Run Day

Gonna log some miles. The endorphins are going to get released… chances are I’m gonna see a hot ass with some tone legs. Gonna drive me wild, and I’m gonna probably run faster thinking naughty thoughts.

can someone recommend me some online shops?? i don’t actually like buying anything i just like the endorphin rush of thinking i might 

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This is probs really random but I just wanna check I'm not doing anything shitty, but I like reading etortic fiction when getting off? Nothing like BDSM or any other abusive shit and it's not porn, like i said this is probably random but i just want to ensure that its not problematic

Hmm….this is something that radfems have different opinions on. The piece itself might be unproblematic but your brain gets used to the endorphins so you’ll need stronger stuff and stronger stuff. I feel iffy about erotica. I know that some radfems read fanfiction that contains smut…

So, basically I don’t know. How about I ask radfems to comment their opinion on this post? We can get a general idea from there. Guys?

The way I feel after the endorphins release when I’m done treating my body to some dancing, or weight training or yoga. Any form of movement done for longer than 10 minutes can create those good vibrations. I start feeling high off life and want to share it with others. I can feel the energy vibrating inside of me, I get extra happy and start doing a sensual dance to the music in the middle of the gym until I snap out of the zone by someone watching.. Haha aha… I swear, movement is a drug… Even if it’s just walking for 20 minutes, start somewhere, and get you some good spirits pumping in you while benefitting from it physically and mentally. Free feel good, just move.
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Horikashi Week [Day 2: Fight] - The Punch Line

Instead of fighting to turn the tables on her like he would have a short time ago, though, Hori was content to just enjoy the attention for a moment, and if that meant he’d lost the fight, then fine, he surrendered.

Now this one is where my shamelessness really set in, but I didn’t get very descriptive with anything so it’s probably still safe for most people to read?

I can’t connect this drabble to Breaking Character either (BC Hori definitely wouldn’t be okay with the violence) but I suppose it could be considered a canon future-fic as long as these two nerds actually manage to hook up at some point, haha~

Content Warnings: Nudity, violence, adult themes, nsfw?

[AO3 Mirror]

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-he's all giddy from the adrenaline and endorphins of the game and from seeing you so he's just on cloud nine and idk I'm just imagining him in his soccer uniform and you in his jersey and later you go home to reward him for his win and go to take off the shirt but he wants you to wear it so you ride him wearing his jersey and his hands are up it to feels your boobs and he's still sweaty from the game and wow

God bless this god bless you


This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die, your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you feel a range of emotions. Tragically beautiful.

17 Things to do to Be Happy on a Bad Day

Awhile back (like 2 years ago awhile back), I made a blog post about 10 things I like to do to make myself feel better on bad days. Everyone seemed to love the suggestions, but things have changed guys. I’m 22 now. I’m mature. Okay YES, I had a slip’n’slide and a pinata and my birthday last week, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is I have 2 more years of life experience and even MORE ways to have some happy times on some bad days y’all.

1. Hit the gym. Yeah, I know this is a fitness blog so this is expected as feeerrrkkk, but it’s true. Get the endorphins racing through those veins and sweat out the bad vibes. It works.

2. Hit the pavement. Running (especially at night) with your headphones blasting and your feet pounding the pavement, all while getting a good workout in is probably my favorite way to relieve stress and get happy. For running playlist suggestions, feel free to look at my 8Tracks account.

3. Pet a puppy. And if you don’t have a puppy, go to the humane society or animal shelter and pet their puppies. It’s actually proven scientific fact that puppy smiles are guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of humans.

4. Get your nails done. From all that running and gym time you are putting in, you deserve a foot rub. And a foot scrub. And some badass colored nails. Treat yo self. Groupon also always has deals for nail salons, so it will be easy to find somewhere cheap for people on a budget.

5. Go eat with a friend. My best friend and I’s favorite past time is going on dates to dinner and literally just vent about all of our problems over a shared plate of nachos and (more than likely) a bottle of cheap wine. Sometimes, you just need to bitch about your bad day for a minute to get over it. And your bestie will always be there to listen to that.

