Some of the photos we got back from our engagement photo shoot!
(Part 1)

Kyle purposed to me with the golden snitch so we wanted to incorporate it into some of our photos. We are both Harry Potter lovers and are pulling elements to create our chic “Harry Potter” themed wedding.

I’m currently working on sewing the 5 bridesmaid’s dresses. Once they are done I can start on my wedding dress, the ties, and the 5 flower girl dresses. I’m also working on the flowers and a few other things for the wedding. Kyle is taking care of all of the wedding notices, saves-the-date, and invitations.

Photos by: Arielle Somberg
Her website: http://www.macheriearielle.com/
Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/macherieariellephotography


*Please do not use these photos unless you have permission from me or my photographer,
Thank you.


Location: Georgetown waterfront
Date: 02/02/14

I knew it was time….

I told her that an up and coming photographer wanted to do a photo shoot with us to build up his portfolio.
The shoot started off good. She was very unaware as to what was really going on. I couldn’t shake my nerves. Here I was about to ask this woman to be one with me. 300+ photos later I finally got my nerve up to ask the love of my life to give me the rest of her life. I had a speech prepared but I can’t even remember if I said it or if she heard it amidst the shock and crying. I felt a high come over me like never before & I knew. Of course she said yes!!!

-The Future Gardner-Langston’s