D-2 until Lee Sungyeol's birthday

I’ll give Sungyeol my friendship as a gift. You won’t decline, right? (myungsoo when asked what they would present their fellow members)
When I see how he treats fans, I think that he’s a kind kid. He either talks to them or reads their letters. (sunggyu at the question who the kindest is)
Sungyeolie is a instinctive man (laughter). Although he has a playful side, his actions and words are the manliest of men. (dongwoo at the question who the manliest is)
Sungyeolie hyung always plays around with me. Because it happens so suddenly, there are times when I really do get surprised! (sungjong at the question who the most playful is)
Ah, also.. You’re not a character who has to destroy his image, so don’t worry about it ㅠㅠㅠ I love you forever, forever. (woohyun’s tweet to sungyeol on his birthday)
When there’s something going on, he immediately apologizes and I think that he knows how to be considerate of others. (hoya at the question who the kindest is) ☆


Infinite meme: Two MVs (2/2)

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