.. And (luckily) more and more fans arrived around 12 p.m.

But there weren’t that many people waiting for In Flames, so that nobody really stood in front of the railings where we had to stand in line later on… Until that host ensured us to come closer.

Time went by pretty fast and we then stood in line between the railings and shortly after it was a little bit past 1 p.m. until In Fire finally entered the stage. YAY!


That host (on the right side on the picture) first of all asked them a few questions like what they liked about and already did in Berlin or something and mentioned that they recorded their new album in Berlin and they talked about the new album and so on. And OH, how could I forget! That host also asked them if they know any German and Anders replied “Scheiße!” (which means shit, if you didn’t know) and then he said “Fünf Bier, bitte!”, which means “Five beer, please!” That had us laughing for sure. 

The host then said something like: ‘Ahhh, so when you order five beer and the others don’t show up, you just go like “Scheiße!”’ (Forgive me if I remembered it all wrong)

Aaaanyyways, my friends and me were pretty much in the front so it didn’t take that long until it was our turn to get our copy of Siren Charms and the poster that came with it signed… But it was still so freaking nerve-wrecking to watch all the fans before us interact with each member of In Flames.

Well, moving on to the actual highlight… Standing on that stage to finally get to meet In Flames in person! 

The order in which we’ve got our autographs and whatnot was: Björn, Anders, Niclas, Peter and then Daniel.

(I’ll try my best to recall as much as I can of the conversations I had with each member since I freaking blurted out everything and didn’t plan on thinking of anything beforehand…)

Aaalllrriiigghttt„ first up was Björn and I just put my copy of their new album and my poster on the table and smiled like and idiot and he started to sign my poster and I didn’t want it to feel too awkward and blurted out: “Ohhh, I really hope you had a great time so far!” and he brightly replied: “OH yeah :D, totally!! :D”.. I then asked if we could take some selfies and he was like: ‘Suure :)’… Since there was that huge table inbetween us and I didn’t want to stretch weirdly or get some really weird selfies I just went behind the table right next to Björn because I saw that one guy before us do the same…

I then was about to start taking the first selfie but he then quickly moved foreward and grabbed his bottle of beer and held it into the camera XD and I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot (he did the same with the guy before us, though).

But oh my god, I shit you not, it was soooo much fun to take some selfies with him! Which turned out to be the only one where I didn’t have to completely blurr out my freaking face.


I’m pretty sure we kept on exchanging a word or two but I really don’t remember what and I just said thanks and moved on to Anders. 

First I was about to move back in front of the table but then I remembered I wanted to take some selfies with all of them, so I just went behind the table again and that security guard just looked at me or even judged me but he just let me do my thing eventually (THANK YOU VERY MUCH ^o^).

Okay, so Anders was busy with signing my stuff and didn’t notice me when I got to him and so I just tapped him lightly on his arm and said: “Hi…” He then immediately turned towards me and then my excitement just exploded because I blurted out something along the lines like: “You’re making such great music, I really love your music!” He then said thanks and my mouth just continued to blur out: “I really hope you’ll never stop making music, such great music…” And he then chuckled and said something like: ‘Thank you very much hehe but we’ll„ I’ll see about that! :’)’ 

But my brain and mouth still didn’t want to cooperate again and I kept on talking and started to get nervous until Anders then said: “Ohh, you want.. to take a picture? :)” and poited towards my phone and I then finally stopped talking nonsense and said yes.

I then snapped some more selfies:


I then held out my hand because it was the least thing I could get to touch them (don’t judge me.. I didn’t want to go full on fangirl and hug them like I did at the Vans Warped Tour - I DID ask everyone first! But this time I just didn’t dare to ask for a hug and make them uncomfortable…)

He shook my hand and we both said thanks and I moved on to Niclas.

By the time I moved foreward I forgot about my merch and my body was literally shooting out fireworks out of excitement and nervousness..

