• Laughing lowers blood pressure. People who lower their blood pressure, even those who start at normal levels, will reduce their risk of strokes and heart attacks. …
  • Reduces stress hormone levels.
  • Fun ab workout.
  • Improves cardiac health.
  • Boosts T cells.
  • Triggers the release of endorphins.
  • Produces a general sense of well-being.  (Source)

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That last post was not to demean people who post politics on here or get really into it but like, the idea that “it is cowardly” not to engage in politics on here (or anywhere else) is really harmful imo. Back when I was super depressed and had nothing to channel my creative urges into I’d post a hell of a lot more on this blog and it was my endorphin rush and I felt like I *had to* post on this blog, reblog every issue specific post on my dash that branded me filth for not reblogging, engage with every fool who dared cross my path with Bad Discourse, etc. 

I took it a step further because I was really badly down on myself and was susceptible and kept trying to restructure my life and ideas to fit in with people. There were a lot of things I’m really into that I didn’t ever want to discuss (like WW2 and milsim stuff) because I thought that must be Bad, and me Bad with it.

All of that stuff gets drilled into you in participating in this site when you’re secluded and mentally ill and you don’t have other outlets or friends but political posting and political blogs. You feel like you’ve Got To take part in the discourse here, and that to do otherwise is to deny your people a life-saving service or something. But you should do this if you have the energy for it. If you get up in the morning and you want to, and have the motivation and drive, and you feel fulfilled by it and can sustain it. That’s (imo) what participation in political discussions should be like. Not you feeling like you’ll be abandoned if you don’t.

Not all of us have the energy and capacity to engage in that for a variety of reasons and that’s ok because like I said there’s a billion other people on tumblr posting about politics. You can reblog their posts to help your politics reach more audiences or to endorse them, or read them to educate yourself, you don’t have to leave your own body of work on this poorly designed website with a bad logo. Anybody who’s like “why aren’t you leftist-posting more, my good bro” or w/e, and who seeds those ideas into you despite yourself, is not good for you, imo.

Nowadays I’m not exactly a ball of sunshine but it’s great that I feel like I can be more myself and that I don’t have to hold the rhetorical battleline all the time or mold myself into the perfect fit of specific cliques or whatever. I can just blog.


They’re laying in a sweaty heap on the floor of Steve’s dorm room. His bed is barely big enough for him, let alone two bodies, so whenever Tony comes over, they sleep in a nest of blankets and not much else. Steve is sprawled on his back, limbs spread-eagled, content in a post-sex haze of endorphines and hormones. Tony, though, is sitting up, propped against Buck’s bed, looking out the window with a kind of glittering restlessness, like he might just take flight at any moment.

Outside, a gaggle of revelers passes, their drunken voices drifting up through the open window. Tony’s head tilts as he follows their noise, like some sort of curious bird. Then he turns to Steve. “If your mom was healthy, if you didn’t feel like you had to take care of her, what would you be doing with your life?”

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Some freebies for any hip hop x graphic design type stuff: "Ya boy Yung Gutenberg posted at the Trajan Column, finna spit a Old Style freestyle." & "Ridin' round with that Neenah." Ur welcome bruh


Cut you up in rags, have you full bleed, releasing my endorphins / make your wife a type of widow and your child an orphan.

YOU’RE welcome.

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How do you deal with pressure/stress?

Thanks for your question!

Stress? Never head of it…

We all get stressed, it is a part of life. It is a physiological human response that we cannot control. So if you do NOT get stressed you must therefore not be human and be a robot sent from the future to kill John Connor.

GET AWAY FROM ME ROBOT. But back to the question. I really enjoy exercising, so much that it is bordering a compulsion. Exercise releases endorphins and takes my mind off whatever is bothering me in life which feels really great for a while.

Another way I approach stress is by addressing the source of my stress. If I am stressed about a patient I have, then I will go home and read about their symptoms or their illness so I can come in the next day with new information and a new plan of action. If I am stressed about all the work I have to do, then let’s get that work done. If it is a long project, I try to accomplish a little at a time. So instead of finishing my entire research project, I say “ok, this weekend I will focus on patient factors and next I will focus on physician factors.” That way each weekend I accomplish my goal but the overall project won’t be keeping me down.

Lastly, friends and family are a fantastic resource for stress relief. I call my parents every weekend and go over all that is going on in my life, my highs and my lows. Going out with friends, eating, drinking and being merry will take your mind off your stessors, even just for a little bit. Remember, you are not in this alone, you have those around you to look to for guidance and confidence. 

I hope this helps.

Gets me every time.