6. Go outside. Hike, walk in the park, drive around aimlessly with the windows down. Fresh air will do you good way more than moping inside will.

7. Take a hot shower. I don’t know why this works for me, but it does. Whenever I’m feeling sad or kind of sick, I will always take a shower, blowdry my hair, and get re-ready for my day. It’s almost like I’m restarting the day over, and I’m able to kind of just relax in the shower for a minute before stepping out into the real world again.

8. Listen to your favorite music. Whatever playlist you are feeling right now, feel it girl. Music can single-handedly change my mood for the day, for better or worse, so have a playlist ready and blast that thing.

9. Do your makeup. A lot of times when I feel good on the outside, it’ll make me feel good on the inside. Trying something new with my hair and makeup will usually do it.

10. Yoga. Meditation and downward dogs are a perfect way to relax and block out the real world. If you don’t belong to a gym or studio that has yoga, you can find great deals online for local places! It’s an AMAZING way to relieve stress.

11. Watch your favorite comedy. If I want a guaranteed laugh, I go to Netflix and just watch old episodes of New Girl. It’s the only show that actually makes me cry-laugh on a regular basis, and it always puts me in a 10/10 great mood.

12. Do something nice for a friend. When you love someone and get to show that love through kindness and they feel that love… That’s the business.

13. Do something nice for a stranger. Random acts of kindness are also scientifically proven to make you and the stranger both feel the warm fuzzies of fellow human decency and kindness. Whether it be buying a strangers coffee, or getting meals for the homeless, it’s a simple way to improve not only your day, but a strangers.

14. Have sex. You know why.

15. Turn off your phone. Blocking out social media and emails and phone calls for a few hours can just make you forget about the real world for a moment.

16. Set goals for the day. Accomplish the goals. Nothing is quite as satisfying as having a to-do list and being able to cross off every single item on the to-do list. 

17. Hang out with the people you love most. Whether that hangout be in person or via FaceTime, it’s the most important thing to be with the ones you love, and it’s the simplest way to feel better about any situation.

Hope these help you have a fantastic day always! Love you guys, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow for the best protein smoothie recipe of all time.

It pays to live in a place that you can walk where you need to go.

Literally. You save so much money not having to pay gas expenses, AND you get exercise. 

That’s one of my favorite things about Seattle thus far. It’s whipping my butt into shape! The only times I don’t walk are at night if I’m by myself. I think all of my friends should do what I did and sell their cars and move up here with me.

We could walk everywhere, and be happy because of the endorphin’s our bodies release from all that money savin’ and walkin’. :D 

It probably also helps that Sarah (my roommate) only steams her vegetables, and she’s makes quite a variety. We eat a lot of steamed carrots, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, and potatoes. It’s awesome.

So I splurged and bought the official race pics & honestly… who looks this happy while running a marathon!?? (apparently I do)

Running gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. (granted, the race was still young at this point, as was I… & I believe this was taken around mile 8-9. Back when I was naive and cheerful and blissfully unaware of the pains that awaited me between miles 21-24)

Still though. I think this very accurately depicts my feelings towards running…sweaty and smiley! #happylittlemarathoner

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do you ever wonder what do the survey corps women do when they have their period?? like what if they are in a expedition or something?? can erwin's budget afford them enough rags?? do they even use rags??? I think about this a lot

they had a lot of ways of dealing with periods back in ye olde times like using rolled up wool or animal skins or moss or muslin to absorb the blood so I’m sure they’ve got that taken care of. maybe they use natural shit like herbs or willow bark (where aspirin was derived from in the 1800s) for painkillers.

otherwise I think any menstrual cramps (unless they’re hella severe and physically restricting in rarer cases) would be dulled by adrenaline and fear the female soldiers would experience during an expedition. like it’s hard to focus on your cramps when you’re being stalked by Titans, and your body is releasing endogenous endorphins with exercise and during fight/flight responses and they act as your body’s form of natural morphine.