I’m not quite sure but I tend to believe that Niclas was the only one who noticed me when I walked up to him and I greeted him and I am 100% sure I said something to him but I can’t recall my memory right now„ but I told him something like I’m glad I finally got to see him today (even though I haven’t been a ‘fan’ for so long……)

I then asked for a picture: 


Afterwards we shook hands and I said thanks and moved on to Peter.

The only thing I noticed was how freaking tall or how small I was compared to him and it took my breath away in the first place and I just gulped and had to take in a deep breath before I tapped him on the arm and said “Hi…” Because how would he even be able to notice me, duh…

He immediately turned around and brightly said “Heeyy!”.. And here we go again my mouth just started opening and blurting out: “I really love your music and I’m just happy to see you today…..” He smiled and said thanks and I asked for a photo..


Notice how he does not look so tall at all?! Yeah, that’s because he was soo sweet and bend down for me (it seemed like he had to bend down pretty low, bless my height).

He then said thanks and I held out my hand.. That might have been unexpected to him because it took him a second to notice why I was still in front of him and immedediatly tried to put down the marker to shake my hand. It was cute because it took him a few times to free his fingers from the marker just to shake my hand… :’)

And finalyyyyy„, it was my turn to take a selfie with Daniel..

By the time I walked up to him I have completely forgotten about my album and poster though…

Again, I don’t remember what I said to Daniel but it was similiar to what I said to the other members before… 

And as I was about to take yet another glorious selfie, this time with Daniel, that one guy.. I assume it was their manager(?) held out his hand and smiled and nodded at me because I didn’t know what he wanted from me since he didn’t even say a word… But then realisation hit me that he wanted to take a picture of Daniel and me and I just handed him my phone and he took the picture :3


I only put up that V sign because that assumued manager first snapped a photo and then opened his eyes widely to tell me I should smile more and do something funny or whatever… and yeah… 

Afterwards I said thanks and shook his hand and went in front of the table again because Daniel reminded me of my now signed album, poster and postcard/photocard (x)

To put it in a nutsell… It was one of the best experiences ever!!

And I just…  can’t believe HOW incredibly sweet and nice each and every member is!!

It’s just … when they went on stage they looked soooo damn intimidating…. Especially Peter„ but as soon as the autograph session started, he took off his sunglasses and they were just so incredibly nice to every fan.. 

I’m still weeping over how sweet those grown men were and are„„

Too bad I won’t be able to see them in October when they’re having a concert with freaking Papa Roach, Wovenwar and While She Sleeps (?) because I am broke as fuck…. 

Ahh, I apologise for every grammar, spelling or whatever mistake I made typing down this long ass fan account… And if you did read everything down to here„ I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (And I am not someone who easily throws out an ‘I love you’, okay? :C)

Yes, I had to blur out my face because I really ruined those photos… And I don’t want my face on the internet.. I shouldn’t have uploaded any of those but I wanted to share my experience and it is kind of a throwback whenever I’m going to feel down and shit.. 

Jean Baudrillard, gerçeğin yerini sahtenin aldığını söyler ve yeni duruma Simulakra (sahte gerçek) adını verir.
Ferdi Tayfur, “Bana Gerçekleri Söyle” der.

Jean Baudrillard, kapitalizmi tüketmek ve ihtiyaçlar uydurup bunları gerçek ihtiyaçlarmış gibi alıgaltmakla suçlar.
Ferdi Tayfur, “Neyleyim sen yoksan eğer dünyanın servetini” der.

Jean Baudrillard, artık tarih diye bir şey kalmadığını, tek yapabileceğimizin tarihin nereden itibaren gerçekliğini kaybettiğini bulabilmek olduğunu söyler.
Ferdi Tayfur, “Allahım Sen Bilirsin” der.

Jean Baudrillard, “Derinlik, daima kesintinin ardında; anlam ise, daima engelin ardında sapmaya uğrar…” buyurmuştur
Ferdi Tayfur, “Korkma söylemem, adını kimselere duyurmam. Sen bile bilmeyeceksin ömrün boyunca” der.

Jean Baudrillard, karamsarlık açısından Oğuz Atay’ın siyaset bilimi simülasyonudur.
Ferdi Tayfur, Oğuz Atay’ın yazdığı her satırın fon müziğidir.

