Car's Rooftop Device Makes Electricity From Rushing Wind


by Michael Keller

There are more places for electric vehicles to get power than just onboard batteries and stationary charging stations. Korean university and Samsung engineers say they have created a generator that makes electricity from flapping materials.

Their prototype, which can be mounted to an automobile’s roof, harnesses the triboelectric effect. This is the same phenomenon that causes a static charge to build up when a person walks across a carpet or a glass rod is rubbed with silk.


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Three of the most recent energetic portraits I made for clients today.
Artwork by Alex Fitch / MentalAlchemy
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Earlier this year, Canadian engineer Aidin Delnavaz placed a pair of industrial earmuffs on his head, adjusted a special strap beneath his chin, and waited for the material to start harvesting energy while he chewed gum for two minutes.

He only generated a small amount of wattage, but it was enough for the researchers to conclude that wearing the chin strap for the duration of a meal could power a small hearing aid for two hours.

More: These Canadians Invented A Chin Strap That Generates Energy When You Chew | Co.Exist | ideas impact


Pharrell and G-Star RAW Collaborate on Jeans Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

Producer, singer-songwriter, and fashion designer Pharrell Williams can now add energy advocate to his long list of descriptors. The unofficial arbiter of cool has teamed up with Dutch fashion brand G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn, a New York City-based startup that transforms fibers made from recycled plastic into durable textiles, to create a denim line made from plastic pollution pulled from the ocean. Bionic Yarn’s patented fibers are made of three layers: a core that gives the fabric strength and stretch, a middle layer of recycled material that makes up 45% of the yarn, and a top coating of any fiber—be it cotton, wool, linen, or nylon—to give the fabric the desired feel. So far, the RAW for the Ocean collection, currently being sold in stores and online, has made use of about nine tons of ocean plastic. The project is particularly significant in that it presents a novel and accessible image of “sustainability,” one which treats energy consciousness as constituent with fashion, aesthetics, and lifestyle. Indeed, what if we made caring for the environmental less about sacrifice and more about the positive opportunity to effect change and re-imagine cultural paradigms?

FREDERICTON - Opponents of hydraulic fracturing say the Liberal victory in New Brunswick will provide a needed pause in the development of the shale gas industry.

Lois Corbett of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick says Brian Gallant’s win in Monday’s provincial election will give politicians and experts time to study fracking.

She says she is pleased the Liberals vowed throughout the campaign to impose a moratorium on fracking.

Gallant has said he would halt the practice until more studies are done to understand the environmental and health impacts of the process.

Green party Leader David Coon, who became the first member of his party to win a seat in the province, says he has already spoken to the premier-designate and is willing to work with him on the issue.

The Liberals won a majority over the Progressive Conservatives under David Alward, who had heavily promoted the shale gas industry as a way to revive the province’s slumping economy.


I didn’t take chemistry, but I have been curious about how flames can burn in these different colors. I found some links on how to make fire of these different colors. Seriously, I don’t want any kids trying this. Be sure to have a responsible and mature adult do this with you. I’m serious. I would die if I found out somebody got burned because they read this and decided to woop-dee-doo into these experiments.

Here’s a link on how to make blue fire:

Violet or purple fire:

red fire:

green fire:

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Healing the Feminine (Part 5)

As promised, after the post that encouraged us all to look at our health behaviors practically, now we are back to the soul-stuff.  This post deals with examining your women’s health problems with an eye to

The possibility of past-life influences and rejection of the “feminine”:

In my late-twenties, I started becoming acutely aware of a relatively recent, violent past life wherein, during my adolescence as that other person, my femininity was not only exploited, but it also came under attack in a whole bunch of ways, in a series of ugly events that caused “me” a lot of grief, guilt, and both private and public shame.

Suddenly — once the past life came to light — many of the health problems (the hemorrhaging, the pain) and annoyances (the localized mystery bruises, the benignly deformed breast) from my current life made more sense; I realized my body had been expressing some energy I was still carrying in my spirit from a much earlier time.  And that I was still carrying it because I was still learning from and processing it.  For reasons that were always ultimately meant to serve my spirit’s highest good.

As I’ve learned more about that lifetime and made peace with it (and with various characters from it with whom I had difficult karma), almost ALL of my old problems with my health — and even fears about myself as a woman — have disappeared.

Another thing that has changed throughout this period:  I no longer see my body as “the enemy” or “a traitor.”

When I was younger and my hormones were off-kilter and the majority of my doctors’ suggestions were not helping, I felt totally out-of-control, helpless, and angry at my body for not “obeying” the norms I wanted it to obey, not functioning in a healthy way.  I also felt defective and undesirable for this.

