The energy embodied in the stuff of our lives represents a major—maybe the major—way that we contribute to environmental problems.

And that’s why we created this special report, The New Energy Cycle. The way that things—food, phones, cars, houses—get made and then disposed of doesn’t get enough attention.

A new series at The Atlantic’s website: The Energy in Things

Sounds promising!


What you’re looking at are the preliminary designs for a soon-to-be-launched 5,500+ square foot energy management center, which will be located at the SUNY (State University of New York) Polytechnic Institute’s Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in their zero energy nano building.

Under NY Governor Cuomo and the NYPA (NY Power Authority), the NYEM (New York Energy Manager) is a comprehensive network/decision tool that utilizes Big Data analytics to monitor and troubleshoot buildings to reduce energy waste.

This statewide energy-monitoring hub will ensure efficient management for more than 3,000 public buildings, equipped to serve many more facilities as well. With real-time data on energy use, building energy performance will be improved, which, economically, will lower the state’s overall utility bills.

Basically, it will be like performing an MRI on a facility and getting an incredibly detailed report about how it consumes energy, said Gil C. Quiniones (@GQEnergy), President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Power Authority.

The Big Data analytics provided by NYEM will keep government building operators better informed in real-time diagnostics regarding energy management decisions and future changes in usage determination.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has created the innovation capital of the world right here in New York state, and through CNSE’s partnership with NYPA, we will further advance the governor’s vision to be the leader in developing next-generation energy technologies. As energy demands continue to grow, we must make a significant commitment to increasing efficiencies. This partnership will deliver game-changing advances in energy management, and we welcome NYPA and its NYEM team to the world-class Albany NanoTech complex.
— SUNY Polytechnic Institute CEO Dr. Alain Kaloyeros

I obviously don’t have to mention how wonderful of a step this is inside the United States. Just as Tesla has set the trend for the production of an efficient robotic automobile manufacturing complex, along with the most efficient electric vehicle ever, SUNY Polytechnic Institute will set the trend for energy management, establishing a model example of how we should replicate these kinds of strategies throughout the country, and the growing modern world.

Watch the announcement video, and read more about NYEM here, and here

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A Hydrocarbon Heaven

Nick Abson is a fuel-cell developer with great humor and a plan to allow anyone to convert organic matter into energy. When he’s done, I’ll buy one immediately.

You have to love aeon for their thoughtful and well written articles. But the short video documentaries are at least as good, if not better. Quite, peaceful and down to the point. A welcome break to the hip-hyped silicon-valley-marketing internet productions.

A Hydrocarbon Heaven profiles Nick Abson, an English fuel-cell developer who’s been working for decades to create systems that convert everyday organic items – everything from dead leaves to chicken waste – into usable energy using anaerobic digesters. Neither scientist nor engineer, Abson’s tools and materials are nearly as simple as his energy sources, his idea being to ‘make something that anyone can make’. His ultimate goal is complete energy freedom, in which everyone is able to convert the organic waste around them into electricity, a remarkable accomplishment, should he succeed in even a partial way.


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Love-ly video *

The United States is reducing oil dependence, slowing the growth of electricity needs, and making energy services more affordable to all Americans. The most important single contributor to these positive trends is energy efficiency, the nation’s largest and most inexpensive resource. 

Fortunately, NRDC’s new Energy Report shows that we’re already leading the way down the path to more stability in America’s economy and security. With the EPA’s proposed power plant standards providing more incentive for energy efficiency improvements, the EPA expects that electricity bills would drop by about 8 percent as a result. Learn more and read the full report:

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