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IN FLAMES Performs Acoustic Set For First Time Ever, Video Available

IN FLAMES members Anders Fridén (vocals), Björn Gelotte (guitar) and Niclas Engelin (guitar) played an acoustic set for the first time ever on Thursday night, September 4, as part of an invite-only listening party for the band’s new album, …

Το πρώτο ακουστικό show των In Flames ever


[dropcap size=dropcap]Ο[/dropcap]ι Anders Fridén (φωνητικά), Björn Gelotte (κιθάρα) και Niclas Engelin (κιθάρα), έπαιξαν ένα ακουστικό σετ στις 4 Σεπτεμβρίου, για πρώτη φορά στην ιστορία της μπάντας, για το promotion party του νέου τους άλμπουμ, Siren Charms.

To 11ο άλμπουμ της μπάντας, κυκλοφορεί στις 9 Σεπτεμβρίου και ήδη έχουμε ακούσει κάποια δείγματα.


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”Çok sonra farkettim tekerlikli sandalyedeki hayat engeline takılmış genci. Annesinin üzüntüsüydü o an gözlerime takılan diye sanarken ben, şimdi bakıyorum da üzüntüsü değil hüznüymüş gönlüme dokunan. Hayat engelli genç birkaç adım ilerdeki kız’ı görmüş müdür sizce ? Onunda gönlüne dokunmuş mudur ki bu tablo ? Kim bilir belki bundandır semada ki kendini izleyişi …”

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ In Flames

Photo by Patric Ullaeus

Swedish death metal band In Flames released their eleventh record Siren Charmsyesterday. Known for their signature guitar harmonies and melodic collection of work, In Flames helped pioneer the Gothenburg sound almost twenty years ago. With plenty of time put into the industry, we were lucky enough to speak with In Flames’ drummer Daniel Svensson to discuss their rich…

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In Flames - Siren Charms

In Flames – Siren Charms

In Flames – Siren Charms

Swedish metallers In Flames are back with 11 cracking new songs on their 11th studio album ‘Siren Charms’, which is out now on Sony Music.

After a brief electronic intro, album opener ‘In Plain View’ kicks the record to life with a nice little tapped riff. As always the twin lead guitars of Björn Gelotte and Niclas Engelin are outstanding, with not only the soloing but…

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Në gjyq

Fajtor – Zoti Ncuk Ortografi, ju akuzoheni për : Pesëmbëdhjetë vrasje me paramendim në çengelin e pikëpyetjes (?), shtatë pika të rëna mbi kokë në vend të vendosjes mbi i, keqtrajtim fizik të tridhjetë personave duke u shkaktuar kurriz në formë s-je, njëqind e katër dëmtime të simboleve fet…

"Dün, gençliğin bebekliği, erkekliğin gençliği, yaşlılığın bütün geçmişi."

Önündeki engelin ne olduğunu bilmiyordu. İnatla baltalamak yerine sakince bekliyordu. Hayır! hayır! Tabi ki gölün içinde sessiz ve hareketsiz bekleyen hain bir timsahın iştahı ile değil. Ve gene hayır ki eşinin cesedinin başında bekleyen bir angut kuşunun sadakat dolu gözleri gibi de değildi bu bekleyiş. ifade edilemez bir bilinç vardı doğru ama hayvansal hissiyatlar barındıran duygular hiç değildi bekleyişi. duyguları insansal güdülere denkleştirebilirsem eğer, (yazar denkleştiremedi). Hadi biraz zorlayalım. arkadaşı hamile bir kızın doğumu beklemesi gibi. Evet tam olarak böyle. doğsa da olur doğmasada olur. Hatta “ya doğsun artık da şunun mızıldanmaları bitsin” gibi  statik bi bekleyişti yaptığı. 