To give you some background:  I was a total tomboy when I was younger, and there is nothing defective or undesirable about being a tomboy,  but, in truth, I would’ve actually loved to be able to enjoy being a “girl” or a “woman” in a “conventional” sense, to play with those stereotyped images on my own terms, in a way that felt right for me; I sensed a certain power in embracing — and playing up — my own raw feminine energies without shame… but I felt a lot of guilt over so much as wanting or caring about this.  What I came to realize was that I didn’t feel safe embracing my (version of how I personally wanted to express) “femininity.”

Between society-wide victim-blaming perspectives on sexual assault, my own history with various sexual assaults and stalking episodes, and even the feminine-shaming fears I’d absorbed from society that caring about my own hair, makeup, fashion, or body shape was “petty” and therefore, “bad” — I didn’t feel safe or valid in being a woman.

Or acting/dressing like the kind of woman I wanted to be.

In other words, I was rejecting my own feminine energies.

Of course it must not be forgotten:  each of us defines what the feminine is!  There is no single way to be “feminine,” nor do we all need to embrace whatever we do perceive as feminine.  Gender is performed, and it is healthiest for us to be able to embrace and express whatever most draws us, whatever resonates most with what we feel within ourselves.  In my own case, however, there was a conflict between wanting to be more (what I perceived to be) conventionally feminine in appearance and demeanor than I currently was, versus my own rejection of this very feminine identity for fears that embracing it would render me vain, dangerously vulnerable, and so on.

In light of all of this, looking back on my health problems at the time, I don’t find it odd that my body was rebelling.  What was biologically “female” about me was resisting healthy function (manifesting in all sorts of renegade imbalance), because I was resisting being a woman (as I thought “women” and their realities were defined).

(And for the record, I didn’t “swing” very far in one direction or another; for a number of years, people have repeatedly remarked — even non-energy-aware people — that I “have a strong balance of masculine and feminine” about me.  So what changed most profoundly, perhaps, was not so much what kind of “woman” I was, but how accepting and empowered I felt about being one.)

Messages from the outside can have a similar effect; if individuals in your life or even just your social milieu overall are sending messages that some aspect of your gendered self is “not okay,” don’t you think it’s conceivable that your sex hormones — and everything they control — might throw themselves out of whack in order to get your attention?

If anyone ever made you feel it was “not okay” or otherwise “unsafe” to embrace, embody, or celebrate some aspect of your “woman” identity or your feminine energies, and you internalized the attack, your body is quite likely still trying to get you to notice so you can work through the wound and embrace with an open heart your fullest and truest expression of self once again.

If you have past-life stuff factoring into your relationship to your gendered/sexual energies, these will become apparent if they need to; there’s no need for you to make an obsessive quest of figuring out what might’ve happened to a former you, in another century.  You can keep your focus on the now (since everything is manifesting in the now anyway) and still experience healing.  I mention the possibility of past-life influences, however, because this may be helpful for those of us who have had female health problems or hormonal imbalances that preceded any memorable traumas in our current lives.  Reflect on and examine the possible “messages” behind your health issues as best you can, and if no answers come, remind yourself that maybe the roots lie somewhere else — and just accept that and forgive your body for its current imbalances.

In fact, thank your body, because it is both vehicle and messenger for your spirit.  It is teaching you, and it is guiding your own healing process.

From here, further posts will delve deeper into healing exercises you can try and possible avenues of self-exploration.


I was born in the wrong generation.

But fuck big hair and poodle skirts.

I want nanobots to shape my hair and mold my outfit to match the style and/or time period I pick from a catalog, all using the same (freshly cleaned) material I wore the day before.

I want the news, weather, and plans for the day to pop up in the corner of my vision when I wake up in the morning.

I want to be able to download relevant information directly into my brain, and store it away for later use.

I want my thoughts sent like messages to my friends at will.

I want to be able to call up old memories like video files on a computer, sort them by date and circumstance, tag other people in them.

I want to pop over to the next solar system for a quick vacation.

Have a good, long, conversation with a copy of Teddy Roosevelt’s consciousness brought back from the 1900’s

And above all, when I’m attending classes in my sleep and I go into history class, I want all the shit we’re dealing with right now, the racism, sexism, all the inequality, war, hunger, disease, everything, I want it gone. I want it to have been taken care of so long ago that over time we’ve developed inaccuracies in our high-tech future textbooks about what actually happened. Like, way, way, way back, on sol earth, in the 2010’s. That’s what I want.