so I think the terror of expeditions would dull most menstrual cramps lmao

1. The lady at the counter scans my white wine at the register;
asks me what my plans are tonight.  
I tell her there’s a scary movie marathon on and she smiles, says getting drunk just makes fear funny.
2. I sip my morning coffee too indulgently;
french vanilla sin thick on my tongue.
3. It’s a cold winter.
We smoke out by the creek and stare up the pine tree’s branches; imagine the snow sounds like wind chimes.
4. My lover kisses me so deeply,
I don’t taste food the same way for two days.
5. I want to disappear the way water escapes from cupped hands.
6. My church leader won’t use the word “depression.”
He suggests I sign up for a gym membership,
to get those endorphins going.
Once I start trying, the sadness should go away.
7. “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
I have searched for you in the sky,
wondered if Aquarius looked more like a throne.
If you see Him, tell Him I’ve been looking.
—  Schuyler Peck, Let’s Count the Ways I’m Going to Hell
Indulge in delicious, nutritious foods you crave. Taste and share and drink and laugh. Exercise to make your soul feel good, to release endorphins and increase your libido, not to take a popular half-nude Instagram photo. Run outside, hike a mountain, practise yoga in a candlelit room, swim in an ocean. Stand naked in front of a mirror and feel sexy, feel free and authentic. Change your screen saver to a picture that makes you happy to be you – not a picture of someone you want to be.
—  Skin Deep
Soulmate 5SOS Michael/4





I’m going to make one for each of the boys, so don’t bite my head off just yet!

send me requests kids!
Upon the discovery of one’s soulmate, the following behaviors have been observed and marked as a constant.
Stage One: Euphoria
During this stage, the persons involved in the soulmate relationship are known to experience a heightened sense of happiness and bliss, often resulting in elation and, in extreme cases, dangerously reckless behavior.
This stage is triggered by a rush of endorphins to the brain, signaling the proximity (approximately 20 cubic meters) of one soulmate to the other. Typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour.
Stage Two: Awakening
Awakening is when the physical soulmate bond manifests itself. Traditionally, the soulmate bond is in the form of a set of identical tattoos, but identical scars or birthmarks may also be present.
Pain can often accompany the appearance of the bond, but severity varies from person to person. Nausea, fatigue, lack of motor skills, and fainting follow within one hour of the appearance if the soulmates have still not met, but meetings under 4 hours after the soul bond manifestation show no harsh side effects.
Stage Three: Exaltation
Occurs when soulmates meet for first time. Statistics show that 99.99% of soulmates who meet during Exaltation remain successful. Dissatisfaction with one’s soulmate is extremely rare and often a side effect of severe trauma and/or chemical imbalance within said soulmate’s body.
Stage Three Alternative: Deterioration
The result of disregard to one’s soulmate bond or lack of physical interaction between soulmates following Stage Two. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, unorganized speech, paranoia, delusions, fever, and hemoptypsis. Can be treated, but recovery primarily depends on unification of soulmates.
Severe cases of withdrawal can often result in death. The average person can suffer up to 6 hours of Stage Three Alternative before the body succumbs to a catatonic stasis. Catatonia may only last 3 hours on average, and the heart stops beating.
Records show soulmates, in rare cases, may survive without the other, with the assistance of corrective surgeries and, frequently, removal of the apocrine glands, should one’s soulmate die a premature death or be unfit for  relationship.


You blew over the steam that rose from your coffee in small waves, shivering slightly. The weather outside was icy, the wind whipping around like shards. You pulled your sweater tighter around you, sipping from your cup. You had retired yourself to a coffee shop right off your campus, needing a break from the hustle and bustle that came with finals being over.

Pulling out a weathered copy of your favorite novel, you curled up in the plush chair in the far corner of the shop. You felt antsy for some unknown reason, the few humorous lines sending you into giggles. The few other inhabitants of the shop ignored you for the most part, so you chalked it up to caffeine.

