FLIR One, an Infrared Camera for the iPhone, Allows You to See the World (and Your Dog Relieving Itself) with Heat Vision

Wired just posted a review of the newly released FLIR One, an an infrared (IR) camera that fits onto your iPhone 5/5s and adds heat vision. With it, users can see in the dark Predator-style by detecting the heat radiation emitted by objects or pinpoint previously hidden areas of unusually high thermal energy. Like drones, thermographic imaging technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years, moving from purely military applications to civilian use. Equipped with dual cameras, the FLIR One takes both IR and visible light images, combining the two to form the final image. As Richard Baguley points out in Wired, the IR camera is much lower in resolution (80 x 60 pixels) than the visible-light one (640 x 480 pixels), so the dual camera approach produces an image that looks sharper than the pure IR image. Now, along with identifying camouflaged humans in the rainforest and finding overheated circuits, we can use thermal imaging for useful applications like filming our dog going to the bathroom. Who knew so much energy lay in so many unexpected places?

The Fear Of Going Uphill

Trigonometric parallax,
She is Tasseract;

Her silence is the answer
To my faintheartedness.

A mile, She is,
A light year.

Now, when the nostalgia is waning
She has become an impediment
To my fear of going uphill.

I am void;

Precisely a dot,
Hubble knew,
Among billion galaxies;

A gypsy;

Separated from the caravan
Of mystics
And alchemists.

Her paradigm;

Neither created
Nor destroyed,




Ajna, the sanskrit word for the sixth chakra, means “to know,” “to perceive,” “to command.” It is located in the head, at or just above the third eye level. The element associated with Ajna is light. Its function is seeing and intuiting. The verb that corresponds with this chakra is “I see.”

The body parts affected by the sixth chakra are the pineal gland and the eyes. Malfunction of the sixth chakra can manifest in blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain and blurred vision.

This chakra is actually in the brain, so its nature is very mental. One finds inner vision as part of this chakra, as well as actual seeing and outer vision. That is why mystic and clairvoyant abilities are also associated with the sixth chakra.

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Researchers Take Step Toward Lithium-sulfur Batteries

A fevered search for the next great high-energy, rechargeable battery technology is on. Scientists are reporting they have overcome key obstacles toward making lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries, which have the potential to leave today’s lithium-ion technology in the dust. Their study appears in the ACS journal Nano Letters.

Xingcheng Xiao, Weidong Zhou, Mei Cai and their colleagues point out that the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries, which power many of our consumer electronics, as well as electric vehicles, have largely plateaued. Scientists have been pursuing a number of new battery technologies to topple today’s standard.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2014/09/researchers-take-step-toward-lithium-sulfur-batteries