This man. I can’t get enough of him. I love Dir En Grey,always have. But Kyo,holds a special place in my heart.


He makes the best facial expressions.
He’s honesty,adorable and sex all at once.
He makes the most inhuman sounds.
Yet has the most beautiful voice.
He may not be the tallest guy out there,but you don’t even notice because of his presence.
His impish grins.
His “shut the fuck up” faces.
He’s got a body to die for.
Tattoos that add to his sex appeal.
An yet.
With his writing.
You can tell he’s a deep individual.
He’s amazing.
He’s complex.
He’s not just some,hot vocalist in some band.

I may not ever get to meet him. But that’s okay.
As long as he’s happy and healthy,it’s okay.




This is a video of a night on the subway in Mexico City, we boarded the wagon and after a few stations, the subway just stopped for almost an hour and a half. But that wasn’t the worst part. Then a dense smoke began to fill the place. There was fainted children, a lot of people coughing, we all were sharing water and scarves to cover our mouths.

A few weeks ago, the government raised the cost of tickets, promising better facilities and services….and we got this.

Please, reblog this, These things need to get fixed, we can not expose ourselves to die in one easy trip to home.

Even if you’re not from Mexico, please help us. We need the world to know what kind of things are happening.

thank you.


Dir en Grey - The Making of [KR] Cube


Desconsiderado es el hecho de que no le des ese “valor” a mi mensaje por las mañanas…

Desconsiderado es que sonrías todos los días a pesar de no saber nada de mí…

Desconsiderado es mi egoísmo al decirte todas estas cosas pues eres libre de hacer lo que te venga en gana porque a pesar de todas estas cosas te quiero…

Desconsiderado es que tenga que ver todos los atardeceres solo, pues tú ya los observas con alguien mas…

Desconsiderado es el hecho de que me hagas sentir que existe una oportunidad y a la mas mínima provocación tumbes de tajo todos esos deseos…

Desconsiderado es el hecho de quererte hasta que duela y no te importe en lo más mínimo…

Desconsiderado es este amor, que no entiende razones…

Desconsiderado es este cuerpo que no aguanta mas dolor…

Desconsiderado es…

David Cruz - (thememoriesofatraveler)

OK so do you know why French and Spanish are offered in American schools? Obviously, it’s because there are ten Spanish speaking countries in North and South America (eleven if you include the US, which I do) and then French is widely spoken in Canada, The Caribbean (Les Antilles) and even plays an important part in American culture in places such as Louisiana and New England (Maine). However why is it that many American schools (if not all to a certain extent) rightfully prefer to teach the Latin American dialect of Spanish while education of the French language is  so eurocentric that North American accents, vocabulary, and general dialect markers are taught to be incorrect? Spanish teachers in American certainly teach the Latin American dialect to students (while giving proper acknowledgement to Castilian Spanish to assure that the students are aware of its European counterpart), like the usage of  usted(es) vs vosotros so that Spanish-language students will be able to recognize and communicate in the ‘standard’ (another debate entirely) Spanish dialect relevant to their continent. However, the majority of French language teachers in America are unable to recognize common expressions and terminology used even in the Canadian dialect of North American French. As a native speaker of Québec French (known as québécois), I constantly lose points on assignments because of my pronunciation and vocabulary choices (I once lost 4 points off an essay for using the words joual, stationnement, and quétaine). I have to constantly hear teachers refer to aspects of North American French as “incorrect” (differences in pronunciation or phrases, such as ‘je suis en amour’ and ‘je suis amoureux(se)), or refer to the dialects as “peasant French” (the usage of frette, essaye, assois, etc). The majority of American French teachers are taught the history, language, culture, and current social events of European francophone countries (mostly France to be exact) while not being able to recognize even the simplest phrases unique to the dialects of the continent they live in . 

This ignorance of our dialects promotes the idea that European French is superior to our dialects (setting the ‘standard’ for the French language up to favour European French) which leads to the idea that our dialects are somehow “impure” and “slangy” while simultaneously glossing over our cultures, histories, and important social events (how many French teachers here can give important contributions of the la révolution tranquille in relation to francophone rights and culture in Canada or how children in Louisiana were punished for speaking French in the school yard je vous encourage tous à lire les poèmes Speak White et Schizophrénie linguistique si ces deux évènements marquants dans l’histoire francophone de l’Amérique du Nord vous intéressent.). I’m not asking for a complete reboot of the education of the French language in the US, but I am asking for more representation in high school and university classes so that students of this language are able to identify what is distinctively North America, have the choice to inform themselves about our language and culture, and just in general not think of our dialect as ‘wrong’ and ‘weird’—instead of teaching ideas that perpetuate eurocentric linguism.