"Ben ağız dolusu susmayı tercih ediyor ve bir türlü Ahmet kaya’nın " .. bu gece yüreğim ellerimde sana bir sırrımı söyleyecektim" dediği kısma bir türlü gelemiyordum. Sırrım mı ? Hayır bu bi sır değil. bu tamamen "dün"den kalma bir sınavımdı. Evet bu bir sınavdı ve ben bu sınavın daha isim soy isim yazma aşamasında takılıp kalmış, çaycı gelen, sucu giden öğrencisi." 

IN FLAMES - Akusztikus gitárral New Yorkban

Siren Charms címmel pár napja jött ki az In Flames új stúdióalbuma, amit a berlini Hansa stúdióban (U2, David Bowie, Depeche Mode stb.) rögzítettek Andersék.

Javában folyik a lemez promózása, így a New York-i albumbemutató partyn Anders Frisén énekes, valamint a két gitáros, Björn Gelotte és Niclas Engelin a csapat fennállásának első akusztikus előadását is megejtette. Készült is egy kis videó, nézd meg!

A szeptemberi Hammer XY Akta rovatának vendége az In Flames gitárosa, zeneszerzője, Björn Gelotte.

Az In Flames szeptember 28-án Budapestre is elhozza az új lemezt, a koncert a Barba Negrában lesz. Két vendégcsapat is jön velük, a Wovenwar és a While She Sleeps.

A koncert Facebook oldala

A 2011-es Sounds Of A Playground Fading album folytatása eredetileg már tavasszal kijött volna és az elhúzódó kiadás hátterében valószínűleg az áll, hogy ezt az új lemezt már nem a Century Media gondozza, hanem egy multi, az Epic. Svédországban egyébként Anders Friden énekes kiadója, a Razzia Records adja ki a Siren Charms-ot.


IN FLAMES - Interjú és akusztikus előadás New Yorkban

IN FLAMES - Siren Charms (a 2014-es album)

IN FLAMES - Through Oblivion (a 2014-es Siren Charms albumhoz)

IN FLAMES - Rusted Nail (a 2014-es Siren Charms albumhoz)


Tovább http://ift.tt/1qEJbb0

Adım adım taşları her sabah aşındırma yorgunluğu yüzünden okunan amcanın termosundan içilen bir liralık, tadı yerinde çay elde, kasvetli de olsa iyi gelen Ankara havası ciğerlerde, damlalarıyla serinliğini hissettiren meşhur fıskiyeler seyirde.. #Dahaneolsun

Ah anılara götürdün yine beni #Ankara ☺️ Bunu yapmayı özlemişim.. Azmettim her kısmetsizliğine, engeline rağmen yeneceğim seni 💪✌️🙏

#Günaydın her cana ☕️ (Sıhhıye, Ankara, Turkey’da)

Dünya iyi insanların yaşamıyla varlığını sürdürüyor. Bakmayın siz her yerden kan kokusu geldiğine. Bir yerlerde iyi insanlar var ve sürekli iyilik yapmaya devam ediyorlar. Dinler üstü, değerler üstü bir şey o… Sırtımızdan vuranlar çok olsa da en büyük darbeyi en çok güvendiklerimizden yesek de duygularımızla bir oyuncak gibi oynansa da hayallerimiz hep birilerinin engeline takılsa da iyilikten vazgeçmemeli.. Umudumuz sürekli iyilikten, doğruluktan ve iyi niyetten yana insanlarda. Videoyu seyredince anlayacaksınız…

Duydum ki sapmışsın biraz yolundan, demek ben alıkoymuyormuşum seni diye düşündüm ilk. Sonra dedim ki hafifletme yükünü seninde payın var. Konuştukça senden sana dair bilmediğin o kadar çok düşünce çıkıyor ki ortaya, istediğim dünyada yaşayan adam, eşik aradım hep senin dünyana girmek için. Gidişin bana eşik olacak belli ki, aynı dünyada ayrı nefes almak nasipmiş. İmanımı güçlendirmek düşer bana bu saatten sonra. Toplanıp gelirsen burdayım, yok toplanıp gidersen yine burda olacağım yeterki toplan. Engelin yok, yaşa doya doya istediğin hayatı, yeterki topla kendini.