Locust pose variation

Dashama Gordon

Start lying on the belly, arms down by the sides, chin on the floor. Bring the legs together and start to wriggle the arms underneath the body until the palms meet. Interlace the fingers making a fist right at the lower belly. Begin to lift the legs higher as you start to create a backbend. Lift the legs even higher, using the support of the arms and chin, until legs release towards the ceiling. Keep toes reaching up or bend through the knees, trying to reach toe tips towards the head. Hold for 3 breaths.

Good for spine and gluteal strength and builds energy 

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Engineering Boosts Biogas Production in Microbes

In the on-going effort to develop advanced biofuels as a clean, green and sustainable source of liquid transportation fuels, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have identified microbial genes that can improve both the tolerance and the production of biogasoline in engineered strains of Escherichia coli.

Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, a chemist who directs the host engineering program for JBEI’s Fuels Synthesis Division, led a study in which transcriptomic data and a synthetic metabolic pathway were used to identify several genes that not only improve tolerance but also production of isopentenol in E.coli. Isopentenol is a five-carbon alcohol that is a highly promising candidate for biogasoline, but, like other short-chained alcohols, is toxic to E.coli at commercial levels of fuel production.

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How can I starve myself without my parents finding out or questioning me?

There is absolutely no way that I will ever answer this question! Don’t starve yourself! This is a very bad idea.

It’s completely unhealthy and you are destroying your body. Because you simply need the food to survive. It nourish your body. The energy gives you strength and power. It makes you able to move your legs and arms, to walk and run and jump, to smile and scream.

When you own a car you refuel it so you can drive around and so you have to give fuel to your body to keep it functional.

People die of starvation, that’s not something fun to do to loose some weight. And the calories aren’t your enemies. You are burning calories even when you don’t move at all and are just laying in bed. You still would have to eat to keep your organs functional, your body warm, so you are able to breathe. And as soon as you stand up and move, even if it’s just to the toilet, you need more energy and so your food and calories intake increases, simply to maintain your functionality of your body.

Instead of developing this unhealthy behaviour, learn to love yourself and your body. Try to accept your flaws and weight and realise that it’s just a number and it does not define you.

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Your health is so important, don’t fuck it up to live up to society standards. You don’t have to starve yourself. You are good enough and beautiful <3

In traditional Arab society there is a big distinction between the Bedouins, who are nomadic pastoral people, and the fellaheen, who are settled cultivators of the land. Now, these people have been forced into a settled lifestyle by the constraints of being refugees, trapped behind the borders of modern nation states implanted over the traditional tribal/social systems which had governed their society for thousands of years, by foreign planners, bureaucrats and politicians. It’s a common story in today’s world. But they have not lost their love of their animals. And almost every house in Jawfah has a flock of sheep, some goats and some even have a few dairy cows as well.

Permaculture is not just about food forests. It’s a design system that can be applied to any mode of life, so how can we make it more relevant to the majority of these locals who are more interested in animal husbandry than in growing trees. And as we continued to brave the dogs day by day our idea would grow. Each time we passed the neighbour’s house, we would notice a pipe sticking out of a wall, which was often gushing grey-water out onto the ground. We were in the middle of a totally barren and arid landscape, which even as early as April was almost devoid of any greenery at all (except for the copiously irrigated commercial farms down at the bottom of the hill). But a little profusion of green albeit noxious, spiky, poisonous little weeds, had sprung up lining the mini-erosion rill this stream of grey-water was etching down the bank on the side of the road. And where it met the road it then ran along the edge of it for some 10–15m. “Hmmm…” we thought: “grey-water…”

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Scientists say that humans can only see about 4% of the universe. The other 96% is made up of things that are invisible, impossible to detect, or even comprehend. When you come to terms with that fact, the sky changes. Stars become pinholes, and the moon looks like a paper punch-out. The rest is some indiscernible oblivion that not even astronomers one thousand times smarter than I’ll ever be can fathom.

I think about the empty matter floating around in the black abyss, and how much darker the night seems since you’ve been gone. I think about all the times you told me there were galaxies in my blood, and I wonder if I was your Andromeda, shackled to the sky for things that couldn’t be helped. I think about how many of the billions of stars have gone cold and lifeless with time, and I wonder if this emptiness will ever die out.

I wonder if we were the void all along.

—  Meghan Faulkner “A Black So Bright It Burns”