one of my friends called off his enegagement and i couldn’t be happier for him. instead he got himself a 1000cc street bike and will be dead in 48 hours. to me, (and im not one to say anything) but thats what you should be doing at 22, not getting married like 870000% of humanity it seems is. i don’t get it. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. young 20 somethings who should be going out and dating everyone they see are getting married and married fourty somethings are doing nothing but getting divorced. like marriage is at 52% in this country but you think doing it now while you don’t even know what you want is a good idea?!?!?!?!?!? are you high? i bet i have the same kind of roommates as these people- my parents. and yet commitment to a person who hasn’t even figured out what kind of person they are FOR ALL OF TIME is a good idea to you!?

everyone’s mentally incapacitated im going to find an island somewhere between thailand and australia and drive Porsche 911 without pants because at 22 thats what you should be doing like finance a car not a ring.

speaking of cars. GIRLS. WHY DO YOU LIKE MEN WITH PICKUP TRUCKS. THEY ARE CLEARLY COMPENSATING. i’m sorry but if we’re on a date and you tell me someone from your past drove/drives/likes/is a pickup truck then i will slap you senseless because you are worth more than someone who has to overcompensate/has a size issue. whatever if you’re that dumb you’re probably going to piss me off anyways. actually no everyone pisses me off don’t take it personally

hmmm what else is stupid in this world.

oh yeah. not only is there all of this garbage happening with celebrities but one of my coworkers got raped??? have i mentioned that??? the first group of question marks wasn’t neccessary but it was her first day back and she was AWESOME. she is so strong and her faith was MONUMENTAL. she has no right to be happy right now, let alone at work like nothing happened. AND SHE WAS! i love her boldness. i love the fact that when her attacker hears that what he did made her nothing but a better, stronger individual its gonna make him hate what he did that much more. talk about minusthenegative. like lets subtract it, multiply it by itself to turn it into a positive number then exponentially grow it to uncountable numbers. thats the kind of faith that my coworker has. and i hear some girls say “i want a man who can provide for me.” shut up, she’s working 54 hours the week after she got raped and you can’t even file a job application.

evolving onwards, i think i get why girls have the old (and quickly becoming broken) stereotype of being dumber than men. when they’re kids, parents expect certain things from them, their son has to be champion of 3.75 different sports, his daughter is just his “princess” (gag) who gets to live in his castle for free. when i see a guy with that attitude wondering why the girl he knows is that way and im like BRUH. EXPECT MORE THAN THAT FROM HER.