Planning a trip to Walgreens in the upcoming weeks? Print out this price sheet to donate to a good cause.

Starting on August 27th, you can donate to spread some good throughout Ohio and help fight senior hunger! To make donating as easy as clipping a coupon, have the price sheet on hand and have the associate behind the desk or counter scan the barcode of your choice! Every donation goes to the Ohio Association of Food Banks and Wesley Community Services to help proved low-sodium peanut butter to vulnerable seniors around Ohio.

Don’t worry, if you forgot to print your price sheet at home there will reminders to donate around the store and a similar price sheet on the check-out counter! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to #spreadsomegood!

Ending hunger

There’s an app for that:

PareUp is a new app that aims to connect consumers to restaurants and food shops with excess food. Before retailers throw away food, they alert PareUp users and offer the extra food at a discounted price.

Rotten, stale or out of date food? Just add an iphone and a monthly contract:

The retailers will set the rate of the discounted food, and consumers can choose to take advantage of it if they’re interestedMany bakeries already give out “day old” pastries for a discounted price, and PareUp is hoping to bring that practice to all kinds of food retailers.

Obamagarbage, here we come.

I'm Living Below the Line 5-9 May, you can help without the hard work!

hey everyone! Just a few days before I spend 5 days living off $2 of food per day, to raise funds for some of the world’s most disadvantaged young people. So far I have just $5! It won’t be easy, so could you spare $5 or $10 to help make it a success? The power is in your hands- see what your donation can do at

The Italian Women’s Team took the gold medal in the Team Fencing competition.  Reigning world champion Valentina Vezzali also won the bronze medal in the Women’s Foil.

Ms. Vezzali is also a supporter of the “Ending” movement.  The Ending Hunger program is working to pressure politicians around the world to end hunger.  Close to 3.5 million people have signed the online petition that states, “We who support this petition find it unacceptable that close to one billion people are chronically hungry.  Through the United Nations, we call upon governments to make the elimination of hunger their top priority until that goal is reached.”

Learn more at:  …and, if you’d like to sign the online petition, go to: