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Remember that everything is energy, even the physical world, and therefore everything is of equal value. if we glorify spiritual experiences, that is to say, everything beyond our usual experience, and feel that it is only through these experiences that we are alive, we miss out on the spiritual growth we can have in everyday life.
—  The Spiritual Password
Mars Sign  ♂

Mars is action. It’s how a person goes after their goals, their drive and energy, their initiative, courage, and combativeness. It’s what drives us and what pushes us to go after what we want. It’s how we express enthusiasm or anything that requires a lot of energy. It’s also our sexual energy and tendencies.

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Hey, yo, I don’t have a job yet and my girlfriend could use some financial help, so I’m going to open up readings and what commission I can do. This is the post for readings! If you’re interested in commissions, click HERE.

Anyways, hi hello, I’m Sydney, amateur soothsayer. I’ve worked with various entities since my youth, though I’ve gotten a lot smarter about it as the entities have gotten progressively larger. My primary workings at the moment are done with Goetic demons. I’ve been doing tarot for a bit over a year now, and the other readings for around six months, though I haven’t done many lately if I’m being honest with you.

SO! Here’s some info on what I offer:

I offer three types of readings: Tarot, energy, and entity.

Tarot readings are simply readings done with tarot cards. I’m best at giving insight into yourself or others. Advice is also a plausibility, but I’m not very good at picking out who entities are via cards. 

$1 gets you a three card spread of any sort. (here)

$2 gets you the one I default to. (here)

$3 gets you anything more in depth, though if we go into a whole lot of cards, I may have to adjust the price.

Energy readings are where I sort of feel up your energies with my mind’s eye (or whatever you want to call the bit of me that can feel up energies) and give you a description of what I see. I also interpret the imagery to the best of my ability, which has been pretty on par, according to past customers.

These are $3.

Entity readings are not exactly what you’re used to when I say that and I’m sorry. Unless they give me a name, I can’t tell you who they are. I can make guesses, but my knowledge of various lore is spotty, at best, and unless they’re one of the handful of Goetic’s I’m familiar with, I doubt I’ll know on my own.

*Note: thepaganraven has so kindly offered to help me with ID'ing godfolk and such. He’s considerably more well read on lore than I am. If you wouldn’t mind a collaborative effort, we might be more likely to get you a name.

In these, I bi-locate to where you are and poke around you for whatever spirits, gods, or other entities that may have some sort of presence near you at that particular moment. I’ll talk to anyone who’s willing to talk, as well as give you a description of their appearance and the general feeling of the area. I’ll also let you know of any wonky energies.

These cost $10, because lots of people seem to have angels floating around them and if I run into angels I’m kind of screwed for a little while.. They don’t like demonolators.

Thank you, to anyone who considers purchasing. Paypal is  As an additional offering, anyone who donates any amount will get a little pencil drawing of a character designed off their blog. Simply leave an ask in my inbox with your URL and the amount you donated, and I’ll post it to ink-scribe and tag you in it.

Summer and break commission ideas

So when I’m home for breaks from school, I have a couple commission ideas in the works. Let me know what you think and what you would like?

  1. Past Life reading commissions: I’ve done these before. They’re 1-3 page pdf files of a past life vision that I gather from the Akashic records. $10-15 a page. 
  2. Energy reading: A “diagnosis” of any energetic anomalies, blocks, issues, etc, and how to heal it. Probably a two page thing? $20-30
  3. Spirit drawings: Since I’m an illustration major, I could totally draw your spirits (I’d share examples at request if this is a good idea). Whether you know or not, I could illustrate what you look like as a spirit. (Most likely humanoid, but I might get other visions; or you could give me a description if you don’t want me to intuit it). Color or sketch probably, usual commission prices ($20-40).

Also, a total separate question, but do you think it’s a smart idea to link this blog to my main art blog? Or would that be bad as a budding professional illustrator. I wouldn’t link my main art blog to this one, though. 


Raspberry-flavoured sugar skull

Skull Appreciation society partnered with an organ donor charity called Live Life Give Life during last year’s skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae. The charity asked a load of famous artists to get involved and submit some of their own skulls to the show.

Joseph Marr

The Day of the Living is a new campaign to raise awareness of donation, remember those who donated, and celebrate those who are only living because of donations.
Taking inspiration from the colourful Mexican festival The Day of the Dead, in which ancestors are remembered with a vibrant and colourful festival; The Day of the Living campaign will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation with the same energy, optimism and joy.
Read more about what else is going on in their events page here. You can make a donation here or text SKUL14 £3 to 70070And if you haven’t already don’t forget to join theregister.

via skullappreciationsociety

Please read entire post :)

I will be opening free long-distance readings and healing sessions. I think I will comfortably be able to handle one to three requests a day for the moment.

I will be asking my spirit guides for access to the information that will most benefit you at this time. At no time will I be able to pass any boundaries that you set, nor will I accept energy sent to me unless it is of the highest good. You might like to ask your own guides/protectors for security and answers before and during the experience.

Please specify whether you would like my response to be private or public and provide your first name (as a focus point for me).

Readings will involve me entering a deep meditative state in which I ask my spirit guides to help me read your overall energy as if we were present in the same room. Since my abilities are different than a psychic’s (I don’t get visions, for example), I will combine my meditation with a tarot reading in order to seek more specific details.

For the long-distance energy healing sessions, it is best if we schedule a time for you to meditate and receive the healing as I send it.

Feel free to share your experiences afterwards. I’m looking forward to it! :) Bless you!

Energy Readings are Closed

Sorry about the wait dear followers. I was planning on readings earlier but the Elf and Pixie went out to eat. There was also some unfinished business I had to attend too. 

- Any readings after I decide to close them will be deleted. As much as I would love to do all, I only have limited time and energy to spare.
- If no specific question or area of concentration is given I will give a general sense of what sense.
-Readings will be public unless you wish otherwise. I am more than welcome to do private readings.
-Asking for a reading you are giving me permission to go over and touch your energy. For this reason Anon will be turned off for the duration of the readings. 
-Energy Readings will vary in length response so please do not get upset if yours will be shorter than others. Sometimes the most meaningful thing can be said in one sentence for you.

Please send in your asks if you would like a reading. They are now closed


For nothing dire, this time. No evictions or anything looming over our heads. We’re actually quite comfortable. I could just use $10. We want to buy subscriptions to the game we’re playing for date nights, and we could save a little bit of money if we paid for three months instead of one, but we’re $10 short.

I’m not asking for donations for something this frivolous, but if you’d be willing to toss a buck my way in exchange for a tarot reading (as many cards as necessary for one question) or $5 for as many questions as you can think to ask me, that’d be super rad. 

I also offer energy readings, entity readings, and I can draw, but I’m still out a tablet. The energy readings will be $3 and they’re more for insight into you. Entity readings, I just look for any thing floating around you and they’re normally $10 because if I run into angels I end up having to deal with SO MUCH SHIT and it happens more often than I’d like it to. Drawings depend on the drawing heavily, but for a pencil doodle we’ll say $1, though I can likely do a lot more stealing my sisters tablet if you really wanna get into comissioning me in full for this. I’ll just… stick some drawings here, I guess.