I want my endless scrolling… :(
pity i went and chose a theme that doesn’t allow that since it works based on the page system. and I’m really not that fantastic at editing…

though i suppose i did edit quite a few stuff for my blog….


True Life: A Case of Tumblr Addiction

I have this weird sick obsession.

Once I log into Tumblr I HAVE to scroll down the dashboard and look at everything UNTIL I get to the last thing I posted. It’s like a weird curse. Sometimes it takes hours. But I can’t pull myself away until I get to my last post. Even if I’m SO tired and need to go to sleep or if I need to study, I have to quickly scroll to that last damn post to even log out of Tumblr. This is a problem, I can admit it. When I do it, I even find myself thinking “Ugh when is my last post going to show up so that I can stop. This is so annoying.” WEIRD, RIGHT?

Does anyone else have this problem…..