15 Things That Make Me Happy

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1. The obvious: Wine. Tacos. Doritos. Pineapple. Pizza. Five Guys.

2. Long dinners with my friends.

3. Traveling. The beach. California. New perspectives.

4. Organization. Making lists. Packing.

5. My family. Spending time with my family. Playing games with my family. My nephew. Dance parties with my sis-in-law. Fishing with my brother.

6. Cooking. Growing my own tomatoes and spinach. Going through the heirloom seed catalog. (WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE?)

7. Seasons. Summer. Spring. Fall. Mild winters, like this one.

8. Clean sheets. Clean sheets that smell like Gain Original.

9. Endorphins. Working out. Specifically the last two minutes, when you know it’s over and you feel fucking fantastic.

10. Amazon Prime. Convenience.

11. Taking care of myself. Cliche, yes. True regardless. 11b. Getting exactly the right amount of sleep.

12. When someone I don’t care for looks bad in a picture.

13. College football. When Mizzou has a good season.

14. Trash television. Vanderpump Rules. Most Real Housewives. 90 Day Fiance. The Bachelor. LIFETIME MOVIES.

15. DOGS. All dogs, all the time. (And when I accidentally type “dong” and laugh out loud at myself.)

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Cramps are something that almost every person with a menstrual cycle will have to deal with. Cramps are caused by contractions in the uterus. Some tips for easing cramps include:

  • Exercising. This helps improve the blood flow and produces pain fighting endorphins. Yoga can be a simple and peaceful way to ease cramps.
  • Having a healthy diet and avoiding caffeine.
  • Applying heat to abdomen with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Also by taking a hot bath.
  • Using a pad or menstrual cup instead of a tampon if you have vaginal cramping.
  • Over the counter pain relief containing Ibuprofen.
  • Taking hormonal birth control.

If pain continues or is still very hard to handle, talk to your health care provider about pain relief options. 

Tracy M, Sex Educator

Battle buddies, mission partners, and best friends: Agent York and Agent North of Project Freelancer find their bond of friendship easily transitions into something more despite the policy against fraternization.

Chapter 5

The mission hadn’t gone well. It was only sheer luck that they’d survived at all. North had made a split-second decision, probably influenced by the fact that he was running on adrenaline and endorphins, barely after finding himself awakening in one of the seats of the Pelican. Things were dire, that he could tell, and Carolina had reacted in a timely manner, ordering him to carry out his plan.

Climbing onto the outside of the craft was difficult, but he had to protect them, protect everyone. The timing was crucial and he had no way of knowing whether it would work, but seeing the flash around him and hearing the crack of the missiles exploding, he knew he’d succeeded.

After the missiles had struck his energy shield North had fairly crawled back into the Pelican, exhausted, got into a seat, and brought the rocker bar down over him again. Now that he didn’t have anything to do but wait in the seat and feel the ship rocketing and buffeting through space, the pain in his chest grew. His chest piece was an oppressive weight against his body, and he could feel where the dents caused by the bullets that had hit him were practically embedded in his flesh. His head didn’t seem to be doing so well either. He set a hand on his forehead, and with that he lost consciousness.

When he awakes again he’s in a gown in one of the cots in recovery. 

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6 months ago I swear I had the universe inside me
I had nebulas running through my veins like endorphins
I had galaxies in my mind that were speckled with colorful ideas and
I had star constellations that lit up my eyes when I talked.
Six months ago I had beauty in my soul and six months ago I loved the idea of there’s always a tomorrow
Six months ago I was whole.

But it’s not six months ago and
My veins are filled with nothing more than the blood that my heart tiringly pumps
My mind is consumed with not beautifully vibrant thoughts but instead the kind that frighten children at night
And my eyes don’t light up the way they use to.

—  January 24, 2015

anonymous asked:

How do you remain positive and calm during hard times? I'm finding it hard as of late

I dunno man, I just go for a run. It’s difficult to feel shitty when you’ve got endorphins racing through your system.

Or eat a doughnut, that always helps.