In this week’s issue of Enertainment Weekly,an article titled “Young Adult at Heart” discusses how many literary classics such as Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Catcher in the Rye would most likely be classified as the Young Adult genre in today’s publishing industry because they feature young protagonists dealing with all sorts of plot lines, each with their own depth and thought. 

It’s nice to see that one of the most popular enertainment magazines realizes that true literary art can come in any shape, size or genre. 

Cheers to them!

(Also mentioned: The Diary of Anne Frank, Dune, Jane Eyre and A Separate Piece.)

DIY Naturally Bound Dinner Menu


I love the idea of using both things that I have on hand, and things from nature in this quick and cute way to bind up a dinner menu (or a note card, or wedding program, etc).  This simple project takes only a few household supplies and is super easy. Keep reading for the full instructions!


You will need:

  • Cardstock Paper
  • Paper Punch
  • Small tree branch
  • Elastic


Punch two holes where you’d like the sheets bound just slightly wider than your rubber band.  Poke one side of your rubber band through each hole, securing with a cut snippet of a branch.




There you are!  It’s so quick, but sometimes little details can make the biggest impacts!


* Photo Credits: House of Ernest

My friend Liz and I are huge Labyrinth fans, so when we heard that there were drinking games for it we were very excited. But we were a little disappointed that the drinking games we found didn’t include our favorite things about Labyrinth. Here’s our rewritten rules, in case anyone else is interested!

Labyrinth Drinking Game


1. Drink whenever Sarah says something isn’t fair. Drink twice if someone else says it.

2. Drink if Sarah is whining. Drink twice if someone else is whining. 

3. Drink whenever Jareth appears dramatically. (we’ve agreed that this is every time Jareth enters, so we just drink whenever he pops up, but you may disagree!)

4. Drink whenever Jareth sings.

5. Drink whenever you see a chicken.

6. Drink whenever Didymus fights something he’s no match for. Drink twice if he admits that he’s met his match.

7. Drink whenever something is not as it seems.

8. Drink whenever someone mentions the bog of eternal stench. Drink twice if they’re actually in the bog of eternal stench. 

9. Drink whenever there are copious amount of glitter. (Have you ever noticed that there’s glitter in the bog??)

10. Drink whenever someone gets Hoggle’s name wrong. Drink twice if someone gets it right.

11. Drink when Ludo calls the rocks.

12. Drink whenever Toby makes a cute baby noise.

13. Drink whenever Jareth’s balls are on screen. (I mean this two ways- whenever there are crystals, and whenever there is an obvious crotch shot.)

14. Drink whenever there is a clock. Drink twice if the clock has only 12 numbers.

15. Drink whenever there is an owl.

Feel free to add or ignore rules at will!