This is really important because this could stand for anything whether positive or negative, Energy is the principle of the universal system. How we direct that energy is what we attract into our awareness. If it’s something of our past or future it creates a cycle, a recycling of our thought patterns generating around that energy you are feeding into it. This what i like to call blackhole thinking ;)

Don’t get stuck in your own blackhole

Senate passes Keystone bill, 62-36

The Senate has passed a bill allowing the Keystone Pipeline to be built. Obama is expected to veto.

From the DC:

After weeks of wangling, the Republican-led Senate finally passed a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline after debating dozens of amendments and overcoming stiff resistance from Democrats.

But while Republicans celebrate their legislative victory, President Obama is likely readying his pen to veto the bill, and Republicans won’t likely have enough votes to override the president’s decision.

The bill was allowed to advance Thursday after senators voted to end debate on the legislation which forced a vote on a slew of amendments. The Keystone bill passed out of the Senate in a 62 to 36 vote.

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The mere fact that this pipeline is controversial at all is a testament to how successful the media is at convincing seemingly intelligent people to believe anything by invoking “the environment.” Be that as it may, I do like the fact the Senate is going to force Obama to own this.

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Spiritual Connection to Hair

As a child I never wanted to cut my hair, and I thought it gave me the hability to see stuff that adults couldnt. As I grew up, in order to be..kind of a man, I´d cut it,out of fashion out of stereotypes, I dont know, but I felt like something was missing to protect my back, as if to fend off psychic attacks, I became less sensitive to those things to the point of no care, and then I got mentally ill, not sure if it was for that or just helping the circunstances that led me into that, but ended up very ill for years. I started to investigate this of the hair, in regard to that, to know if i should let it grow and not care for stereotypes, or to trim it, what is better to do to help my state. I noticed that buddhist monks would shave their heads even sometimes the eyebrows! And a friend told me that since it is connection with the world, the monks do so for instrospection so they can meditate withouth being in contact with everything.

That sounds really fascinating, I’ve never really thought about the spiritual connection behind hair before, which is funny because i’ve always had very long hair almost my entire life. I wouldn’t mind looking into this further…Thank you for sharing your insights with us <3

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The Energy of February

Dear Ascension Pioneers!
The Star is the archetype for the new energetic month of February in general, so there will be lots of bursts of creative energy, new hopes and dreams coming true. We are developing a new level of trust in the Self, and as we do so, we begin to believe in all parts of ourselves working in Unison as One. We see ourselves as infinitely expanding and therefore infinitely capable to create anything. We don’t simply merge with our Soul, but we also continuously expand in our Soul. Our Soul takes in more of Spirit and begins to illuminate. We are approaching the end of a cycle, and if there were any difficulties or challenges present, we are rising in our awareness yet again and transcending them.
During the entire month of February, there will be lots of creative energy at our disposal, and although Mercury will still be retrograde in the first part of the month, this won’t mean that we simply “stop and stare.” This Mercury retrograde is actually an invitation into deeper freedom of Being, which includes all of our creations. To fully accept all does not mean to hold still and be passive. This is very active energy, and although it is moving slower, it gets things done in perfect Divine timing, with great courage and strength. The archetype of the Star was strongly present with us during the month of December as well, so if there is anything that we were guided to start up with back then, Now will be a perfect time to deliver it and working on “making the ends meet”, which means culminating in our unique creations. Dreams from the not so distant past are returning in our Hearts as well.
We are also working with the element of the Cup of Life, which is also called the “Holy Grail” in many ancient traditions. What is that, really? Recently Spirit revealed to me that the word “Elven” actually means full of Life … alive with the living consciousness of Spirit. I was shown the words “la vie”, which also imply life. The Cup of Life is our own embodiment of Spirit. When we receive our unique Cup of Life, we revive ourselves and begin to work with the energy of Self sustenance and Soul alchemy. As we ascend, we begin to activate our inner Soul energy fuel/manna, which means that all that is alive with consciousness begins to be available through our own individualized Soul, and that we have the Power to bring it through into our embodiment. We have the Power to overflow and fill all of our creations with the Light of pure Spirit and carry them forward to serve all Life in Creation.

With Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

When a beam of white light fractures, it too separates into multiple colors. It becomes a rainbow.

But in becoming the rainbow, the light has not lost any part of its former self. It has not gained anything new, either. It is simply being seen from another perspective. Through each individual wavelength, seen on its own.

I was so afraid of losing a part of myself for so long that I did not realize this. When the rainbow dissipates and the wavelengths that we see as color begin to overlap once again, nothing is lost. The rainbow is still there, all the colors still exist, all the energy is still within. It is simply all being seen at the same time once more, as a collage of colors, appearing to the eye as white light.

Nothing is lost. Nothing is gained. It is simply seen differently, from another perspective.
There was not death. Nobody was lost. Nobody was ever gained. We simply coexisted, and now we coexist once more.
And sometimes certain colors are seen stronger than others on certain days, or in certain scenarios… and that’s okay. That’s beautiful.
The universe
Is beautiful.

anonymous asked:

What would you say about the fact that I believe I'm super sensitive to energies. I can feel them even thru texting or phone calls. Bad energies leave me feeling super flustered/dysfunctional, having anxiety etc. am I giving too much of my own energy/light away that I send mentally? What am I? What goes on with my vibe and energy? Do other people feel it and they take too much from me? I'm so confused.

What can i say, you’re super sensitive and you need to take care of yourself! 

You need first of all to ground yourself. Secondly, do a protective bubble daily when you wake up to filter a bit the energies around you and to keep them away from attaching to you. Thirdly you’ve got to do a bit of clearing in regards the people you talk/ hang out with because it sounds like they’re sucking your energy. You must be having some people that have a lot of drama or negative energy which makes you drained when you communicate with them. 

You don’t really send energy mentally, so you’re not giving it away in that sense. You get overwhelmed because you put yourself in the persons story/drama/ energies, you’re living it with them which makes you drained. Most people can’t see your energies, but subconsciously they do feel/ know them, which is why certain people might cling/ come to you in their darkest times because they “know” you will “heal”, help them release some of these energies. For example my mother doesnt even realise, but every time she’s filled with different energies and needs healing, she comes to me and holds my hand - i know what she’s doing because my palms are always filled with healing energy, so she comes to get healing from me… and after a bit she feels much lighter.

People take your energy too much because you allow them to. In order to change this you’ve got to take care of yourself in all ways. Remove toxic things from your life, reconsider your friends/ relationships, what music you listen to - yes, this is quite important. I used to listen to a lot of metal and hardcore music as a teenager, but since my awakening i can listen to this music only on certain days or in certain circumstances. If i try to listen to it right now i won’t be able to, i’d feel it too heavy and id feel very uncomfortable. I had actually quite a few times when i had to ask the people i was with to change the music because it was making me feel uncomfortable, anxious etc. 

Be careful if you engage in a lot of gossip as that is negative talk and it may drain you too. Try to set up little daily rituals for yourself for cleansing your energy, do salt baths, aromatherapy or have flowers in your room. Do cleansing meditations, eat light food. Your body and energetic system is changing which is why you’re so sensitive now, so you should be careful with what’s surrounding you!