The bell tolled lightly, signaling the arrival of another chilly guest. The burst of wind accompanying the stranger gave you goosebumps, and you curled in tighter on yourself, not looking up from the novel. The restlessness grew worse and worse, and then stopped altogether. You would have rolled your eyes at yourself, if you could have.

Note to self, you thought. Avoid all caffeinated drinks following the first 72 hours of final exams.

You felt a twinge on your wrist, twitching slightly. The twinge quickly turned into a burning that spread from your wrist in both directions, circling your arm to your elbow, making your fingers burn. You gasped, dropping your book with a thud, because it burned. You bit back tears, your entire arm shaking with the pain of what was happening. Distantly, your mind went over all the lessons you learned in your high school sex education classes.

“Pain can often accompany the appearance of the bond, but severity varies from person to person.”

Of fucking course your soulmate mark would be painful. You heard a clattering of chairs across the shop, someone clattering towards you loudly, swearing.

“Motherfuck- ow! Goddamnit, this hurts- ow!” You looked up, tears welled in your eyes, as a tall, dark hair boy stumbled towards you, cup in one hand, a small paper bag in the other.

He stopped as soon as you made eye contact, staring at you for a long moment, grimace sliding off of his face. Then, just as fast, he was clambering over to you, abandoning his belongings on a table nearby, sinking to his knees in front of you.

“Babe, babe, are you alright? Jesus Christ, you’re beautiful. Don’t cry, love, I promise I’m not that bad.” He was positively beaming at you, taking your newly-tattooed hand, kissing it gently, turning it over and over in his.

“’S not you, just hurts is all.” You sniffled, your eyes already drying as the pain subsided. “I’m (y/n), I promise I don’t cry all the time.”

He gave you another smile, green eyes twinkling with delight. “I’m Michael, I actually cry a lot during rom-com’s.”

You laughed, relishing the silky sound of his voice. He glanced around, finding his drink and bag on the table over, setting it down at yours, nestling himself beside you.

“I feel kind of stupid now. I got a blueberry muffin, didn’t even want it, but my hand felt like it was on fire and all I could think was, ‘I have to get this fucking muffin.’”

You chuckled lightly, tracing the design that trailed up his arm, identical to your own. “The blueberry muffins from here are my absolute favorite.” You murmured, recognizing the design.

He smiled softly, watching your hand. “A dragon. We have matching dragon tattoos. We’re so badass.” You both let out a small giggle. “Seriously, I had a mate- poor guy, he’s punk rock, really- but him and his girl have these massive flowers on their ribs. Like, fucking huge- they start at like the shoulder and stop right above all their personal bits…”

He trailed on, never running out of things to say, and you found yourself leaning against his chest, the rhythm of his voice lulling you into a sense of security as you watched the weather toil on outside.

So this #TransformationTuesday post is so much more than just the physical difference between the 2 pictures, which are exactly a year apart, but the mental and emotional growth that I’ve experienced during that time. I went through something a little more than a year ago that broke me, and left me feeling worthless and weak, but fortunately I had a solid workout/lifting routine in place and the gym and endorphins provided some much needed relief from the pain I felt, so I kept at it and got more serious about lifting throughout the summer and faced the weights each day and I started to watch myself grow stronger, and by the end of summer what was once heavy felt easy and light. And then I had to go back to school and literally face the weight that had broken me. At first it was awful, I would start shaking, my heart rate went crazy, and I felt sick to my stomach, but I kept facing it and conquered what I was afraid of and over time the shaking stopped, my heart rate remained normal, and I finally felt strong. That strength led to such an incredible degree of self-awareness and I’m at the point now where I’ve never felt stronger or more self-assured and comfortable with myself, and I owe a lot of that to lifting because committing yourself to something that pushes you so physically like lifting not only makes you physically stronger, but unlocks the mental strength that you need to overcome anything and realize your full potential. 💪🏼✨