Who would have thought that running a 22 miler on Monday and then only really consuming some crisps, cider and wine (no lunch or dinner) would result in me feeling weak and woozy on my 8 mile run the next day?


Turns out it would!


Still, I got through it and the one yesterday and ran in this morning.  This puts me at a little over 46 miles for the week with 8 to go tonight.  This will become my highest mileage for a week by the end of a Thursday so it makes me happy.


There’s been a couple of niggles recently but they are moving, so whilst last night the right hamstring was upset, this morning it was my right calf (which I trigger-pointed in the shower and is now much better).  I always consider it when good when I have moving niggles because it is the body reacting and strengthening with the training.


And now I know there will be a “Tweet and Run” team at twitter full of people I know and love at endure24 I can’t wait to get there and have a bash at running for 24 hours solid!


The goals are (from should do to dream):


  1. Run 40 miles (8 laps);
  2. Run 65 miles (13 laps - surpasses 100km); and
  3. Run 100 miles (20 laps).

But of course, the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!  Because after all, we are only running to enjoy ourselves, and we certainly aren’t getting paid for it!