New Video of ‘Dancing with the stars’ on ENews last night! Featuring some new clips of Willow Shields and Mark Ballas.(thx to @IntroWillow)

#LaDysCorner Blondes have more fun, and now, Kim Kardashian will find out just how much more! First Jared Leto, now Kim K has made a drastic hair change. I’m not sure social media can handle both of these in one week. Kim had been teasing of her new hair color since she touched down in Paris to link up with her hubby, Kanye West. But tease no more, because there you have it world! Platinum blonde isn’t the best color for every woman to rock, and while Kim K will surely make it work, her black locks suited her better than her now blonde dew. But that’s just an opinion, so sound off! What do you think of her new look or do you care at all?

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DWTS on Enews (03.04.2015)

"More details from the article.

Ji Chang Wook arrived in Hong Kong at 11:50am
The Dunhill organizer had dispatched four bodyguards and several staff members to greet him.
Over 100 fans were waiting for him and he was very happy to see them.
He was very friendly and accepted all the gifts and flowers from all the waiting fans.
It took him over 10 minutes to walk out into the car.
When he finally sat in the 7-seater van, he waved good bye to all the fans.
Reported noted that he had a bandaid wrapped around his index finger on his right hand.”

cr. to rosaliecho_at from JCW soompi thread 

"Main takeaways from the Apple article: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/enews/realtime/20150305/53501361
He was asked what does he feel like eating the most in Hong Kong? Or go to any specific places? Or work with any HK actors? He said he want to eat Char Siew Bun (Pork Bun) the most, and as to actors he wants to work with, he said there’s too many, can’t point them out one by one.
On the other hand, JCW said if he goes on RM again, he wants to choose Kim Jong Kook as partner, because KJK is his middle and high schoolmate (should be his senior i think), and KJK is strong, higher chances of winning. When asked about his thoughts towards entering the army soon, the translator helped him to reject to answer.”

all translation credit to kdramafangirlz from JCW soompi