http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/04/11/syria-al-qaeda-connection/2075323/ + http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/09/world/middleeast/syrian-rebels-tied-to-al-qaeda-play-key-role-in-war.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0





deadlydornishsandsnake said:

Hello =D Some days ago, i saw gifs of Doran/Oberyn/Sansa/Arya making parallels between brothers and sisters. It was like, Oberyn/Arya in their path of blood revenge and Sansa/Doran in the same path, but playing the game of thrones. Do you think it may be a foreshadowing? or that there's no parallels between Martells/Starks.

Hi deadlydornishsandsnake! I’m not sure which gifset you’re talking about (the closest thing I am aware of is this pretty graphic) but I don’t think that Arya and Sansa have revenge in their future. The books are very much against revenge (look at what happened to Oberyn). I think that the future of the Stark children is going to be about reconciliation, forgiveness, rebuilding, etc as they try to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives in Winterfell. 

donewithwoodenteeth wrote an interesting piece here about how Arya and Oberyn don’t currently have a lot in common and I think that’s true. Sansa doesn’t have a whole lot in common with Doran right now either; she’s currently the hostage of a sexual predator with almost no agency. 

That being said, I still think it’s fun to speculate about the Starks’ future. Obviously a gifset isn’t foreshadowing for future books (the show and the books are entirely separate), but, if you’ll allow me to rephrase your question, could Sansa & Arya have parallels with Doran & Oberyn in the future? To which I would answer, maaaybe? They’re both still children right now, so their futures can go in a lot of different directions.

If you look through my #endgame tag, you can see that I think Rickon will be King in the North in the end, and Sansa and Arya will (eventually, as they grow up) have auxiliary roles in Rickon’s court, where there will still be major players like Wyman Manderly or whoever else survives.

Many people argue that Sansa’s storyline will have some sort of political payoff and that she’ll have learned something about the use of “soft power” and manipulation. At the very least, she would probably have a certain degree of influence with Rickon because they’re family. So yeah, I can see adult Sansa as a behind-the-scenes manipulator, someone who is dismissed too easily and uses that to her advantage, as Doran does. I tend to lean toward thinking that Sansa won’t have any “official” title in Rickon’s court, but I think she will be an important part of it nonetheless.

And one of the things I see in Arya is that she always wants to protect the people around her, “her pack” / her family. I easily see Arya’s desire to protect people staying with her into adulthood, maybe eventually as the lady commander of Rickon’s Kingsguard, with a place on Rickon’s small council. (“Can I be a king’s councillor and build castles” —AGOT. Winterfell certainly does need rebuilding.) I think that Arya would have more parallels with Dacey Mormont here (minus the dying part ofc), but the commander of a kingsguard has to be someone who is known to be dangerous by definition. 

But if you’re just talking about one sibling being a known danger vs the other sibling being a subtle / easily dismissed and unrecognized danger, then yeah, I can see that applying to Arya and Sansa in the future. I think they’ll be working together to support Rickon and House Stark and The North.

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I’ve been beaten down, I’ve been kicked around, but she takes it all for me. And I lost my faith, in my darkest days, but she makes me want to believe.

Well I had my ways, they were all in vain, but she waited patiently. It was all the same, all my pride and shame, and she put me on my feet.

She is love, and she is all I need.

anonymous said:

aren't you mad we didn't get a good stydia scene in the 11th episode last night? LIke that's there episode. I'm mad.

To be honest, I was at first. I was like awe…seriously?!

Then I stopped today and realized something. It was monumental the scene between Stydia. Almost as much as the kiss. Why? How? Because, it’s shown how much they’ve grown. Stiles is practically dying because he’s a shell of a being right now because Nogitsune has part of who he is, and he still went down there to find Lydia. He could’ve just let Scott but I bet he insisted because it was Lydia. Then you can see the relief on his face when he sees her behind the gate; alive and well. After that, he’s shocked that she’s surprised to see them and that she doesn’t understand why they’re there. Saving her was all he wanted to do. He didn’t care what it cost. 

Then the tunnel scene. Okay this is the big one. Obviously Lydia knows something is about to happen…to someone not in the tunnel. Scott takes off but who does Stiles call out for when he can’t go on any further? Lydia. She stops everything and supports him (which we see her doing all in the preview pics for The Divine Move). They grab each other tightly as he starts to pass out - full of touching. She’s beyond worried about Stiles, just like he was beyond worried about her prior to this.


Then poor Allison gets stabbed and Lydia’s world falls apart. Lydia could’ve taken off when she saw Scott running off and told Stiles to just stay there and that they would be right back. But she stayed with him…even though there was something bad going on up above. Lydia knows it’s Allison and she then grabs on to Stiles and collapses on him. He can’t give her comfort because he’s passed out though? Um, think again. She falls onto him because in that moment, Stiles is Lydia’s anchor. Once again that emotional tether between them that is tightly knitted so tight keeps them grounded. They needed each other in this episode.


Stiles needed to know that she was okay…even if he’s dying and collapsed on her (she’s his anchor/tether); Lydia’s best friend dies, and she collapses on Stiles (he’s her anchor/tether). They gather strength from one another.

And it looks like in the next episode they can’t be separated. She keeps supporting Stiles when he’s so close to death/they stay close to one another. She’s his anchor through and through. And he’s her anchor.




I just feel like that this is really showing us the love between the two characters, especially on Lydia’s side. We know Stiles loves Lydia, but look at her. It’s becoming more and more apparent. It has been since the moment she kissed him (that inner pull). It surprised them both, but mostly her. ADULT LOVE - Natural Progression as Jeff Davis likes to state.

I think when Holland said we’ll be pleased (Stydia fans), it’s because Lydia is falling in love with Stiles and she finally begins to see that. She just lost her best friend; she cannot lose Stiles. Stiles’ will be willing to take his own life in The Divine Move because he wants to stop Nogitsune. He doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt because of him. Lydia needs to be that rock for him—the anchor next episode. Because if she loses him too, she’ll not only be devastated, she’ll go out of her freaking mind. 


So to answer your question…no, I’m not mad. I’m thrilled. Our ship is moving closer to adult love. They are OTP and endgame. Without a doubt. No matter what will happen.