What’s the Difference Between Chakras and Auras?

Energy healing experts often claim that they can see your auras and chakras, or perhaps just one or the other. Kirlian photography is a common method used to actually photograph one’s auras. Highly enlightened healers can often see the chakras, and identifying imbalances is an intuitive process, as well. So, what is the difference between auras and chakras and how can we clear and balance them?

Auras are a Reflection of Your Mood and Intent

Auras are energetic fields that emanate from the body in a rainbow of hues, and it is somewhat of a tattletale concerning your current state, mood, and way of being. Auras can change as quickly as chameleon depending on your current situation, and they can be adjusted consciously by practiced individuals. These luminous fields of energy surround every individual, a halo of colors that can only be detected by a master intuitive, often by using their Third Eye.

The auras serve as a mood ring of sorts and are affected by not only your state of mind, but that of those around you. If you work in a high stress office surrounded by Type A personalities, your aura may feel theirs pushing against yours if it is weakened; hence, why maintaining a strong aura is essential. An example of energy fields colliding is often seen when people are in love. Lovers’ auras brush against one another and combine into a great field of light when the two are together. Even as they depart, a bit of their partner’s aura clings to theirs.

You can often tell as an average human what type of aura someone has…those with strong auras are very charismatic, can draw a crowd, and have a strong presence. Think celebrities and politicians. Now think about that shy, anxious, withdrawn person who gets easily intimidated by those with thick, strong auras. These individuals have thin, weak auras.

Thoughts – like everything in the universe – are merely energy, so boosting your aura is as simple as maintaining positive thoughts, saying positive words, and having a sense of optimism in every action you take.

The Chakras Tell the Story of Your Life

Chakras reflect the NOW in your life, and these energy centers are anchored within specific regions of the human body. Chakra means ‘spinning wheel’ in Sanskrit, and each of the chakras has a correlating color just as the auras do. These energy centers work together and ‘communicate’ with each other, so when one or more is blocked, the spinning or activation of the chakra is impaired. In turn, this can affect other chakras, causing slight imbalances that hamper emotional and physical wellbeing.

Emotional healing intuitives can often see the chakras, identify shrunken ones that are impaired, open ones that indicate blockages, and identify those with pinpricks of light which often indicate depression. Healing the chakras requires REAL life changes and effort, whereas auras can be changed on a dime. Meditation, stone therapy, and holistic healing sessions are all excellent ways to identify and begin healing the chakras. Clearing and balancing the chakras will in turn support your aura!

By: Stephanie Lucas

The Seeds of Unified Physics go back a long way in the history of scientific theory. In some of the earliest historical records of human culture we find civilizations around the world that believed in the Presence of a Unifying Field of Energy that surrounds and permeates all things. This Dynamic Energy Field provided an underlying organizing framework and was considered by some to be the Source of Life Energy within biological systems, being given such names as Chi (China/Asia), Ki (Japan), and Prana (India). In the early pursuits of Science and Physics (going as far back as Plato) it was often referred to as the Aether and was proposed to be the Medium through which Light travelled. Though it was eliminated from the general scientific paradigm in the early 20th century, the indications for an Underlying Field persists as being inherent in the Fundamentals of Physics.

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